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  1. Ikcen

    I have a problem

    Very bold. But as every macro actually makes the character to perform game operations by itself, that means all the macros are forbidden. But they are allowed, or not? Also I was in front of the PC, just did not pay attention to things that are not a treat to the character. Like lag, or the attempts of the GM to simulate lag effects. I did not farm blue or green mobs in some low level area, where NPCs or players cannot touch me, to blame me for boting. That is why I'm asking. I play the game like this from years, balancing my time. I did the same in LOA, and high TOI, got the bloody fabric for Baum like this, solo, on level 67 - red mobs. And if the GM says clearly that is forbidden I simply will not play the game here. Macros are in this game for a reason. The rules should be clear. If some macro is forbidden that should be clear.
  2. Ikcen

    I have a problem

    Fist, that are minor pots. Keep in mind I farm on self buff lvl 69 mobs with lvl 70 character, with non enchanted gear. So I drink a pot every time I use the macro. Second I keep attention on the HP/CP only. If something does not affect the HP/CP of the character, obviously it is not a treat. Till now Seriously the teleporting effect is like lag. This, or some GM intentionally killed me multiple times on ABG aoe trains. The teleporting is not even in top strange things I saw it the game. Before two days the panther started to fly around. Or that was a GM too? Sorry I do not know what is the right reaction of these signs of the server gods. So for example in this particular case, that I got a ban, I read a book on the sofa with the screen about two meters in front of me and a wireless keyboard under my hand. I did not pay attention to anything on the screen, till the tyrant attacked me. It's pretty simple. If I click attack and the character stuck with mobs, the HP goes down. If the panther dies, the HP goes down. If I agro multiple mobs, the HP goes down. If someone attacks me the CP goes down. In general I do not need to watch anything else. As for the macro. When I kill a mob once, I should repeat over and over the same actions, which is boring and stupid. Or I can click only one key for macro, and use my time properly. In fact - Ikcen, blaber, 728063 - if the GM wants to try the macro and to see how fast will the character dies without attention. I do not ask you to lift the ban. I do not say it is right or wrong, as obviously it is wrong to me, and based on your subjective observations. But it does not matter. I ask something very different. I asked if the autotargeting is forbidden, or if I will get ban again, because I play like this and I think I do not break any rules. You do not answer me. Simply say - you can, or you cannot autotarget mobs, and let be clear. Maybe also you should make concrete if using of multiple skills in one macro is allowed.
  3. Ikcen

    I have a problem

    Well this is not before the ban, as you can see the tyrant is not flagged. And as I said I do not read the white chat. I just click and it hits, if the HP goes low, I use potions, or react at other way, depends on the situation. If I do not react - I die. Well if KSE attacked me or simply PM he would get my attention, in the first case for sure. The teleport does not get attention, as it looks like lag effect. It's a behavior, if the HP is OK, I click attack target. The autotargeting macro in game does not break any server rules, or it does? So back to the point, I play at this way since level one. In fact since 2007. First time I get ban. It may look suspicious, but it does not break the rules. So, how I could be sure I will not be banned again?
  4. Ikcen

    I have a problem

    Sorry, but this is a bullshit. Because if you was able to make a complex check, I would not get a ban. The fact is - I do not use any third part software into the game. Also, I pointed clearly - I do not farm with hands all the time, as I use macro for autotargeting. So I click, it hits - very simple. But as I do not farm in low level areas, if I do not watch and react in time, my character dies. Also I already said - some tyrant attacked me, I ignored him, went to took two drops instead, and I got disconnect. That happened before the ban. And I asked a simple question, how I can be sure, that I will not get another ban, because of someone's wild imagination? Or this is not a free server? Excuse me if it is not, it's my mistake.
  5. Yesterday I was banned. And today I got that, as answer to my ticket. Your character/account was blocked for violation rules of the server: Players are not allowed to: 1.1 Use any kind of tool or 3rd party software (l2control, l2walker, l2ranger, l2tower, l2phx, l2net, l2Wx, ACP, hLapex,Uopilot, or any other), which allows to automate the game process or overcome game client restrictions. This as well concerns mouse/keyboard drivers, allowing the character to perform game operations while the player is away from PC. 1.1.1 Be in one party with a player, who uses 3rd party software. If such abuser is detected, the full party will be punished." It's your 1st violation, so you have a chance to remove it. As I di not use any kind of third party software in the game, I wonder how the support team got to that conclusion. And the answer is: imagination. I use automatic targeting macro in the game, but very simple without any delays, so I actually click for attack. Also I farm in the best case white mobs, usually yellow and red. I play with DA, so I do not use shots, as I even can farm without a weapon. But the panther uses shots. And yesterday I was in Blazing Swamp, with the lvl 70 character, on self buff. Some tyrant run around and tried to KS mobs, and even attacked me. But I did not respond, as he was with buffer there. Probably he made the report. I do not know. After he hit me, I ignored him, went and took some drops instead to hit back, and then I was disconnected. Nobody PM me, and I do not read the white chat. And that is how I became a bot. I almost never use shots, except in PvP, and it seems this is a problem for some people. Yesterday another idiot - I was with buffer in Silent valley, said he reported me, because I do not use shots, and my buffer healed me. Well that is a macro too. A click a key on a wireless keyboard and amazingly it happens. Before that I was killed, with the buffer from the mobs, as I started attack and went to drink some water. It's stupid, but does not violate any rules, and the mobs were yellow. Then another guy asked me why I do not use shots, and I explained him, that shots cannot turn the tank into DD, and the buffer is lvl 58. I was not banned And now you want me to pay to lift the ban. This is not a problem, but how I can be sure the next time some guy with good imagination thinks - no shots, ignorant - bot, I will not be banned again? And do not start with bullshit about the superpowers of the support team - in the moment I was banned even the autotargeting macro was turned off.
  6. Ikcen

