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  1. Kse

    Class change

    Dear friends! Almost every day we are receiving requests to add new service - Class change. For a long time we were declining it, because we couldn't know how will it affect game process. And now, after hours of discussions, we've made a decision to add this function. But it will work only by following scheme: All classes are divided by 2 groups. Every character can change his class for another class from his group, or from the group below. First group classes: Overlord Prophet Warcryer Bishop Elven Elder Shillien Elder Swordsinger Bladedancer Second group classes: Dark Avenger Elemental Summoner Warsmith Bounty Hunter Necromancer Paladin Temple Knight Shillien Knight Hawkeye Treasure Hunter Plainswalker Silver Ranger Abyss Walker Gladiator Warlord Spellsinger Sorcerer Destroyer Tyrant Warlock Phantom Summoner Phantom Ranger Spellhowler AFTER THIRD CLASS - If your character is level 84 and higher - it's level will be dropped to level 84 and 0% - If your character is under level 84, experience won't be changed - If char is third class, new class will come with 3rd Class quest complete. Example 1 - You are a Spectral Dancer 84.40% and you want to change to Archmage. After Class change you will get Archmage level 84 0% Example 2 - You are a Spectral Dancer 82 15%, and you want to change to Archmage. After Class change you will get Archmage level 82 15% Skills: - Books for 3rd class skills are not being restored - Divine inspirations and Forgotten Scrolls: Protection of Alignment, Elemental and Rune + Spellbook: Expand Inventory are restored Dyes: Dyes are being removed (so if you have good ones remove them before requesting class change service so you save at least half of them) IMPORTANT! Class change can be done only if the character wasn't participating in Olympiad in the current Olympiad period. After Class change request complete, it will be as always redirected to the specialists to make it. But if at the day of Class change the character will have at least 1 played match, class change won't be made. Payment for class change will be returned to the account. Character with a Hero status can't change class. Class Changes are done in a following way: After Ticket with Class request will be created, you should expect an answer from Support staff, where they will report the transfer of your request to the specialist. From the moment of the answer, Class change will be made withing 12 hours. So please, don't plan to participate in any important events. For the Class change process your character will be blocked. You will be informed about character's availability in the Ticket. Class changes will not be made on Sundays! Class change also available for characters with 1st class. And it works by the same principle. When class is being changed, character's skin is being changed also. So there won'be any Elf - Warcryer characters. To request class change you need to create a ticket in the Account manager and write the class you want to become and look (hair style/hair color/face) with a screenshot. After class change complete, all skills till level 41 will be learned, all 41+ skills players will have to learn manually. All SP, which was on the character before class change, will be restored and moved to the new class. Since class change procedure is time and resources consuming, it's price is 20 Euro, which should be on the character's account in Account manager. Best regards, Classic Team
  2. This topic will follow changes coming to TALKING ISLAND on Monday 10.04.2023. ITEMS AND SKILLS Expand Inventory Added new item to give skill that increases inventory size. Expand Inventory lvl 1 Expand Inventory lvl 2 Expand Inventory lvl 3 Expand Inventory lvl 4 Expand Inventory lvl 5 Each level increases inventory slots by 6. The spellbooks to learn this skills can be purchased on Olympiad Manager Primevil Talisman Increased drop chance of items to create Primevil Talisman Carbonemys Shell increase drop chance from 4% to 8% Pterosaur Talon increase chance from 6% to 10% Tyrannosaurus Fang increase chance from 50% to 65% Sailren Claw increase chance to 30% EPIC JEWELS LEVEL 4 Epics level 4 stats have been decreased. Zaken: max MP from 45 to 40 bleed attack and resist from 30% to 25% healing received bonus from 15% to 12% stun attack and resist from 20% to 17% mental attack and resist from 20% to 17% mp consumption from -10% to -5% the special ability of the earring change the effect from 80% reduce HP MP CP recovery to 50% reuse time increase from 2 min to 10 min. Orfen: max mp from 40 to 37 mental attack and resist from 20% to 17% hold resistance from 30% to 25% healing from 12% to 8% mp consump from 10% to 7% special ability CD from 2 min to 10 min Core: max mp from 30 to 27 mental attack and resist from 30% to 25% m/p evasions from 5 to 4 damage reductions from 10% to 8% sleep resist from 20% to 10 % Queen Ant: max mp from 30 to 27 poisons attack and resist from 30% to 25% P /M accuracy from 5 to 4 P attack from 10% to 8% M attack from 15% to 10 % p crit damage from 15% to 12% m crit damage from 10% to 8% Baium: max mp from 35 to 27 stun attack and resist from 30% to 25% atack speed and casting speed from 8% to 6% P/M accuracy from 8 to 5 P/M skill power from10% to 8% P/M crit damage from 20% to 17% Olympiad spellbook box: New spellbooks added to the spellbook chest from olympiad counter ritual power ritual armor ritual defense motion battle whisper multiple arrow flame armor frost armor hurricane armor bind uppercut summon tree of life summon shilen crucifix spirit of shilen intervene sublime self sacrifice Second class spellbooks: Added to Lorenzo a new option to purchase 2nd class spellbooks with magic tablet Added to Herald of Knowledge new option to purchase 2nd class spellbooks with Coins of Knowledge. New skill levels: New level added to Curse of Abyss skill on Soultaker lvl 82, BOSSES Antharas: Antharas MAX HP has been decreased by 20% Antharas HP regen has been decreased by 20% Number of players required to enter Antharas Nest has been halved Added new drop group to Antharas for S grade items. Antharas will now allways drop at least 1 S grade item. Queen Ant: Queen Ant's MAX HP has been decreased by 15% Queen Ant's HP regen has been decreased by 30% OTHER CHANGES Clan reputation points clan receives on character level has been doubled. Clan Hall maintenance price increased by 100% Fixed augmentations for S grade Weapons Celtus spawn chance has been increased S Grade weapons rune inserting price has been reduced from 124 to 99.
