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  1. Yomana

    Thanks China!

    Its all about how cool you look.
  2. Yomana


    Ye china didnt help you defend aden and suddenly its with blue side What the hell do you smoke , i wonder.
  3. Yomana

    Vote for new World Cup Champion!

    RLY nice idea! At least in this bet you wont lose money @Anytime
  4. Yomana

    Baium bug Drops

    They already explained , if you have someone who did top DPS and is 3 or more levels higher than baium ,those 100% drops fall to 70-80%. Its not 100% whatever you do. Imagine killing orfen with 7-9 levels difference , will it drop 100% drops?
  5. Yomana

    PvP Video - WS Ally

    Another mage pov, QQ
  6. Yomana

    Which one you prefer?

    Do you have a comprehension problem in english ? "We managed to steal some epics like 2 months ago" Thats were the 4 orfens and 2 core is refering to. I cant chew the food for you baby , you need to grow up already!
  7. Yomana

    Enchant rates/chance

    As far as i know. Enchantment rate decreases in each level on jewels + armor. I dont understand why the list goes up to 20 there though. Enchant rate on weapons is the same from +3 to +15.
  8. Yomana

    Which one you prefer?

    Where did he say we control epics? We managed to steal some epics like 2 months ago? Thats all. "So many times" doesnt mean last month. SM fights with china for epics like 1+ year. PS: Just checked , it was 4 orfen and 2 core .
  9. Yomana

    Which one you prefer?

    Sorry for offtopic , didnt wanna create new drama topic. @Kill4Fun Stole Souless right ? fucking moron. Your mouth is full of shit like your personality PS: Just saw last time he visited forum is May, w/e someone can show him the post.
  10. Yomana

    Which one you prefer?

    idk we still havent gone vacations for a whole month maybe in august.
  11. Yomana

    Which one you prefer?

    its ok maybe sjeks will have his lvl 4 baium some months later than he expected. china and perks were never ally
  12. Yomana


    got baited
  13. Yomana

    reuse on consumables

    You understand that some people have zillions of adena cause of RMT? Its the same like QHP in the past when they got nerfed cause china/koreans were spamming 100 in each fight. I dont think it prolonged the cancer. They have to nerf these items into oblivion cause they did a mistake and now people have THOUSANDS of bres. Also pvp is bullshit , i dont know if you even checked the video above. People win pvp just cause they have more boxes to brez. PS: In my opinion with these brez fiesta you cancel a whole class called bishop , a clan with many bishops should hold advantage in mass pvp cause of mass res skill , now thats not even that noticable cause bres can be faster and better....
  14. Yomana

    Overlord advices

    kill baium
  15. Yomana

    CP LF DD melee 76++

    Being loyal to your cp doesnt mean you have to flame everyone else. Hypocrite as changing your attitude when you changed side. You were calling bizz and whole perkunas names and now that you joined in their cp you are calling "some" of your ex-cp names. Or scammerunas and prunas was just "friendly banter" ? You cant imagine how happy i am that you dont consider us your friends. I thought you consider me your friend when you asked me for my account and items after i said i leave server and when you gladly accepted the adena i left to cp from my share. Guess why i call you greedy now.