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  1. some ppl have chars to fishing and they go 50+lvl and one day want to make that 2 boring quest! I dint write wen y hit 20 or 40 lvl but wen a char is more than 52lvl.
  2. Ad one more service like: Wen a char is more than 52lv he can buy 1 and 2 class quest, with 10 euro.
  3. MPiRi

    The Specialist of bugs?

    Wen i see this happen i lost it i just stay still to see what next and i see modoy stand up with out animation of rez on him! Wen i tell it to cp members they kill me in hide mode they dont believe me! If i not record this vid and Holymen and PP make drop y take it and no 1 believe me what happen there...... SO THATS THE POINT.... YOU ABUSE THAT BUG THERE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE AND YOU DESERVE A BAN!
  4. MPiRi

    The Specialist of bugs?

    Look some guys there…. they use bugs to take advantage! 0,14 Draca hide 0,28 kill SE in hide mode, (then rez modoy? in hide mode?) 1,15 Draca visible! Stop speak about fair play and stop use programs or bugs to take advantage pathetic kids!
  5. MPiRi

    Confused about loop macro

    And what if the mouse cursor is out of game window? I cant press a keyboard key? You stuck on ps4 controller and forgot what mouse can do? 😂
  6. MPiRi

    Confused about loop macro

    ofc y do. This is my play stile. Maybe use it some time to see the difference.But remember to have a good pc possessor and many ram. And not try open many windows at that ps4 console coz dint work! ofc i have this uncheck coz windows have some lag til change. Did y no see that in background of spoiler widow the back windows are run in real time ?
  7. MPiRi

    Confused about loop macro

    with alt+tab you cant be so fast change the windows. wen y play with many acc in 1 pc. With open all windows y play better many char.I have many macros who looks like looping but im not use the right click. If y see some times i give stigma+hex. can y do that fast with alt+tab?
  8. MPiRi

    Confused about loop macro

    So this will be the 1st reason to ban many players. Lets say run out from no farm area with loop follow pp/se/bd to a farm area and kill a mob and that moment a admin check me and shout me like a duck. For a loop macro who only do is follow the main char:( But im not worry only for me many maybe take some ban like this coz only follow. So im start training
  9. MPiRi

    Confused about loop macro

    Can we use right click for loop follow? /target char1 /target char1
  10. MPiRi

    bot yes or no ? #1...

    with this loop macro all tyrants every 30/32 sec make self buff rabbit. And that party in video make every 30/32 sec rabbit?
  11. MPiRi

    bot yes or no ? #1...

    Only if each tyrant is at different pc and is active window so he can use rabbit and then again the macro /assist /atk. If we have the drivers (red weapon) target after kill the last mob if he still target the dead shaman or he take target his self just to boxes follow him and not stuck at dead mob.
  12. MPiRi

    bot yes or no ? #1...

    This is not only loop macro there in video at 0.18 to 0.21. If i making video in this floor and find proof can i have reward 1 item of any char up there?
  13. MPiRi

    bot yes or no ? #1...

    That in 0.18 - 0.21 is very fast or the driver have those tyrants in 3 different pc and have them in first window. But the driver make pick up and the other tyrants use skill.
  14. MPiRi

    My camera goes to the sky

    Try to disable "Support Game Pad"