  3. Dear friends! We have been saying it many times, but now it is a good time to repeat it again for everyone. Talking Island x3 server WILL NOT be wiped. On the contrary: It will keep running. So if you enjoy playing here and made Talking Island x3 your home, there is no need to go anywhere. Server is staying and will keep working for as long as our project is alive (and we are not going anywhere)! It will keep receiving updates! As now, we will keep watching over the server and work on new updates to improve players experience and bring new content to the game. It will keep having full support! New server will not affect support speed for Talking Island players. We are very grateful for all the support during entire 7 years, no matter if you was with us from the start or joined our family not long ago. All of you are in our hearts. Server would not survive and grow into what it is right now without you and your support. We will keep bringing new updates, our custom ideas, events, will be sharing sad and cheerful moments with you. We are very grateful that one day you chose us, and we will continue doing all in our power to bring you the best the game can have. In the undetermined future new server Dion x3 is planned be merged into Talking Island x3. Undetermined time means, we will not do this until it feels needed as in when server gets to a unsustainable state This can be in 2 years or in 7, depending on server conditions. Sincerely, Classic Team
  4. This topic will cover changes coming to Talking Island x3 server on next Monday 24.10.2022 This will be an update almost entirely aimed to end game players. HUNTING ZONES ITEMS OTHER CHANGES HUNTING ZONES HELLBOUND With the new patch, players will be able to venture into the Hellbound island, where a series of new enemies, quests, objectives, gear and challengers awaits. Hellbound area work on a progressive system, where players can unlock new areas and new enemies by completing certain objectives and increasing their trust levels with the natives in the zone. This system has a 7 level progress window (for now), where level one is the most basic, and level 7 is the big one where players get to challenge and relentless chimeras and the scary celtus, and gain access to the final level of the trust with natives that will allow them to exchange items they obtain from monsters to exchange for S grade armors, jewels and weapons recipes and key materials. To gain access to the Hellbound island players will have to complete a quest called Path to Hellbound. This is a level 78+ quest and starts on NPC Casian in wastelands. The seven stages on Hellbound and how to progress them. HB Stage 1 - Harbor - Don't kill Subjugated Natives, Charmed Natives and Quarry Slaves because each of them killed decreases trust points by 10. - Monsters that give 1 trust point each (Harbor Area):Junior Summoners, Junior Watchmen, Blind Huntsmen, Blind Watchmen. - Monsters that give 3 trust points each (Megaliths): Arcane Scouts, Arcane Guardians and Arcane Watchmen. - When you kill monsters you will occasionally get Darion's Badges. Keep them for later use. - At first stage you must reach 420,000 trust points. HB Stage 2 - Ancient Temple - Still don't kill Subjugated Natives, Charmed Natives and Quarry Slaves because each of them killed decreases trust points by 10. - Hand over Darion's Badges to Kief. For every darion's badge you get 10 trust points. - Remember that once hellbound has reached level 2 the monsters you had to kill in stage 1 don't give anymore trust points, only darion's badges. - Purchase a Native Helmet, a Native Tunic and Native Pants from Tailor Buron at the harbor entrance for 10 Darion's Badges each. - Once you have the native set you will obtain a skill to transform into a native. - Then go to Hidden Oasis and talk to Bernarde and buy holy water from him for 5 darion's badges. - With the Holy Water obtained from Bernarde, head to ruins of the Ancient Temple. - There you will meet three different souls: Remnant Wraith, Remnant Diviner, and Remnant Diabolist. The Remnant Wraith can be simple killed, but the other two souls have to be attacked and relieved with the Holy Water when their HP has decreased to zero. - During stage 2 of Hellbound you must raise the number of overall trust points on the server from 420,000 to 512,000. HB Stage 3 - Native Village - Still don't kill natives. - As before you can hand over Darion's Badges to Kief. For every darion's badge you get 10 trust points. - Even now at stage 3 hellbound you have to be transformed in native to interact with the npcs. - Monsters that give 3 trust points each (Native Village): Darion's Executioner and Darion's Enforcer. - Monsters that give 100 trust points each (Native Village): MiniBoss Keltas. - Kill Keltas in order to get native treasures. - In stage 3 hellbound Keltas spawn every 4 to 8 hours. - Accumulate 604,000 trust points then give 40 treasures to Jude and 1 to Bernarde to reach stage 4 hellbound. - Can purchase from Jude a Ring of wind mastery for 40 treasures. HB Stage 4 - Relieving Derek of his Suffering - Don't kill natives. - You can still kill Keltas for native treasures which you can handle to Jude for a reward. - In stage 4 hellbound Keltas spawn every 8 to 16 hours. - Keltas or the other monsters at the Native Village will NOT give you trust points anymore when killed. - Also you can't give darion badges to Kief to increase trust points anymore. - You have to kill Derek at Ancient Temple Remnants to reach stage 5 hellbound. - After that, Darion's Executioners and Darion's Enforcers will vanish and Keltas will not spawn any more. - Kief and Tailor Buron can from now on be found in a building of the village. - Obtain Basic Caravan Certificate from Trader Falk at the Hidden Oasis for 20 Darion's Badges. - Then talk to Hude at Caravan Encampment to obtain Standard Caravan Certificate. - You must bring Hude 30 Marks of Betrayal and 60 Poison Stingers from Wandering Caravans, Sand Scorpions and Desert Scorpions. - With the Standard Caravan Certificate you can buy from Hude the so-called "Caravaner's Remedy" that neutralizes Heat of Desert debuff for 1 hour real time. - One bottle is 25,000 adena, and the Remedy can not be traded or dropped. - Can purchase from Jude a Ring of wind mastery for 40 treasures. HB Stage 5 - Rescuing Quarry Slaves - Talk to Tailor Buron and Solomon in the main building of the Native Village. - Then go talk with Jude and head to Hellbound Quarry. - Here you must kill: Quarry Foremen, Patrolmen and Supervisors. - After you have killed the guards, talk to the Slaves and tell them to follow you. - Bring the Slaves to the end of the Quarry in southern end of the road and you will see a targetable stone pillar. At this point, the Slaves are safe. - When saving the Quarry Slaves, watch out for the overseers who will kill any escaping Slave. - Each dead slave will decrease the trust level on your server by 10 points. - In a hidden corner of the Native Village you can find a Hellbound Traitor who can open a door for 10 Marks of Betrayal. - Inside that room you can find Resistance Fighter General [Leodas] RaidBoss who drops only S-Grade Armor Enchantment Scrolls. - To reach stage 6 you must rescue aprox 1900 quarry slaves. HB Stage 6 - Battle for the Enchanted Megaliths - In stage 6 hellbound some changes are present at the Enchanted Megaliths. - More monster appeared there: - Naia's Defender [Hellinark] is a lvl 84 Raid Boss. - Hellinark can use his magical powers to summon [Naia Failans], cactus-like crystalline who can cast debuffs on everyone threatening them and their master. - Hellinark has a great number of [Failan's Guards] and [Arcane Guardians] at his disposal.Both of them are spoiling EWS scrolls. - Like at [Stage 5] you can talk to the Hellbound Traitor at the Native Village. Give him 10 Marks of Betrayal, and you will have a chance to kill Resistance Fighter General [Leodas]. - Once the Enchanted Megaliths are taken, the invisible barrier isolating the Battered Lands will fall and the Chimeras living there can be hunted this meaning you reached stage 7 hellbound. HB Stage 7 - Battered Lands and S GRADE Recipes and key mats. - Talk to Caravan Merchant Hude at Caravan Encampment and bring him 56 Life Forces and 14 Contained Life Forces to obtain Premium Caravan Certificate. - For collecting the Life Forces you need a Magic Bottle that can be obtained for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers from NPC Kief at the Native Village. - Head to Battered Lands and kill Chimeras for Dim Life Force and regular Life Force. - Contained Life Force can be obtained from their leader Celtus. - After you collected 56 regular Life Forces and 14 Contained Life Forces you must