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  1. SuzieQ

    WTS ES oly driving

    i am still laughing...better sell the things u use bro
  2. SuzieQ

    Guard Talisman

    dude your class is in the most convenient position in that matter so why the sarcasm?
  3. SuzieQ

    Guard Talisman

    yeah i know my bad really. i've been very busy with my rapes in oly that for a moment i though that too
  4. SuzieQ

    Guard Talisman

    for the 1st one i had no clue. for panthers cancel as far as i remember san0 reported that he fixed it so i didnt even thought of it as a bug anymore. so thx for heads up cause i have to be careful for that too from now on but yes for summoners trust me makes much of a difference thats why i wanna see it fixed soon and not in 5 more months
  5. SuzieQ

    Guard Talisman

    since i keep spending adena and when i use it doesnt make his work?
  6. SuzieQ

    Guard Talisman

    Hello once again. Its been 5 whole months and still no progress in guard talisman. Is it gonna get fixed someday? cause i keep thinking that it wont since it only affects summoners status. Once again i remind you that in 1st period of oly it was working as it should so you probably messed it up in next changes. You should already have those data to make it work again or even made it from scratch if i count the time you had. Lets see how much time this high priority takes to be solved. @Koll @San0 i am w8ing your answers
  7. SuzieQ

    something wrong with pet ss

    hello plz check when u have the time what is wrong with pet ss.....they stuck for some reason in many different occasions like when u resummon pet or when u reactivate them, when u run out of them and u make new ones, when u port inside oly or port out of oly....there were many matches from summoners that their pets werent using pet ss even if they had them on. This started after u changed the trade of the pet ss. I am w8ing for your answer thx
  8. SuzieQ

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    it wasnt imagination pts it was dc pts...u need to be more carefull before u start feeding enforcers like di0smi0... p.s. maybe u should stop eating junk food
  9. SuzieQ

    bug on castle scrolls price

    hello i noticed something today that i have the feeling its been going on a long time but buy 3 scrolls of 35% costs 600k and as u can see even if the amount when u try to purchase them is correct...the amount the system takes you is 300k...fix it plz thx
  10. SuzieQ

    Bug guard/core olympiad

    btw in 1st month of oly guard talisman was passing to the pet....could it be possible to check those files maybe something got erased in the next changes
  11. SuzieQ

    Bug guard/core olympiad

    well ofc it pet lost 3 lvl remember? lvl up and u will stun lock anyone like the rest ppl do
  12. SuzieQ

    Bug guard/core olympiad

    dont u think your lvl matters dude? come on....i get stunned 100% from every da/pk/archer all the time and they are close to my lvl...and rly u show me a video with EE and u wonder why ur stun doesnt land? mine doesnt land also dude vs EE
  13. SuzieQ

    Bug guard/core olympiad

    nono i am not that kind of player i played ES since 1.0 i wont emo for just 3 lvls in a pet since it had to be that way from the start....its just bad cause i loose vs da/necro too easy cause they can manipulate my pet and if guard was working i could be more of a challenge... anyway ill patiently w8
  14. SuzieQ

    Bug guard/core olympiad

    come on dude...stun lands all the time are u delusional? if u use skill or hit ofc it will get of if u dont though u will stun lock your target...dont speak for stun/fear plz come on
  15. SuzieQ

    Bug guard/core olympiad

    did i say we are the weakest? why are you being sarcastic? and if u make some changes on a class making it weaker u should aslo change the other facts that had bugs also and make it even again. if u had your class changed u would be emo atm so dont speak plz