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  1. free up for my friend 🐍
  2. Man do you know what you just did ? Now it would be 15 times harder to reason with Modoy....
  3. That didnt work for you. But yea i agree with the points
  4. who are you exactly @huoshan115 , got any video ? what is your character ? dont bark too much
  5. haha epic days , miss those olympiads
  6. Its funny cause you have absolutely no idea of what you talking about :D
  7. he didnt even name change char from rizos 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Test server open to everyone , yomama WAS logging every day to find best ways to gain advantage for next patch "SaN0 gIviNg yOu pAtch nOteS sEcRetLy" 😂🤣🤣 I hope Rizos has someone to give him a challenge these days. 😊
  9. Why is my box character not 81 yet ? @Rizos 😡😡
  10. Put also if boss dies in less than 2 minutes --> server disconnects people in 1500 area , deletes their character , scams their paypall , san0 goes to their house and shoot them at the head.