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  1. Only for weapons you need too many gemstones. Also it wouldnt hurt if A grade weapons are kinda expensive to obtain , right now recipes and parts drop a lot and if you put easy farmable gemstones everyone will run in A grade in 1 week. Also idk if any mob drops gemstones in FI. Waiting database for that.
  2. you can farm gemstones even at day at DI. maybe you are confused with cloths imo atm its too easy to get full weapons from sailren + its too easy in general to get recipes/parts for top A from what i tested.
  3. Nice trolling posting them during olympiad.
  4. Yes , we are pieces of shit who drive their chars for free heroes.
  5. You dont see us coming to interlude forum or youtube to talk about you. I wonder who has the complex you talk about. 😐
  6. some other people consider achievement to pve in interlude. happens.
  7. Yomana

    Game time

    how would you know , you never had 6 good players in your cp to take their heroes solo.
  8. Yomana

    A Grade Items

    thats not true. The truth is its not usefull to unseal a grade items that are +3 , and its very hard to farm top a grades cause of patch. Cloth pieces are easy to farm , they are just farmed by top clans. In previous patch cloth piece costed 300-400kk and now it costs 80kk. Just farm 80kk and buy them if you want A grades (which are poop) so much. I actually never heard anyone having problems with cloth pieces anymore.
  9. Yomana


    This agathion and many more items were part of previous events. Admins like to make events with unique accessories that you are not able to buy later as a special reward. Now if you are streamer you end up being able to buy anything cause you are promoting server. Lately after community asked , Gms started putting cloaks for col. Maybe they decide to do same with other accessories soon.
  10. IDK whats the range here but this is official range on provoke.
  11. They know exactly whats causing the bug its been reported
  12. these items dont exist in this server
  13. I agree with @Donkihot that ES should not be able to do that. But considering all these bugs server has that are already reported and more i might report , i dont understand why people are so irritated about "fixing" this ES thing. Its rly irrelevant shit. Its mostly called from solo players that want to pve free.