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  1. Hero list June 2020. only important one Abyss Walker (Ghost Hunter) - Bishop (Cardinal) - Bladedancer (Spectral Dancer) - Bounty Hunter (Fortune Seeker) - Dark Avenger (Hell Knight) - Destroyer (Titan) - Elemental Summoner (Elemental Master) - Elven Elder (Eva's Saint) - Gladiator (Duelist) - Hawkeye (Sagittarius) - Necromancer (Soultaker) - Malakafaka [Driver] Overlord (Dominator) - Paladin (Phoenix Knight) - Phantom Ranger (Ghost Sentinel) - Phantom Summoner (Spectral Master) - Plains Walker (Wind Rider) - Prophet (Hierophant) - Shillien Elder (Shillien Saint) - Shillien Knight (Shillien Templar) - Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) - Sorceror (Archmage) - Spellhowler (Storm Screamer) - Spellsinger (Mystic Muse) - Sword Singer (Sword Muse) - Temple Knight (Eva's Templar) - Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) - Tyrant (Grand Khavatari) - Warcryer (Doomcryer) - Warlock (Arcana Lord) - Warlord (Dreadnought) - Warsmith (Maestro) - fill the rest
  2. Yomana

    Macro table

    I use ALL 48 macro and i have behind me lvl 1 char to use 48 MORE. GET ON MY LEVEL noobs
  3. Yomana

    Macro table

    Im pretty sure i know that legendary guy
  4. Yomana

    Macro table

    /activate adrenaline
  5. Hahahahah i wish we did that 69 actually. Sad we arent so smart to think it.
  6. Big updates around 1.5 year. But sometimes they make smaller updates , depends if they decide to follow full ncsoft content or not.
  7. these summons become available on next update (dont remember which one) , so maybe wait for when we get it
  8. Add LF swordsinger
  9. Yomana

    RS v WK in zaken

    rip pendragon
  10. Yomana

    RS v WK in zaken

    including boxes and farm chars that nobody played in pvp Not 1 vs 1 anymore ,it doesnt help chinese propaganda
  11. Yomana

    RS v WK in zaken

    Seriously , i doubt. I would like to see one of your movies stop dying first in all pvps
  12. Yomana

    RS v WK in zaken

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K29VzvQ9ts I quoted you about YOUR GAMEPLAY in this zaken fight for example, you just decided to change discussion for whatever reasons bringing ordinator pt up. Seriously put your tongue into your fucking brain (if you have one) before typing something.
  13. Yomana

    RS v WK in zaken

    Changing discussion , master tactic yipman. Ok lets agree ordinator cp sucks ,we cucked you 2 vs 2 parties with ours and ordinator back to back in wasteland pvp. So you lost from a bad cp , you feel better now?
  14. Yomana

    RS v WK in zaken

    who was in CO a week ago ? how can you be so retarded @YipMan indeed his pov sucks , but i would like to see your pov with this sorcerer in Zaken fights. Would be funny
  15. Idk , says the side who recruited purecocain