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  1. Koukou

    Best players by class

    We still friends Im just joking
  2. Koukou

    Best players by class

    You are llucky Thelord isnt to bs to kill you
  3. Koukou

    ABG amount of groups

    its good to show how important is soil for you... because as i saw you search everywhere for soil... i gues is your daddy or something like that... por modoy and your co when abg have toons of mobs why you didnt notice that? because you lipstick balls for aoe partys to invite you and get some lvls i guess but when 2,0 we will see what we ll do.... some of retards you will agree with you because finally went 74 lvl and they will start cry about when 2,0 comming and bla bla bla...
  4. Koukou

    ABG amount of groups

    you said it when all low lvl chars took overboost? really? now you find the difference between other servers? when this mobs add you thought was logical? come on poor modoy
  5. Koukou

    The Honor Story

    i didnt have another video because you made rr.... i can prove it this when your ally leader decide to make ally with all server except 9 clans.... i think this a good prove... for example fun have 3 clan +plus perkunas ally +6 clans + es 3 clans +1 clan fr fun witout war tag = 13 clans vs 9 not bad prove yes?
  6. Koukou

    The Honor Story

    If this is rekt ..ok we rekted till we left server ,,,,, little bastards with big mouths....
  7. Koukou

    The Honor Story

    Cya arround have fun and make club better.... make again classic wiith pvps and new sides... sorry for every flame ( that was a reason to stay on game) have a nice real life and come to greece to blame you again!!!! bye bye P.s Mondy i want to see more post than san0
  8. Koukou

    TotallyToxic Clan

    ah stiba poor guy you still farming on seal of silen how can i speak with you man? you came to def core with your main char and kill some flag alt char 52 lvl and you was happy... but when 2 of 52 lvl killed you with cdl stay there and waiting for some berz... you show some pictures 5 months ago? when you decided to make a zerk with biz.. we didnt kill without reason we pked yu because you decided to go for siege vs our alliance,,, so now you tell me lier.. i have to say something else i have better alt bow char than you and you still have opinion on this server.. So f** you and try to grow because my archer soon he willl go 76 too
  9. Koukou

    L2 Classic Club - target practice - (8)

    @BlackJack bro why you are so mad in this picture?
  10. Koukou

    TotallyToxic Clan

    Hello little bastard!!
  11. Koukou

    TotallyToxic Clan

    If you speak for stiba is the biggest noob in the server.... do bullying on low lvl chars because he cant manage any area except talking island or sometimes "if he dont do restart seal of silen"... But this clan bro is very toxic with 0 iq nothing special continue your game and ignore them... @Stiba007 i want your comment litttle retard
  12. Koukou

    Zavarakatranemia Trip

  13. Koukou

    Darkness Castle ressurection

    All this happen becaue you lost aden... poor randoms enemys on fire
  14. Koukou

    ROK CP PVP Video

    Over power team!!! gzzzz
  15. Koukou

    I sold a weapon and the adena doesn't appear on my bag

    Nothing i allready send you tarbar