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  1. remove auto-macro completely. This is a video game that means that you have to play. I don't understand why you discuss about this in the first place.
  2. any official update on the future?
  3. eXistenZ

    Neo aima / Driver

    μια χαρα ειναι ο σερβερ, καλη αρχη!
  4. ??? anyone please can you give me a discord link that is not expired? the one in the website says it has been expired
  5. wierd... if you click the discord link in website has expired
  6. the discord link has expired and the server has been removed from my list. did you closed it?
  7. what happened? is discord working for you?
  8. Are you disconnecting often? is this a server problem and is there any update on when it will be fixed?
  9. afk macro loop is a function of the game. if you are afk or not let the group you are in punish you or mobs