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  1. Who is this all people? Nobody is banned from our CP and we never said server is dead. We still plan to play in Zaken patch
  2. UP LF bishop or bd (your or our chars) / driver to play , if you are good you can join next year vacations in Greece.
  3. Yomana

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Gotta catch them all...Pokefish
  4. Yomana

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Thought they count as they seem online in server when you enter acc. So you tell me there are around 1k live people atm playing in server during Tuesday midday ? :d edit: ofc a single counter makes no sense to have on site. I work in marketing , sometimes using a number is the easiest way to lie about a situation.
  5. Yomana

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Together with orc army in orc village for monthly/weekly coins , offline shops for unity , fishing etc. And when i logged to farm toi 3 days ago during EU prime only toi 9 and 12 had people. Ok tell me there are 1000 live players atm in server. Honestly i dont believe it. Maybe im retard.
  6. Yomana

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Many of those nicks i saw in ban list are old players that started again to server like 3-4 months ago after NA official failed. Yes maybe you did your job well and not a problem with that but my argument is pretty valid and you can watch it if you play on server everyday. Different IPs dont tell me shit cause my IP logs every day for 5 min to take chest for daily coins and then logs off.
  7. Yomana

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    First serious good post in this topic. Exactly my thoughts. You people can fight here who rmts harder but IMO its something that brings new people to a 3-4 year old server like ours. Sorry but none new party is gonna grind 6 months to be able to pvp (and die from) top parties here. And i dont say that cause my friend pipenov got banned.
  8. Yomana

    Flames of invincibility

    first time i agree with Pose.
  9. Yomana

    bsoe / mounting casting

    All fixes are not made by the same person. Its not like they waste resources to fix these things instead of zaken patch. So dont worry
  10. Yomana

    PVP event

    Lmao with the title "no cov" , while we lose at least 3 buffs/d/s every 10 sec 😂
  11. Yomana

    Party duel

    No idea about those pvps cause i have to play from last olympiad So i didnt pussy out from any party vs party against you Also i heard today we had 5 people in "prime" , i believe it was great pvp xd
  12. Yomana

    Party duel

    Thats hard bro. Our party is made by cocky people. Also i dont understand what you expect us to do. Go pvp a clan who has backup from china , high lvls , heroes with 1.5 party and 1 party of 68-70 lvls? Or you wanted us to sit town and server dying even more At least now something is happening.
  13. Yomana

    Party duel

    IN my point of view your clan does a lot of things i find pathetic . I still think my opinion is irrelevant as long as you are fine with them.
  14. Yomana

    Party duel

    Hearing about dignity from people who dlvled 80 lvl pp (even though i can admit, i think bizz deserves it) makes me want to puke. And yes i understand you did most of the job leveling it but that doesnt make it normal , i will always wonder how you forgot to make "agreement" for that as well. There is no dignity or honor in l2 , so keep this bullshit out. You do what you have to do to be competitive.