obtain from Hude the Premium Caravan Certificate. - This Premium Caravan Certificate entitles you to trade with him for key materials and recipes needed to craft Dynasty equipment - weapons, armor and jewelry. - Caravan Merchant Hude does not take adena, however, but pieces of paper you obtain by double-clicking on an Ancient Tome of the Demon: Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages or Demon Contract Fragments. General Hellbound island information and the main quest line Hellbound Caravan General Information The main purpose on increasing the relation level with the caravan traders on Hellbound is to get access to S GRADE armor recipes and key materials. All of the needed items are acquired by hunting mobs on Hellbound. Collect Darion Badges and Ancient Tome of the Demon. Ancient Tome of the Demon can be opened by double-clicking them - they randomly turn into Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages and Demon Contract Fragments. Note: if you are interested in leveling Hellbound in general, you want to spare the 'native mobs', otherwise the whole Hellbound leveling will suffer. To not waste inventory and warehouse slots you should not open the tomes until you are able to trade them in. Basic Caravan Certificate (A certificate of friendship with Caravans) Give 20 Darion Badges to NPC Falk at the Hidden Oasis. Darion Badges drop from nearly any mob on Hellbound in different quantities. Rewards: Tailor Buron (the Native NPC at the native encampment) will now exchanges 30 Darion Badges into Native Tunic, Native Pants and Native Helmet. Wearing these clothes transforms you into a native. Once Hellbound reaches level 1, Remnant Diabolist and Remnant Diviner will spawn at the Ancient Temple. These are undead ghosts of fallen soldiers that can not be killed. To lay their souls to rest you need to use Holy Water on them once they HP reaches 0. While transformed into a native you can purchase Holy Water from the NPC Bernarde at the Hidden Oasis. 1 Holy Water coasts 5 Darion Badges and practically lasts forever. Standard Caravan Certificate (A certificate of business relations with Caravans) Give 30 Mark of Betrayal (drop from Wandering Caravan in the Sand Swept Dunes) and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers (drop from the Sand and Desert Scorpion) to Hude at the Caravan Encampment. Rewards: Purchase Caravaner's Remedy from the caravan trader for 25k adena each. This can cool down the heat of the Desert. The Effect lasts 60 minutes. Note; Caravaner's Remedy can not be traded. Premium Caravan Certificate (A certificate indicating a unique friendship with Caravans) Purchase a Magical Bottle (that can hold the Chimera's magic power) from Kief at the Hidden Oasis for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. Use the Magical Bottle on Chimera's with less than 10% HP to collect their Life Force. Collect 56 Life Force from regular Chimeras and 14 Contained Life Forces from Celtus. Celtus has a chance to appear when chimeras are killed. Once handed over to Caravan Trader Hude at the Caravan Encampment you have gained Premium Caravan Certificate. Rewards: Hude will now exchange Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages and Demon Contracts into S grade Armor / Jewelry / Weapons Recipes and Materials. Note; Chimeras are located at the Battered Lands. To get access to that area Hellbound needs to be leveled in general to at least level 6. General Items Info Items required to exchange for recipes and parts (HFP = Hidden First Page, HSP = Hidden Second Page, DCF = Demon Contract Fragment) Darion Badges: Needed to purchase a Native Set, Basic Caravan Certificate or Holy Water. Ancient Tome of the Demon: Open them up to acquire Hidden pages and Demon Contracts: Used to purchase S GRADE Recipes and Materials (Must have Premium Caravan Certificate to trade). Stingers of Scorpion: Needed to acquire Standard Caravan Certificate and Magic Bottles. Drop from Desert Scorpions and Sand Scorpions (Found in the area between Hidden Oasis and Caravan Encampment). Marks of Betrayer: Needed to acquire Standard Caravan Certificate. Drop from Wandering Caravans (Found in the area between Hidden Oasis and Caravan Encampment). Life Force: Needed to acquire Premium Caravan Certificate. Obtained by killing Chimera in the Battered Lands using Magic Bottles. For each 5 Life Forces you need to have a Magic Bottle. Contained Life Force: Needed to acquire Premium Caravan Certificate. Obtained by killing Celtus. He is in the Battered Lands with the Chimera. He can spawn when chimeras are killed. He drops 1 Contained Life Forces. He is like a Mini Raid boss, be prepared. Magic Bottle: Needed to Collect Life Forces. Acquire at Kief near Hidden Oasis (not far from Falk; he is located in a dungeon which entrance is thru one of the houses near the lake). Requirements: 20 Scorpion Stingers (each bottle) Standard Caravan Certificate Holy Water: Needed to Kill Remnant Diabolist and Remnant Diviner at the Ancient Temple. When their HP reaches 0, use the holy water on them. Unlimited use. Acquire at Bernarde near Hidden Oasis (not far from Falk) Requirements: 5 Darion Badges Basic Caravan Certificate: This is the first Caravan Certificate you can earn. This allows you to talk with Hude. Acquire at Falk near the Hidden Oasis. Requirements: 420,000 trust 20 Darion Badges Give 20 Darion Badges to NPC Falk at the Hidden Oasis. Darion Badges drop from nearly any mob on Hellbound in different quantities. Rewards: Tailor Buron (the Native NPC at the native encampment) will now exchanges 30 Darion Badges into Native Tunic, Native Pants and Native Helmet. Wearing these clothes transforms you into a native. Native Set: Needed to transform into a Native. Acquire at Buron! Requirements: 420,000 trust 30 Darion Badges Basic Caravan Certificate Put the set on, and you will get a new skill. Use that skill to transform to a Native. Use the untransform skill to return to normal. Skill reuse time is 1 hour. Standard Caravan Certificate: Second Caravan Certificate you can earn, owning this allows you to acquire the Caravan's Secret Remedy from Hude. Acquire at Hude near the Caravan Encampment. Requirements: Basic Caravan Certificate Transformed to a Native (use Native Set) 60 Stingers of Scorpion 30 Marks of Betrayer Give 30 Mark of Betrayal (drop from Wandering Caravan in the Sand Swept Dunes) and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers (drop from the Sand and Desert Scorpion) to Hude at the Caravan Encampment. Rewards: Purchase Caravaner's Remedy from the caravan trader for 25k adena each. This can cool down the heat of the Desert. The Effect lasts 60 minutes. Premium Caravan Certificate: Final Caravan Certificate allows you to trade with Hude for S GRADE Armor/Weapons Recipes and Mats. Acquire at Hude near Caravan Encampment. Requirements: Standard Caravan Certificate Transformed to a Native (use Native Set) 14 Contained Life Forces 56 Life Forces 604,000 trust Purchase a Magical Bottle (that can hold the Chimera's magic power) from Kief at the Hidden Oasis for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. Use the Magical Bottle on Chimera's with less than 10% HP to collect their Life Force. Collect 56 Life Force from regular Chimeras and 14 Contained Life Forces from Celtus. Celtus spawns when chimeras are killed at the Battered Land . Once handed over to Caravan Trader Hude at the Caravan Encampment you have gained Premium Caravan Certificate. Rewards: Hude will now exchange Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages and Demon Contracts into S GRADE Armor / Jewelry and Weapons Recipes and Materials. ITEMS With the opening of Hellbound island players will gain access to a new tier of gear, S Grade. New armor sets Heavy: Imperial Crusader set Light: Daconic set Robe: Major arcana set New weapons Imperial Staff Dragon Hunter Axe Heavens Divider Arcana Mace Basalt Battle Hammer Draconic Bow Angel Slayer Tallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge Tallum blade * Dark Legion's Edge duals can be made at the blacksmith as other duals before them Demon Splinter Saint Spear Forgotten Blade New Jewels set Tateossian set OTHER CHANGES - Magical defense of epics lvl 4 has been reduced. - Gate chant to core room has been blocked - New level was added for block shield skill - Spirit of Shilen blunt crit damage bonus has been reduced - A grade Gemstones drop chances have been increased - Drop chance for Primeval Talisman related items has been greatly increased - Fixed map in Heine to display correct name and player location. - Newbie weapons from Herald of Knowledge can no longer have runes inserted on them. Players who have this weapons with runes will get them seperated.
