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  1. You are joke i steal you 1 energy because i had better DMG then you. Not every body licking ass to get better exp.
  2. I will play how i want. It was gold mine sure but it was fun pvp with pvp on my lvl.
  3. @V4siukas@BlackJack Both of you just play OP chars and talk shit how good you are.
  4. You are little bit slow. I want It wasnt bug it was feature and good one.
  5. Internet warrior was summoned. Look like you are Gladiator 0 skill and full mouth of shit
  6. There is so many stupid things and you sticking to them. Simple thing like this and its worse. New mounts in pvp are stupid to. This is not what we want from classic.
  7. so pvp that ran from 55-65 is gone. Now every solo/low player try it will be PK by high lvls. only top clan players can get this item. And every 20 minutes TOI will be filled with 76+ players killing every near lady.
  8. Simple fix your team made on Lady Elmoraden drop. There ïs two monsters Lady(63lvl) and Amon(75lvl). Dropping Energy of Insolance. Now every 75+ player killing lows that wanted trying to kill lady because they are no able to go higher and kill Amon that is for them.
  9. Good job to our GM team you ruined experience for lvl 55-68 lvls . Mb you shut remove raid curse and remove drop penalty from RBs, Statement its on official when you never play it on it GJ @San0 Maybe you shut listen to community on this server and dont only earn money for shitting on server.