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  1. Yomana

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    Dunno , drinking bears sounds kinda fun. I wish he invited me to his parties.
  2. Yomana

    WTB nightmare helmet

  3. Yomana

    WTB nightmare helmet

    As title says
  4. Yomana

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L85MWwEXhgQ&t=143m17s @San0 gl two more : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L85MWwEXhgQ&t=183m32s , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L85MWwEXhgQ&t=188m44s
  5. Yomana

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    With just a tiny search i found this https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/652194/ Is there any way to go to the solo area without going through the rooms with the mobs that kill you in 3 hits? Cheers none ... mobs hit way to hard and dont give much exp. I never saw anyone leveling there. Only good thing is, that most mobs arnt social and are close together, so its less running.At last for me its impossible to "solo" (with boxed pp) there. un in during daytime and ruuuun to the solo npc-spot withput look back. Dont even try to run in during nightime. Those ******** hit 3times as hard. Its from 2.0 and kinda in the same page with what guy from ru off is showing up here.
  6. Yomana

    Dont be lazy ...

    Indeed , imagine if we were serious and used mental / warding.
  7. Yomana

    Dont be lazy ...

    Who is this noob on sws that forgot warding vs mages? 🤐🤐 (Trying to ninja avoid the blame)
  8. Yomana

    Dagger Guide

    drake +6/8 or bw light ,depends your party and your enemies
  9. Yomana

    CC Numbers

    I agree. Even thought we are getting rekt in these mass pvps (which playing melee cp sucks hard) , its still more fun than pveing.
  10. Yomana

    CC Numbers

    Nobodys fault when you were having break for months dude. What do you expect ?
  11. Yomana

    04:00am 9vs36

    massacre 😐
  12. Yomana

    When they keep comming...

    @MoDoy @iAxZp From What i understand , "Welcome to Zaken" works both ways
  13. Yomana

    When they keep comming...

    @MoDoy get rekt kiddo hahaha
  14. Yomana

    WTS emi +10 or WTT for Bers blade.

    As title says , send mail in game to TapToTown with offers. Thanks!
  15. Dudes this topic is Posted October 31, 2015 , wth are you people smoking?