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  1. Pandemic

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Sorry i dont play here
  2. Pandemic

    Getting out of stealth

  3. Pandemic

    Summoners SS

    retard alert.
  4. Pandemic

    Chain Strike

    Stun shot cancel target and stuns you. If you use Hide late. You will get stuned or you get interupted cast by cancel target. try to play game instead of shit posting
  5. Pandemic

    Chain Strike

    Sorry looks like you choose wrong site to post your memes.
  6. Pandemic

    Chain Strike

    @ErKy @datplays sorry guys this is not retard section but report.
  7. Pandemic

    Chain Strike

    Chains strike description. Pulls a selected target to you. Requires a shield. nothing said about interupting skills. I was fighting with DA. And he runs to me and he was opening Chain Strike my reaction when he was closing to use Hide and in Casting or After i was already in hide it was canceled.
  8. Pandemic

    [FIXED]Viciouse stance

    looks like something broke.
  9. My ing is Pandemic you can try it right now.
  10. You are joke i steal you 1 energy because i had better DMG then you. Not every body licking ass to get better exp.
  11. I will play how i want. It was gold mine sure but it was fun pvp with pvp on my lvl.
  12. @[email protected] Both of you just play OP chars and talk shit how good you are.
  13. You are little bit slow. I want It wasnt bug it was feature and good one.