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  1. MPiRi

    Cloth piece on summer event

    Αν μπορείς κανε μετάφραση :P Φήμες λένε : Οι κινεζοι ετοιμάζουν να μπουν στο φορουμ, ίσως μερικοί για πρώτη φορά, για μαζική επίθεση με αρνητική ψήφιση στην ψηφοφορία γιατί είναι οι μόνοι που κρατάνε το ΤΟΙ εδώ και πολλούς μήνες και έχουν το μονοπώλιο τα πρωινά και οχι μονο. Δίνει δεν δίνει το event cloth αυτοί πάντα θα ελέγχουν το TOI και την αγορά των Cloth/Ustone/MTablet. Αν θέλουν να το κάνουν δύσκολο στο να δίνει το event cloth να το αλλάξουν και να δίνει Ustone, που οι πιθανότητα να πας TOI 14 και να βγάλεις cloth είναι πολύ δύσκολη, έτσι δεν θα κλαίνε και οι άλλοι που φαρμάρουν μαζί με τους σχιστομάτηδες! Εμείς σαν CP είχαμε πάει περίπου 20 φόρες στο TOI 14 και δεν πήραμε ούτε ένα Cloth.
  2. MPiRi

    Event: Summer Feast

    Better make those event item drop from 40+ or 50+ lvl mobs to avoid many booters/afk macro farmers. (don't tel us is for the beginners coz beginners can go easy 40 lvl char in few hours) And is more change of active players to report boot/afk farmers in areas with 40/50+ lvl moobs. And instead of giving cloth make it give UStone to make harder to take Cloth (Ustone change to take shard to go toi floor for Cloth is very hard)
  3. MPiRi

    Time for summer event?

    I don't say removing just lower the rate. And OLs need mana pots too with delay ofc Rly i don't know they delay of beers was 20 min coz not use so often. so its ok. Maybe the creator of those beers not give mdef coz playing a mace class (conspiracy theory )
  4. MPiRi

    Time for summer event?

    My opinion is the BRez is not the big problem in events. The big problem is the buff scrolls like beers etc coz if you brez you need buffs to fight again with this buffs scrolls from events they kill the game they make the buffers like WC be more useless and classes like Prophets be only box and no 1 active player. In next event if we take again tons of buffs scrolls we need mana pots too.
  5. MPiRi

    Opposition Tuesday

    Label what ever y want i just answer to etze how the kamikaze cp play in last months with few members and in many fight with mix partys. myrmi stop play for unknown time from 19/5/2019 I don't give attention to any numbers or what you talk with john so τσιμπα ενα @......
  6. MPiRi

    Opposition Tuesday

    Bazinga stop play long time ago. In last fights he played by myrmi. BD wen take the 79 lvl he stop play. Some kamikaze members they join to few fights wen they find time. Me and Song we try to be online wen clan make fights/rbs 😎
  7. MPiRi

    Music Thread

  8. MPiRi

    Cyclic macros

    And if you try stop them or try to pass that room and that tank take you target all the party hit you if you are flag coz cyclic macro not work only wen you kill mobs.
  9. MPiRi

    Cyclic macros

    Make some action then til the new update comes... Make them press the buttons make the cyclic macro stop every 1 min if you cant remove it now.
  10. MPiRi


    Maybe Ancient Aliens give them a device so they can jump in TOI rooms 👽
  11. MPiRi

    Cyclic macros

    If you have second pc coz after the cancel cycle macros you need to have active the window, example the BD who use every 2 min dances (Soon...... will be 5min). You can use the next to you keyboard or second pc to press the F key or can use some keyboard/mouse with macro set (if allowed) or you can use something like this Or we cant play the game with foot? 😂
  12. MPiRi

    Cyclic macros

    or cancel every 2 min i can survive with out cyclic macros but im thinking the mp cyclic macro it helps to recharge better
  13. MPiRi

    Cyclic macros

    Can you enter one more option in vote? 3: Cancel the cyclic macro every 4 mim
  14. MPiRi