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  1. Yomana

    poor content

    Well it was me playing hero tyrant so i think that is equal terms
  2. Yomana

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    many lvl 3 epics are banned with chars who tried to sell / buy them.
  3. Yomana

    FD ZAKEN by WK 12-07國人歐服首殺扎肯

    Eggyeee bringing the chinese memes into forum , wp wp! Gz for first blood :d
  4. Yomana

    *Dont stop belieev... sucking*

    Yep that was me.
  5. Yomana


    Why people flame my bard class all the time? 😢 Anyway good luck and welcome
  6. Yomana

    Sealed rune (with lvl ) problem

    I tried first day of update in Aden and yes its not working. It just doesnt do anything. Forgot to report it tho
  7. Yomana

    siege 1/12

    We have modoy and a full soundboard of famous quotes 😉
  8. Yomana

    WTB nightmare gloves 10kk

    Mail payment in game "TapToTown Thanks
  9. Yomana

    siege 1/12

    9vs9 for it
  10. Yomana

    siege 1/12

    Sorc ftw. Fuck all other mages
  11. Yomana

    Grand opening!

    Im pretty sure china never used bots. 😐
  12. Yomana

    Grand opening!

    We try show dominance farming in strongest clans prime.
  13. Yomana

    Grand opening!

    Thats a big truth
  14. Yomana

    Grand opening!

    I think he means they broke the china-devs alliance
  15. Yomana

    Grand opening!

    This month we may have 6/9 hero in cp. Imagine if we were not randoms I guess that says a lot about quality of enemigos.