  5. This topic will cover all the changes coming to the Talking Island x3 server on 30.05.2022. Changes on this pack are more focused on bringing players more interest to the older stuff instead of focusing on totaly new content that will come on next pack, as well as bringing back some atention and interest on the lower level epics (AQ, ORFEN, CORE) back to the high level game content. We also created a new system for the lower level raid bosses in order to stop higher levels from wanting to overfarm them while giving to lower level players some gear capabilities on their progress while allowing them to keep all their adena to use once they reach higher levels. SKILS RAID BOSSES EPIC BOSSES ITEMS OTHER CHANGES SKILLS OLD SKILLS: New levels have been added for certain old skills to the respective classes. Sleep : Eva's Saint Mystic Muse Storm Screamer Archmage Soultaker Cardinal Poison: Spectral Dancer Shilien Templar Ghost Hunter Ghost Sentinel Power Break: Spectral Dancer Shilien Templar Ghost Hunter Ghost Sentinel Armor Crush: Titan Fortune Seeker Maestro Bleed: Wind Rider Adventurer Ghost Hunter Sting: Spectral Dancer Shilien Templar NEW SKILLS: New skills have been added to the following classes: Eva's Templar : Summon Smart Cubic. Paladin, Phoenix Knight : Summon Imperial Phoenix. Wind Rider, Adventurer, Ghost Hunter : Bluff. Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse : Inner Rhythm. Spectral Dancer : Psychic Dance ALL CHARS AND CLASSES UP TO LVL 76 : XP/SP Increase 100% RAID BOSSES: Raid Bosses up to lvl 70 will no longer be included on the map display delay. They will show on map as soon as they spawn. Raid Bosses up to lvl 70 will no longer drop normal items. Raid Bosses up to level 70 spawn a diferent type of owl that will no longer provide buff to chars higher then level 70. Raid Bosses up to level 70 spawn a diferent type of Death Knight that also does not drop normal items. Raid Bosses and Death Knights up to level 70 will now give upon death a Pouch of Badges to all members of party OR command channel that deals last hit. If a player that deals last hit is not on a party or a command channel he will not receive any items. Diferent Pouch of Badges contains diferent amounts of "Coins of Knowledge" depending on the level of the boss. Newbie Player Pouch 20-39 = 20 coins Advanced Player Pouch 40-51 = 100 coins Expert Player Pouch 52-70 = 800 coins Coins of Knowledge can be used on npc "Herald of Knowledge" in Giran, to purchase a lot of diferent items from soulshots and buff scrolls to armors, weapons and even especific enchant scrolls for this armors and weapons. Items obtained by Coins of Knowledge cannot be traded, droped, sold to other players. Armors obtained by Coins of Knowledge will not add any beneficial bonus to armor sets besides the common +6 bonus. Weapons obtained by Coins of Knowledge cannot be augmented or have runes inserted on them. Any item obtained by Coins of Knowledge will be impossible to use and unequiped if the player has karma. Raid bosses of levels 71 and above will not suffer any changes and will remain as they were. EPIC BOSSES Major overhaul on the epic boss department specialy directed to the low level old epics. ORFEN: Orfen is now level 82. Orfen's minions are now lvl 80. Orfen's EXP and SP has been greatly increased. Orfen from now on spawns in the Orfen's Nest only. Orfen no longer teleports anywhere. Orfen cannot be moved out of the nest. Orfen's Nest is now a PVP zone. CORE: Core is now lvl 82. Core's minions are now lvl 80. Core's EXP and SP has been greatly increased. Core's room and zone around the door is now PVP zone. QUEEN ANT: Queen Ant is now lvl 82. Queen Ant's minions are now lvl 80. Queen Ant's EXP and SP has been greatly increased. Queen Ant's room is now PVP zone starting at the beginning of the ramps. QUEEN ANT's, ORFEN's and CORE's DROP LISTS HAS BEEN ADJUSTED, IT WILL FROM NOW ON NO LONGER DROP C GRADE AND D GRADE ITEMS, BUT A GRADE ITEMS INSTEAD. Loot pool will be slightly the same as zaken with adjusted loot groups and chances. ZAKEN: Zaken is now lvl 83. BAIUM: Baium is now lvl 83. ITEMS New items have been added to the game. In addition to a whole new row of "common" items added to the new Coins of Knowledge system that includes armor sets from D grade to B grade, weapons from D grade to B grade, jewels from D grade to B grade and a buch of consumable, we also have new items for the high level community comming in. Folowing the focus of this patch we decided this would be a good time to bring a new level of epic jewels into the game. The following Epic jewels are receiving a new update. Queen Ant Ring Orfen Earring Core Ring Zaken Earring Baium Ring This epic jewels can now be turned into lvl 4 folowing the same principal as till today on the good old Baggins NPC. OTHER CHANGES Added new spawn point for Trex inside of the group area of Frogotten Island Increased drop chance for Fang to 30% Fixed stats of Cursed Man lvl 2 Strix quest items will start droping on Anakim/Lilith Fields in the next weakly maintenance after patch.
  6. This topic will cover the changes coming to the server on next Monday 20.12.2021. This patch will cover mostly end game content. NEW TOWN SKILLS HUNTING ZONES BOSSES ITEMS OTHER CHANGES NEW TOWN HEINE Explorers found a whole new town that has been now added to our world map. Enjoy the beauty and eccentric architecture that comes to the game with town of Heine. This town will work as canvas not only for this new patch as it will also be utilized for future updates. NOTE: Innadril castle will not be available for siege as the other castles, it will be used later for other type of content. SKILLS Some new skills have been added in order to keep char more mobile, in some cases evasive as for archers and mages, while on other cases more offensive to provide a better means of engagement as is the case for the warriors, and for the tanks to make them a more active play style and boosting their protective tool for the group. NEW SKILLS The following new skills have been added to the game. Destroyer/Titan and Bounty Hunter/Fortune Seeker Warlord/Dreadnought and Warsmith/Maestro All archer classes All elemental mage classes Shilen Templar Cardinal All tank classes OLD SKILLS With time passing and char levels increasing, we realized over time some skills and specially debuffs have been slacking back in terms of efficiency due to their level, there for new levels were added for the majority of debuffs to most of chars upon reaching level 82. The following skills have been added a new level at their respective classes at level 82. Ghost Sentinel - Hex - Real Target - Freezing Strike - Hamstring Shot Spectral dancer - Hex - Arrest - Freezing Strike Shilen Templar - Hex - Freezing Strike Ghost Hunter - Hex - Freezing Strike - Throwing Blood Dagger Soultaker - Silence - Curse Fear - Anchor - Curse of doom - Curse Gloom Archmage - Slow - Decay Mystic Muse - Frost bolt - Ice dagger Storm Screamer - Slow - Silence Cardinal - Magical Backfire Hierophant - Dryad Root Shilen saint - Dryad Root - Wind Shackle Eva's Saint - Wind Shackle Doomcryer - Freezing Flame - Fear Dominator - Fear - Seal of Binding - Seal of silence - Seal of suspension Moonlight sentinel - Entangle - Real Target - Hamstring Shot Sword