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  1. Naiguel

    INT CLAN recruiting.

    Hello sir, yeah no problem. Tho we speak english/spanish. So do not expect us to speak your language (at least for now no one except you and your friend speak russian :p) Pm t34artisan/frostyshaman From now we have 4 hours of penalty more. So perhaps tonight we can invite you guys ^^
  2. Naiguel

    INT CLAN recruiting.

    @BenQQ Also little update: We removed 9 boxes, now we have 9 empty slots to fill with active ppl ❤️ Newcomers, old players coming back. Your mom, your uncle all are welcome ❤️
  3. Naiguel

    INT CLAN recruiting.

    I agree with you, tho those "friends" are really cool guys. In fact im more troublemaking than them o.o In any case, that was back on the days were the clan was inactive and the leader and I quitted for a while.
  4. Naiguel

    INT CLAN recruiting.

    International clan lv4 "HellCats" recruits newcomers. Only requirement is to log everyday 30 min o.o We can offer 10% and lot of skills(lv 1/2) Little warning, we have lot of spanish speakers but we aim mostly to int and english language. Second little warning, we let our friends to use this clan as box clan. But we're kicking them to make room, so perhaps you may pm us and we will have some penatly. Pm in game: AnniTheTank // T34Artisan // FrostyShaman
  5. Naiguel


    PM in game FrostyShaman
  6. Naiguel


    WTS Doom light set Eminence +1 WTB: Bel Cestus// BW light set. I can trade Doon light set + some adena for BW light set
  7. Naiguel

    My intro project

    Nice intro dude! Some advice. *the sound is quite loud I dont know if my setting is the problem or your video but almost got deaf. *You should work a bit more in these swords and shield (try to put swords at front) *I would change size of l2classic to a bigger one.
  8. Naiguel

    SE/EE lf CP

    Hello guys, I am looking for a new cp. I love playing suport role and I have SE lv 53, I can change to EE if the new cp needs it. (or sws) My time zone is 11 pm CET to 2 am CET (6 pm arg to 9 or 10 pm arg) I can speak english/spanish btw.
  9. Naiguel

    El Cuerpo siempre pide volver...

    Quere' consejo para empezar bien? Spoiler, hobgoblins lv 21 afuera de dion, farmeatelos como si no hubiera un mañana. En dos días sos full d. El rayito, no sé, pero parece que pega fulero. Cualquier cosa, whispeame a budina. Suerte PD: bienvenido
  10. Naiguel

    latinoamerica puede jugar este server ?

    Si flaco, podes jugar lo mas tranca,si estas buscando clan whispea a budina que te puedo dar una mano
  11. Naiguel


    WTB fp set +6 WTS Blue Wolf heavy set WTS DUALS SLS*SLS. Pm here in fórum. ty
  12. Naiguel


    Hello ppl I have some question about my future tank. 1) Is tk usefull? I dont see it a lot. 2) The skills of TK in classic wiki are the same here in 1.5 ? 3) Which weapond is better? sword or blunt?
  13. Que tal don! bienvenido al classic club. Pasame tu Nick así te whispeo in game, te dejo el mio gabrielamicheti
  14. Naiguel


    WTT/S emi +7 and emi+6 WTB BOP WTB DOOM LIGHT SET. PM: gabrielamicheti
  15. Naiguel

    WTT 2 EMI+6 FOR EMI+++

    WTT 2 emi +6 for emi+++ pm "gabrielamicheti