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  1. But in the old thread I linked rizos shows doom getting a bonus 18pdef, same with the bw light in this server while in official it doesn't and it seems it wasn't like that before some patch and from the wording you used the "bug" seems like it's buried somewhere that you guys can't find, so why not balance the armors(all of them) pdef? Or do I just suck it up because 18 pdef isn't that much and remember from now on that overall>top+bott on pdef? I don't care that much either way, it just sucked that after I finally got my first B set it turns out it's worse than my C set(minus the extra block rate).
  2. Wait, @San0 is now going to be playing with all those feeling skelth, coincidence?
  3. Checking stuff around found this topic and this site on another post , that along with some basic math that ends up showing me I am getting indeed that extra 18 pdef when using the FP armor guess wraps this up as 2 year old bug(?) is alive and well, guess all top+bottom sets just get -18pdef. Edit: Just an idea but since the bug almost seem unkillable why not add extra pdef to all pants? don't think +18pdef would balance it out(would make it much better due to % bonuses) but something.
  4. Hm what @MoDoy says sounds stupid but just the kind of stupid that L2 would have been programed as, so I'll check that out too, would be funny that FP phantom bottom would also get the set bonus.
  5. Avadon also gives the same bonus, of course I unsealed the whole set to be heavy and like I mentioned to make sure what part of the set was making me lose pdef I unequiped the rest and only changed between the overall and the top+bottom. I'm guessing it is a bug due to the lack of replies I've gotten so I'll give it another day and make a ticket or ask @San0 about it.
  6. I'm not sure if I should post this here or make a bug report since I don't think this is how it should work but I'll ask first since I'm kinda new to classic. So I finally got a full Avadon set for my TK(yeah I know, haha) and I notice something weird when switching from full plate to ava, the helmet says it has 4 more pdef than the FP one but I get 6 more pdef when equiping it, I'm guessing it's some passive that's not shown, shields shouldn't give pdef but the FP one gives me 4 pdef, I guess that's because it's +3, but the weirdest thing of all is that FP armor gives 239 pdef while ava breastplate+gaiters adds to 255 pdef but when I change between them without the rest of each set I get 3 less pdef with the avadon top+bottom than with the full plate overall. Is it due to the same hidden passive(I'm guessing hidden since there's no passive that adds %pdef) giving a larger bonus to the overall since it has a bigger bulk of pdef compared to the top+bottom that has it's pdef divided? or is there something else? or is it what I think and there is some sort of bug in one of the two sets?
  7. Ok so it is indeed torture, I've started only about two months ago without CoL or box and it's already hard enough with being able to make adena using secondary characters to feed my main, but without... I'll guess I'll watch and learn what tricks you use for my own gain.
  8. No box but, just one account? How are you going to make money? character will be shop too?
  9. I didn't really started playing till GoD but something I miss from the times I've played is the hero statues, not only do they serve as bragging rights to top players but they also showed newer players who the heroes are and also they helped make the towns feel more alive, plus iirc all those empty pedestals in giran are meant for those statues.
  10. Getting a bit paranoid here and I understand that rates are always the same no matter how many you kill but in the past few days that I've been in Ivory tower crater I've gotten about 10 gear drops all of them sharing the same drop rate as the books or at least that's what l2wiki claims, yet only one book, are the books drop rate tweaked to make it more "hardcore" or is the gear drop rate higher than what l2wiki says?
  11. Is that why I've never been able to get the "log in during weekend" mission? so avoid being online at 6:30(?) UTC +1/+2?
  12. Ok then, thanks, hope my luck wont just screw me over from now on, BTW nice to know that raids wont have an effect.
  13. I've been wondering since I read it a few times but not sure if it's still there, does dying with no karma to mobs have a change to drop items? and if it does are newbies(-40) exempt from it? I'm asking because I've died A LOT and haven't drop anything(or at least that I've noticed).
  14. Sadly I can't use real money. Anyway thanks for the tip.
  15. Excuse my noobness but what/where is auction? Other than that I was thinking the same thing, what should I go for aoe spoil? or is a pure DD better?