Muse - Entangle - Arrest Eva's Templar - Entangle - Arrest Wind Rider - Entangle - Throwing Dagger Dreadnought - Quickspear Sagittarius - Real Target - Hamstring Shot Adventurer - Throwing Dagger in Wrist HUNTING ZONES LILITH AND ANAKIM FIELDS For ages, there has been a war raging in silence, deep inside the undergrounds of this world. Legions of evil and destruction battleing against armies of extreme righteousness. With time, the numbers of followers of this 2 armies became too big to keep hiding in the shadow of the catacombs and necropolis, and the war went rampant, transpiring to the outside. to our world. Near Heine, this 2 armies are in constant battle, not for pride or gain or territory, but for complete destruction and elimination of the opposite side. As both sides are filled with fanatics and believers on their own cause, there is no telling what will happen as soon as one of the sides wins and finds them selves without a enemy to fight against, but it all points to war and fanatic blind beliefs being all they know, there for they would continue go rampant over the closest army they would find... most likely... us... Its up to you to keep this new enemy in check, and keep weakening them as much as possible, and who knows, maybe someday even defeat them for good, or find a way to stop this madness. Weaken the Armies of Lilith and the Armies of Anakim, gain access to their secret fortress, defeat their defense systems, be ready to face their commanders, and if you manage to survive all of this, you will find yourself in position to challenge LILITH or ANAKIM themselves. - Monsters in this fields will be lvl 81+ - This is a group zone - Zone is divided in 2 parts, up north is Fields of Lilith where the Army of Lilith dwells. Down south you can find Fields of Anakim where the Army of Anakim is situated. - You can teleport to this zones using the Gatekeeper in Heine - Monsters on this fields have a big variety of drops, passing it by A grade armors, parts, recs. Gems A. basic materials. etc LILITH FORTRESS AND ANAKIM FORTRESS When fighting against the Armies of Lilith or the Armies of Anakim, and when enough monsters of this armies have been killed, players will weaken their defenses and gain access to their fortresses respectively (if enough members of Lilith's army is killed - get access to Lilith's fortress, while if enough member of Anakim's army is killed - get access to Anakim's fortress) *This is working on a fix amount of monsters, there is no timers, no cooldowns and no chances. Its a simple system of kill X monsters - event starts. Number of total monsters needed will not be revealed to prevent players from controlling "when" to start the event.* The fortresses Upon weakening their armies and finding their fortresses you will notice they are well defended not only by some sort of constructed magic creatures guards, but also by a crystal seal system that is connected to this guards, the bosses, the fortress, and even Anakim and Lilith themselves. The guards Magic creatures and construction hand picked by the Lilith's and Anakim's Army commanders. Archer types, mage types, warriors types... and they are here with one missions only. Protect the fortress at all costs and thats what they will try to do. The commanders Tougher and stronger monsters who control the armies and play a main role on this fortress defense as their life is directly connected to the life of the magic seals controlling all the defenses. There are 3 of them. Noctum Rakzan Bamonti The crystal seals This magic crystals are what is controlling and empowering all the defense system in this fortress. It has been said that if this 7 seals are broken, the whole defense system will be rendered useless and the bosses will be exposed. - Monsters in the fortress are aggressive - Monsters in the fort can deal some high damage at times due to their high skill power in some cases or high crit chance in other cases. - Monsters in this forts are lvl 82, with the commanders being lvl 83. - Monsters respawn time is 15 minutes. - Each fortress has 3 Commanders. - Commanders do not respawn after killed - In order to release the Immunity protection on the seals you must slay the 3 commanders. - Each of the seals provides a different buff to the boss (haste, accumen, empower etc) and as so its advised you kill all seals. - After all seals are down, monsters will stop respawning. - After all seals are down the bosses will be on their weaker stages without any of the extra buffs provided by the seals. - Fortresses are a PVP zone while event is happening. BOSSES LILITH AND ANAKIM Lilith and Anakim rule their armies from the safety of their fortress and are only accessible if their army are weaken enough. Mission is simple, weaken their army, gain access to fortress, defeat fortress defense systems and you get to find either Lilith or Anakim depending on what you are attacking - Anakim and Lilith will be lvl 84 - This bosses will drop similar drop list as from epics, A grade gear, cloth pieces, runes, etc. - This bosses will drop a special rune Rune of Lilith or Rune of Anakim. ANTHARAS For long time we wanted to keep Antharas on a original pre nerf state till the moment it would stop being a "challenge" and then we would make it slightly more accessible and less tedious to kill. There for some changes have been made in order to decrease the fight time. - Antharas total HP has been reduced by 20% - Antharas HP regen has been reduced by 20% We will keep monitoring this bosses and theres a chance in future patches the fight will be tweaked in order to take less time but be harder. ITEMS NEW ITEMS Lilith and Anakim runes 2 new special runes have been added to the game. - This is a special rune and can be added to weapon in addition to your normal rune - This runes only drop from their respective bosses of same name - This runes compound system does not reset it to level one upon failing, instead it keeps the level it is. - This runes can be inserted and extracted from your weapon using the same system as the old runes. CHANGES TO OLD ITEMS Some of the older runes effects have been changed. OTHELL CRIT RATE BEFORE AFTER 1 75 70 2 100 85 3 125 100 4 150 115 5 175 130 6 200 145 7 225 160 8 250 175 9 275 190 10 300 205 11 325 220 12 350 245 13 375 260 SUPER OTHELL CRIT RATE 8 269 265 9 297 280 10 325 295 11 352 310 12 380 325 13 407 340 ISS MP RECOVERY 1 12% 12% 2 12.72% 13% 3 13.44% 14% 4 14.16% 15% 5 14.88% 16% 6 15.6% 17% 7 16.32% 18% 8 17.04% 19% 9 17.16% 20% 10 18.48% 21% 11 19.2% 22% 12 19.92% 23% 13 20.64% 24% ISS MAX MP 1 3.89 6 2 5 9 3 6.1 12 4 7.2 15 5 8.3 18 6 9.4 21 7 10.5 24 8 11.6 27 9 12.7 30 10 13.8 33 11 14.9 36 12 16 39 13 17.1 42 TYRR P ATTACK 1 2.8 3 2 3.8 7 3 5.0 11 4 7.8 15 5 10.1 19 6 12.9 23 7 15.3 27 8 18.1 31 9 21.2 35 10 24.3 39 11 28 43 12 31.9 47 13 36.5 51 Hero talisman - defense effect has been changed while we working on finding a final fix for it. BEFORE AFTER Hero Talisman - Defense pvp dmg -3%, M dmg resistance 2%, P/M skil evasion 4%, debuff resistance 3% pvp dmg -4%, M dmg resistance 3%, debuff resistance 4% OTHER CHANGES - 4 pillars Olympiad stadium has been temporarily removed - Christmas event "Winter attack" has been activated for the season. - will be updated to the new patch by time of patch launch.
