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  1. Put also if boss dies in less than 2 minutes --> server disconnects people in 1500 area , deletes their character , scams their paypall , san0 goes to their house and shoot them at the head.
  2. Yomana

    C4RE BE4RS

    video is fun , some comments are cringe as fuck though im glad someone is still having fun at least
  3. deflect magic works correctly , i dont think you understand what skill does.
  4. That is how classic works. What you say about random parties only exist in the beginning. I do agree with server will close eventually. That doesnt mean Gms have to wipe it and open new one just cause they can attract (maybe) the double number of current people. And lets say even if they attract 3 times the number of people which are currently playing here , that number will go down after 6 months max (cause people already figured the old updates and they speedrun them). In the end we will have a server with same ammount of people as we have now. So whats the point to close something that is not dead ? Edit: Sorry but you cant expect to play casually and be relevant in classic x3. You need to play another chronicle or some higher rate. At least not in patches after saviors (2.0)
  5. Wouldnt that be justified in your opinion? You have people who play here 2-3-4-5 years and have items worth 2-3-4k euros , people who trusted the server and didnt rmt their items. Imagine if you suddenly wipe it and start new, how many of them will play again? Personally i wouldnt. I would feel like im the retarded one that didnt RMT his items and waited for new server. And lets not hide behind ourselves , most of the "clans" and people who start on new projects all the time they do it with intention to RMT when they get bored. If you want a stable server start here and play , its never too late.
  6. Yomana


    without even checking the video im pretty sure they dont have active buffer in their party. So in these type of ganks acumen wont be rebuffed for him anyway
  7. Yomana


    2:39 gladi losing clarity from overbuff , meanwhile having acumen. imagine if they werent top cp.
  8. you are some years too late for people to care kekw
  9. Yomana


    maybe easter event 🤔
  10. Same as the current Server Rate: Hardcore (A player with no social life) So everyone who play here has 0 social life boys. KEKW
  11. Ο πόνος είναι η δυσάρεστη αίσθηση που συνήθως προκύπτει από ένα πολύ έντονο ή καταστροφικό σωματικό ερέθισμα. Ο πόνος βιώνεται υποκειμενικά καθώς επηρεάζεται από την κατάσταση του εγκεφάλου μέσα στον οποίο σχηματίζεται η αίσθηση και ο πόνος ως προέκτασή της. Η συνήθεια, η ψυχική κατάσταση, το αν βρίσκεται κανείς σε ύπνωση, αν τελεί υπό ουσίες που επιδρούν στο κεντρικό νευρικό σύστημα κλπ κάνουν την αίσθηση του πόνου υποκειμενική.
  12. Yomana


    Well yes you are actually correct on these things. Just lately after most european parties left ,we see some new people in 2 clans. Level 70+ . Thats all. Also i think other primes dont have such problem
  13. Yomana


    no they are not , pretty sure you dont even play lately. correct me if im wrong. edit: that doesnt mean that some old players didnt leave.