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  1. Цены падают на все. Видимо из падения онлайна (возможно сезонного, ибо зимой меньше гуляют на улице и больше сидят дома и играют.).
  2. And When u are not random agro-idiot from Russia, and can argue constructively, it's easier to live.
  3. Можно столько окошек сколько комп потянет, но за каждое прийдется заплатить 10 евро/месяц, это и есть ПА.
  4. In theory yes, in practice - he'll take too many mobs which will agrr other players to kill him PK, also when warlord gathered his mob train it's the perfect time to do it. And don't forget WL need 2 rechargers he'll need to raise all the time the same lvl he is. At first, it will require more PAs and at second slow his exping greatly.
  5. I'm afraid but here's nothing better according to your criteria than on official. You'll have to do things daily (rates are only 3x). There's not only PVE, cause online is high and so is competition for exping spots. No catacombs. And warlord is not a good choice for solo PVE on classic.
  6. Why did u create another topic if u know there's one already by giving a link on it?
  7. Yes, it's a small bug. Ran into it once. I used Triple-Edged Jamadhar (mid D fist), and it consumed 2x bsps not 1 as it should.
  8. 1,8kk or name your price. Write your nick and i'll send it via mail or any other method.
  9. No offense, bro, but few more lines of coke and u'll get some more brilliant ideas).
  10. But still a discord link is not a bad idea. Let the people choose where they wish to communicate: forum, discord, etc. Nowadays every site has a lot of links to social networks like facebook, twitter and so on. Will a link to discord get in the way for someone? It's used seldom cause there's no link on homepage, i hardly found this link on forum myself.
  11. How could we live without your great advice and support? No need to hurry admins, they're doing all they can. There's a topic where they show the progress on making 2.0. If u it's hard for u to wait, then it's your problem, nobody else is leaving.