  7. This topic will cover the changes coming to the server on next Monday 19.07.2021. This update will cover mostly catch up items and mechanics. After studying for some time the adena flow on the game we also realized the adena influx due to server rates and changes in past updates has become way higher then the adena flush options there for some changes were also made to increase adena dumping. Changes to Nostalgia NPC Changes to Raid Bosses New Quests New systems Other Changes CHANGES TO NOSTALGIA NPC After almost 6 years into the server timeline i think its time to start laying back on the difficulty and the time consumption of getting a new character up to the higher levels where the real activity is at this point, there for some decisions were made and some new items have been added to nostalgia in order to decrease the time a new player would take to reach the higher level phases of the game. CLASS QUEST MARKS. When talking to Nostalgia players now will be able to find a "Class Quest Marks" option. In this option players will be able to find the marks for their 1st class change quest and 2nd class change quest. Players CAN still make the normal quest if they would like to or dont want to spend the cols on it, but for the ones who want to avoid the hustle and want to progress faster, they can now purchase this marks on Nostalgia for 50 COL. XP/SP RUNES FOR NEWBIES With the same thoughts in mind we added also to Nostalgia new "XP/SP Newbie Rune 30%" This rune will only take effect up to lvl 76. After player finishes level 76 the effect of the rune no longer applies. This rune will have the cost of 30 COL for 7 days and 100 COL for 30 days. This rune effect stacks with 10% rune from Adventurer Account and most of the other EXP boost items from other categories. C GRADE TIME LIMITED WEAPONS After completing one of the new quests players will receive a newbie weapon ticket C grade to exchange on nostalgia for a time limited c grade weapons. CHANGES TO RAID BOSSES Balancing around Raid Bosses has been a problem for a long time but we keep trying to figure out a way of making people not play only for raid bosses without making them completely unappealing, for this reason some more changes were made on this subject. All Raid bosses above level 41 with the exception of epics had their EXP reduced by 20% After listening about this changes and thinking this could affect your progress, The Adventurer's Progress Guild and Strix decided to jump in to give you a helping hand. Strix sent out her friend and companion to look after you. To account for this drop on experience from Raid Bosses, After the raid boss is killed, Strix's Companion Magic Owl will spawn for 5 minutes. Talk to Magic Owl and you will receive the buff Strix's Blessings, that will increase your EXP/SP by 30% while hunting for 1 hour. RAID BOSS WORLD INFO DELAY With the changes on the raid bosses we also want to give some advantage to the ones who put the time and effort into actually camping a raid boss and tracking its spawns instead of just using some doubtful 3rd party magic in discord and cellphones and what not. For this reason we are working on a way to give advantage to the people who put the effort on opposite to the ones who dont. Due to this reasons the first change in order to achieve this objective has come into play. From now on, after a boss respawn it will no longer immediately show on the world tracker as alive, there will be a delay running between this 2 actions so that the ones who put the time and effort of camping boss A or boss B will have some advantage over the people just sitting in town looking at the map or over people just siting in discord/phones/wtv waiting on a magic message from the gods that will inform them the boss has respawned. For the moment this delay time will be 30 minutes. Meaning boss will respawn and only 30 minutes later the map will show as alive or the world info will change to alive, meaning people actually camping the raidboss will have a 30 minute window to kill it, before it will show to everyone that boss is alive. After server restart, all bosses will be displayed as dead. NEW QUESTS GEARED FOR PROGRESS Geared for progress - 1 time quest - solo - 41+ - Strix This quest was made to be basically a analog of the Moon Knight Quest but for c grade instead of d grade After completing this quest players will be awarded with: C grade set (working similar way as moon knight sets) C grade newbie weapon ticket (trade on nostalgia for a time limited low C grade weapon) 3000 c grade soulshot 1000 c grade blesses spiritshot SET STATS HEAVY Apella Helmet - pdef 45 Apella plate armor - pdef 200 Apella Gauntlets - pdef 32 Apella Solleret - pdef 32 4 pieces set bonus: HP recovery bonus 5%, Max HP +200, p def +5%, m def +5%. LIGHT Helmet is same one. Apella Brigandine - pdef 146 Apella Leather Gloves - pdef 28 Apella Boots - pdef 28 4 pieces set bonus: MP recovery Bonus 5%, p evasion +5, p attack +4%. ROBE Helmet is same one Apella Doublet - change mp increase to 500, pdef 90 Apella Silk Goves - pdef 22 Apella Sandals - pdef 22 4 pieces set bonus: MP Recovery bonus 10%, Casting Speed +5%, M attack + 5% AS WE WANTED TO GO ON ANOTHER TRIP BY NOSTALGIA LANE, THIS ARMORS WILL HAVE THE SAME SKIN AS THE APELLA SETS TOSS A COIN TO YOUR... HUNTER Toss a coin to your... Hunter - repeatable - party/solo - 76 - Helena Basic repeatable quest, Master Hunter Helena asks you to bring her some items they can use to make new weapons for future expeditions and tells you it will pay you for every 1000 of this items. Reward - 30 Daily Coins. NEW SYSTEMS People do not play together forever... people dont like each other forever... people doesnt always play forever... This is something that will always happen and more often then not we have people coming to us with the situation similar to "hi, we played together in CP for 100 years but now one guy wants to leave and he has epics but we dont want to leave him without anything and we also dont want to lose the epics can you please break that core 3 so we can give the guy one core 2 and keep another core 2 in CP?" or the good old famous "we splitting clan, can you help us downgrade some epics so we can leave no one crying" Due to all this, we decided to insert this system into the game it self. This is a double focus system that will not only cover the problem mentioned before but also create another possible adena dump situation. When you talk to Baggings there will be a new option to "Downgrade Rare Accessories" In this option you can bring Baggins a leveled up accessory and he will trade it for a box containing 2 accessories of the ranking before EX: Bring baium level 3 - Baggins will trade you a box contaning 2x baium lvl 2. GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE While hunting monsters in the following locations, theres a chance a new monster will spawn after killing the monsters in the area. This new monster will give no drops, This monster will have increased HP This monster will give 3x exp/sp from normal monsters in the area. Affected zones: Sea of Spores Outlaw Forest Plains of Glory Seal of Shilen Blazing Swamp OTHER CHANGES PRICES PUMP The following NPCs had their adena prices increased for most of their items in store. Olympiad manager Superspeed Potion adena increased to 50.000 Hero's Talisman - Attack 30-day adena increased to 2.000.000 Hero's Talisman - Defense 30-day adena increased to 2.000.000 Sealed Rune - Stage 1(1) adena increased to 150.000 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade) adena increased to 7.000.000 Scroll: Enchant Armor (A-grade) adena increased to 900.000 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-grade) adena increased to 1.700.000 Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade) adena increased to 320.000 Spellbook Box - 3rd Class Transfer adena increased to 12.000.000 Baggins Enchanced queen Ant's Ring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Queen Ant's Ring adena increased to 20.000.000 Enchanced Ring of Core adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Ring of Core adena increased to 20.000.000 Enhanced Orfen's Earring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Orfen0s Earring adena increased to 20.000.000 Reinforced Baium's Ring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Baium's Ring adena increased to 20.000.000 Enhanced Zaken's Earring adena increased to 10.000.000 Refined Zaken's Earring adena increased to 20.000.000 Pona elemental stone Crystal d grade 6, gemstone d grade 3, adena 10.000 Cp potion adena 20.000 greater cp potion 100.000 Blue Talisman boxes 65.000 Grey talisman boxes 185.000 White Talisman Boxes 120.000 Yellow Talisman Boxes 350.000 PLAYER ITEM DROP Players will now have 50% less chance of droping items when dying to monsters if they are not on chaotic state (with karma) We got to a point where this mechanic no longer serves the propose it once did, and now it works more as a grieving mechanic or a reason/excuse for people to run from pvp cuz they dont want to die to a random mob in middle of the fight and drop 10bil worth of items. Situations with players on chaotic state did not change and everything works same way as before. ANTHARAS RAID ZONE From now on to enter on Antharas room you need to be part of a CC of at least 27 people.