    event item 2.0

    Any progress about that issue?
  7. Ikcen

    event item 2.0

    Thanks. Personally I do not really care about the temporary items, but the bracelet is a problem, as it is character bound, so I cannot get it by any other way.
  8. Ikcen

    event item 2.0

    Me too, any chance to get bracelet of duty or its lost?
  9. That penalty is a joke, now there is not actually. Also you shall explain how to pk lower levels or to stun a player, while you are hiding in the bushes is brave? Or you mean the players who do pk play like pussies - I agree. I can accept pk for a farming spot. It's OK. Or pk for pk count - you show you are badass - it's stupid but acceptable. But most players now pk because there are no real consequences - oh, I'm bored, let pk someone, well I'm still bored - this is a broken system.
  10. I will point two things here. The pk penalty system is broken. It kind of works when a player pk another. But this is a MMO. When a party of players pk, there is no real penalty, as they can clean the karma with one train of mobs on aoe. So parties often pk for fun, even not for the count, just for fun. Second, every idiot in this games no matter of the level or the clan pk tanks on aoe or bosses - with stun or slow, and there is not any penalty. Players are doing it because they can, without consequences and without any other reason. And do not explain me how that is the system on official server, it's totally broken. They can remove the karma, anyway it is pointless like this.
  11. Ikcen

    Deflect magic shield

    Thanks for the fast answer. It seems I'm wrong, and there is no bug.
  12. It seems the skill is bugged. The character keeps taking damage even when the damage is deflected back on the attacker. Tested with different lvl players and even with mobs. As I know the skill should deflect back the damage with 60% chance. Also it seems the skills does not deflect the whole damage, but only part of it. As I know if both players take the damage this should be a bug. I do not know how it works on L2 Classic official server, but on the official L2 server it works like I described it.
  13. This is not exactly accurate. The quest did not clean all the PK points, but random numbers. So to clean 5 or more often you needed to make it multiple times. One time took about 20 minutes, with 5-10 minutes to clean the karma, so half hour or more. In general the scroll system may work with longer delays or longer karma, or higher prices. 3 minutes for reuse is simply not enough to be called a penalty. As for the persons with 9k points, probably you are right. And as I said already, it is not about me, personally I have no problem with the PKs as a player. But this is an issue of the gameplay in general. The PK is an essential part of the gameplay in L2. I hope you will make some fix when you implement the 2.0 version.
  14. Still you cannot get to the point. It is not about me. It is about the game. Now the PK is broken. And this is a problem of the gameplay. Some idiot has 8-9000 PKs and just few PvPs. Count it. Now tell me how the PK has consequences. Most players are adult, smart persons, so that does not seem like a big issue. But it is. The PK is important. It should be dangerous, it should have consequences. It should be the final option. But it should be there when you want a spot, boss, vengeance. Now it is just griefing without consequences. And that makes it pointless. They could remove the scrolls, the PK points, and the karma, nothing will change in general.
  15. 200 k adena is nothing. Also all you need is to buy scrolls, and 3 minutes, c'mon. Is this a joke? Literally there are no consequences from the PK. Have you ever played the real L2? Before the Kamaels? I was PKed 2-3 times till now, and I play here from a month. So it is not a big deal, in fact it is not a deal. The problem is like that the whole PK thing is pointless. You cannot trick someone to PK you and to loot him. The high lvl characters have no limits to PK newbies - they do not, but this is not the point. In general the system do not work. The PK is safe, and what is the point of the red name then?