  8. This topic will cover the changes coming to server on 03.05.2021 (in case some critical bug is found meanwhile it will be posteponed to 10.05.2021) Once again want to apologize for the delay, but world is a mad place atm and things happen that are not possible to predict and out of our hands to control. CASTLE SIEGES Wall HP increased 5 times. Doors HP increased 5 times. Crystals HP increased 5 times. Decreased teleportation time when all life towers are down during castle siege from 8 minutes to 4 minutes. CLASSES CHANGES SUMMONERS Pet base pvp damage has been decreased Skill usage while mounted has been removed Pet base debuff resistance has been decreased Increased the amount of shots crafted from beast shots summon skills: Summon Beast Soulshot unit increased from 30 to 300 Summon Beast Soulshot cost increased from 4 soulstones to 40 soulstones Summon Best Spiritshot unit increased from 24 to 240 Summon Beast Spiritshot cost increased from 4 spirit ore to 40 spirit ore Mana cost for nuke skill reduces: Aqua Swirl, Blaze, Twister cost from: 18 mana on skill level 1 up to 74 mana on skill level 33 to: 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 52, 53, 54, 57, 59, 60 Mana cost for 3rd class pets increased. Magnus the Unicorn LVL1, Spectral Lord LVL1, Feline King LVL1: from 144 mp to 200 mp Magnus the Unicorn LVL2, Spectral Lord LVL2, Feline King LVL2: from 159 mp to 210 mp Increased reuse on 3rd class pet summoning skills to 15 seconds. Increased reuse time on Final Servitor to 1 minute. Servitor share has been boosted and reworked. Servitor share stats after changes: P.Atk./P.Def. changed to 50% from 30% M. Atk./M. Def. changed to 25%, from 10% Max HP / MP 10% Atk. Spd. by 10% Casting Spd. by 3% NEW ADDITIONS: Critical rate by 20% Mental Atk./Def. by 20% PVP damage bonus by 100% SHILLIEN ELDER M.Def. decrease has been added to Stigma of Shillien Lord of Vampires has been boosted and reworked. physical vampire changed from a certain probability to 100% chance to recover 80% of the damage as HP. NEW ADDITIONS: Now Lord of Vampires also has a probability to recover 5% of the damage as MP. NEW SKILL: Summon Shilen Crucifix. Summons a cursed crucifix on target dealing area damage, and debuffing enemies on the area on their attack speed, casting speed and running speed. ELVEN ELDER NEW SKILL: Summon Tree of Life. Summons a Tree of Life near the caster, this tree will heal friends periodically and from time to time try to remove 1 debuff from one of the friends. PROPHET NEW SKILL: Improved Combat Combines MIGHT and SHIELD in one buff only. NEW SKILL: Improved Condition Combines BTB and BTS in one buff only. NEW SKILL: Improved Critical Combines FOCUS and DEATHWHISPER in one buff only. NEW SKILL: Power Restoration Provides all party members with a life regenerative buff healing them overtime. NEW SKILL: Power Recovery Consumes the Power Restoration buff of a party member to instantly recover a % of his max HP. NEW SKILL: Armor Ritual AURA: Provides to party members in certain range with 10% p def, 5% m def, 3 evasion, 3 magic evasion 3% skill evasion and -5% damage from reflect.* NEW SKILL: Power Ritual AURA: Provides to party members in certain range with 10% patk, 10% matk, 5% atk speed, 5% cast speed, 5% crit chance, 5% mage crit chance, 5% mental attack, 5% stun attack.* NEW SKILL: Counter Ritual AURA: Provides to party members in certain range with speed + 30, evasion + 10, magic evasion + 10, 10% mp regen, 10% HP regen.* NEW SKILL: Shadow Blade Melee strike dealing damage and debuffing the targets M.Atk and P.Atk NEW SKILL: Mass Shadow Blade AREA Melee strike dealing damage and debuffing the targets M.Atk and P.Atk NEW SKILL: Steal Mana Recovers some of the damage as MP with certain probability. *EFFECT ACTIVATED FOR PARTY WILL BE THE LAST AURA BEING ENABLED, EVEN IF THE 3 OF THEM ARE ON AT SAME TIME ONLY THE LAST ONE BEING ACTIVATED WILL PROVIDE THE AURA BUFF, ALTHO MANA COST WILL BE CONSUMED FOR THE ALL THE ACTIVATED SKILLS. BLADE DANCER Provided to Blade Dancers the chance to learn Heavy Mastery Passive after lvl 40 Removed negative effects from Dance of Berserker Removed reuse time from Dance of Berserker Dance of Medusa reuse changed to 1 minute Dance of Medusa effect change to ignore Song of Purification resists. Decreased mana cost for dances dance of fire 1 from 60 to 50 dance of fire 2 from 73 to 60 dance of light 1 from 60 to 50 dance of protection 1 from 60 to 50 dance of protection 2 from 73 to 60 dance of inspiration 1 from 60 to 50 dance of the mystic 1 from 60 to 50 dance of the mystic 2 from 73 to 60 dance of concentration 1 from 60 to 50 dance of warrior 1 from 66 to 50 dance of warrior 2 from 73 to 60 dance of fury 1 from 60 to 50 dance of vampire 1 from 60 to 50 dance of siren 1 from 66 to 50 NEW SKILL: Defense Motion Self Dance skill that increases the blade dancer defensive stats. SWORDSINGER Provided to Swordsingers the chance to learn Heavy Mastery Passive after lvl 40 Song of Silence reuse changed to 1 minute Song of Silence effect change to ignore Song of Purification resists Song of Purification debuff resistance changed to 60% Song of Purification reuse changed to 5 minutes Decreased mana cost for songs song of warding 1 from 66 to 50 song of warding 2 from 73 to 60 song of invocation 1 from 66 to 50 song of invocation 2 from 73 to 60 song of wind 1 from 60 to 50 Hunter's song 1 from 60 to 50 song of life 1 from 60 to 50 song of earth 1 from 66 to 50 song of earth 2 from 73 to 60 song of vitality 1 from 60 to 50 song of water 1 from 66 to 50 song of water 2 from 73 to 60 song of vengeance 1 from 60 to 50 song of renewal 1 from 66 to 50 song of champion 1 from 66 to 50 NEW SKILL: Battle Whisper Self song that increases swordsinger offensive stats ARCHERS Critical damage bonus has been added to bow mastery. Modified Counter Dash and Counter Rapid Fire to work on damage dealt instead of damage taken. (it procs now on attack and not when char takes damage) NEW SKILL: Multiple Arrow (sr and he only) AOE damage in a frontal cone ELEMENTAL MAGES Cost for main nukes reduced Power for main nukes increased Change vortexes effects to ignore Song of Purification resist NEW SKILL: ELEMENTAL ARMORS Archmage Flame Armor self buff for 25% p def and 10% m def and deal some burn damage when attacked Storm Screamer Hurricane Armor self buff for 25% p def and 10% m def and gives a attack speed slow effect when attacked Mystic Muse Frost Armor self buff for 25% p def and 10% m def and gives a slow debuff effect when attacked NEW SKILL: BIND Blocks target physical skills for 10 seconds TYRANT Removed crit chance from Raging Force Changes made to Fury Fists Skill level one decreased bonus from 15% to 10% Added skill level 2 on lvl 82 with bonus 15% Ogre Spirit Totem critical damage reduced to 10% GLADIATOR Removed crit chance from Sonic Rage NEW SKILL: COMBAT THRILLS With each hit the adrenaline spikes and increases fighting capabilities for short duration. Temporarily increases attack speed and critical power. lvl 1 - 5% attack speed lvl 2 - 10% attack speed 5% crit damage lvl 3 - 10% attack speed 10% crit damage lvl 4 - 15% attack speed 10% crit damage lvl 5 - 15% attack speed 15% crit damage TITAN Changed Frenzy to be usable at 90% HP NEW SKILL: UPPERCUT Inflicts a powerful uppercut on target with 4937 Power added to P. Atk., knocking down for 3 sec. Requires a sword, blunt weapon, spear, fist weapon, or dual sword. Critical. Ignores Shield Defense. NEW SKILL: FULL SWING aoe damage to nearby enemies. Critical. Ignores Shield Defense. TEMPLE KNIGHT Shield Bash reuse increased to 5 seconds. Added on description the removing target part that was missing. DARK AVENGER Horror chance decreased to match same chance of other single target fear spells Remove crit chance from Insane Crusher PALADIN Removed HP requirements for Angelic Archon. It can now be used with any HP. THE FOLLOWING SKILLS REQUIRE FORGOTTEN SCROLLS TO LEARN. Defense Motion - Lorenzo Battle Whisper - Lorenzo Improve Combat - drop on Giant's Shadow Improve Condition - drop on Creature of the Past Improve Critical - drop on Warrior of Ancient Times Uppercut - Lorenzo Bind - Lorenzo Power Ritual - Lorenzo Armor Ritual - Lorenzo Counter Ritual - Lorenzo Frost Armor - Lorenzo Flame Armor - Lorenzo Hurricane Armor - Lorenzo Multiple Arrow - Lorenzo Summon Tree of Life - Lorenzo Summon Shilen Crucifix - Lorenzo OTHER CHANGES AND FIXES List of changes and fixes coming down on this patch or that were coming on the near times before. Fixed various description problems. Fixed some problems with fish stews. Fixed some weapons not possible to augment. Fixed various quest step triggers. Fixed various reseal options that were missing. Fixed problem with cloaks removing P.Def. Fixed some problems with raid boss spawning in different place then shown on map. Fixed problem allowing players to delay the time limit of gate chant. Fixed problem with Dragon Fruit taking a buff slot. Fixed Blood of Sacrifice (debuff from shield of sacrifice) to not be possible to clean. Fixed problem where Provoke and Lightning Storm debuffs were overriding each other. Fixed problem where after some adena amount on WH some issue would occur with items or adena becoming invisible. Fixed problem causing pets to get extra speed when weapons were changed. Fixed problem causing pets to sometimes resist buffs from hero weapons of the masters.
  9. Kse

    Referral Program

    Dear players! We are happy to announce new referral program! How does it work: What is partner program? All registered on players will get partner link and referral code that you should share with other people and get bonuses on the balance on our website. If your referral will donate - it will be shown in your master account and you will receive a percentage of the donation amount. When your referrals donates over 100 Euro you will get the agathion - White Maneki Neko, and the mount - Jet Bike* when the sum will be over 1000 Euro. Where is it allowed to place the referral link? Your website, groups or pages in social networks, top lists, video sites -, etc. Also you can use any streaming platform like,, etc. Spamming your referral link or code on our social networks or forum is forbidden! Otherwise your partner program on account might be cancelled for spamming on our social networks (includes Facebook, Discord channel). Does Streaming Campaign still work? Yes, follow the instructions and get additional bonuses for streamers. Existing streamers, participated in the campaign, should change automatically created referral codes for the ones the are using in streaming program! Otherwise streaming referrals will not be participating in this partner program. I gave my referral link to many people, however I did not receive any money. The users who got your referral link are already registered on our website or are partners of different users. Each user can become a partner only once. Is there a bonus for referrals? Yes. After registration by your affiliate link or code activation, referral will automatically receive Zaken's Hat in the game. The Zaken's Hat ( for 15 days ) gives +10% EXP/SP bonus for 20 minutes every 4 hours! Are donations, made via PayPal, participating in the program? Yes Can I change my referral code? Yes. But keep in mind, that players, registered by old code after you change it, will not be added to your referrals, so you have to keep your shared codes up to date! I'm transferring my character to another account. What will happen to my referrals? You need to contact support, so your progress and referral code will be transferred along with your character *Character should be level 76 or higher to be able to use Jet Bike mount. Best regards, Classic Team
  10. Dear friends! Now it's the best as never before time to join our server! You don't need to be afraid to start from 0 on the server, which is almost 7 years old. And now we will explain why. We have a lot of features, which will help our newcomers! Starting Pack Some Quests increased Adena reward Herb of Progress Moon Knight Quest Achievement System New Permanent Event - Cloe's Hats New Quests for beginners Class quest marks are now available at Nostalgia NPC EXP/SP Runes for Newbies New Quest for Beginners - Geared For Progress C-Grade Time Limited weapons Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Kse

    Available Services

    Dear friends! We have received a lot of requests to increase the number of available features. For example, someone took the name of your clan leader, just to annoy him, etc. For this reason we would like to provide you with additional functions which can be requested by creating a ticket to the Support Center: - Nickname Change: 5 Euro (If the nickname is already exist, this change is possible only if the character with the nickname is level 1 and didn't loged into the game for more than 5 days). - Sex Change: 5 Euro - Character's transfer to another account: 10 Euro - Class Change: 20 Euro (detailed info available here) - Clan name Change: 10 Euro (only available with request from Clan Leader) - Character Look Change: 5 Euro (including Hair Color, Face, Hair Style)- Character Deletion (Instant): 5 Euro - Quick Clan Leader change: 10 Euro (only available with request from Clan Leader. This feature will not be available during sieges after upgrading to the 2.0 version of the Classic). It is necessary to have needed amount of Euro on your account in the Account Manager!
  12. Dear friends! Finally, we are ready to make a very important and expected announcement. We are ready to open doors into the World of Classic for you. The world, where there is no place to wait for help. The world, where Lineage players will remember what real Lineage is. The world, where you will have a chance to show your courage and perseverance! Can you survive all that awaits you on the other side of the screen? Can you forget the caring Lineage, constantly giving tips, bonuses and gifts? We believe in you! We are waiting for you in our World October 24th 2015 - 19:00 CEST! How to check CEST time? How hard will it be: XP: x3 SP: x3 ADENA: x2 (amount) DROP: x1 (chance) SPOIL: x1 (chance) x1 (amount) QUEST: x2 (xp/adena) Raid Bosses: x1 (chance) Except: Queen Ant, Core, Orfen x2 (chance), Epic Jewels x1 (chance) Server is based on official Classic platform with all known problems fixed. We are not blindly following NCsoft updates, so there is a list of differences from official servers: - Dualsword Crafting Stamp is not being sold in Clan Halls. You can obtain it from following mobs: ITEM MONSTER AMOUNT CHANCE Dual Weapon Crafting Stamp Death Wave From 1 to 1 0.1% Maluk Lord From 1 to 1 0.25% Karik From 1 to 1 0.5% Knorik From 1 to 3 2% - Enchant Weapon Scrolls are not being sold in Clan Halls. You can get them by spoil from following mobs: ITEM MONSTER AMOUNT CHANCE LOCATION Scroll: Enchant Weapon B Cave Keeper 1 0.06% Dragon Valley Cave Maiden 1 0.07% Dragon Valley Valley Treant 1 0.04% Enchanted Valley Scroll: Enchant Weapon C Tarlk Bugbear Warrior 1 0.2% Forest of Evil Cave Servant Archer 1 0.3% Dragon Valley Dragon Bearer Archer 1 0.3% Dragon Valley Perum 1 0.4% Cruma Tower Nos Lad 1 0.2% Alligator Island Scroll: Enchant Weapon D Kanil Succubus 1 0.3% Forgotten Temple Marsh Spider 1 0.2% Cruma Marshlands Roughly Hewn Rock Golem 1 0.2% Dion Hills Turak Bugbear 1 0.2% Gorgon Floran Garden Silenos 1 0.2% Plains of Dion - Clan Halls in Aden are available. - Vampiric Rage effect working as on older chronicles for close range attacks only. - Coins for Castle owners doesn't exist on our server - Paid teleports since level 1 - 1st Class quest reward is given according to 1.0 Database - Trade zone in Giran Harbor But we won't stop on this point. We are looking far into the future of this project and within the development of Classic we will provide you with only the best of it. Only one box allowed. Only premium users allowed to use 2 or more boxes.
  13. Kse


    Auction Auction - a system of trade for real money between players. You can buy an item that you recently tried to get but didn't succeeded. Or you can sell all not needed stuff for real money, or put to auction an expensive thing for you, because of a greedy dwarf sitting inside of you. To participate in the bidding at the auction you should have Euro on the balance of your MA. How to get Euro: Conditions of participation in the auction Restrictions on trading Detailed instructions how to use the auction Buying lots Selling lots
  14. Набор в пачку 45+ пока 7 человек, нужны 2 Cорка, СС-СХ, ПП, ШЕ, СВС-БДп.с. в пм Polcka или заявление под постом в группе -