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Found 7 results

  1. Sooo, first of all, most of you will stop watching the moment you realize its stop motion movie and not an actual movie (thats my real fps, sigh ... ) and that several pvps were already posted from someone (but different party/player pov). This is long promised movie with summoner in actual party composition (for people saying its totally useless and cannot get into party), probably last on my old war machine (if something, i will fraps max olympiad where i need to render just 1 other person :d) gameplay wise, i must say i enjoy it much more when it had top kek mage nuke, because at that time i was pretty much just spamming blaze and nothing else, right now i try to do more things (and still failing, ez) and i find it more interesting. Yes, its not your dream nuker, it doesnt have sick damage, but the damage is cool, its not DA to cancel 50 people at once, but baning certain people is very important, yes, its not tank with aggros/block shield and everything, but it can soak damage very well. What i found most interesting when i started to pvp with summoner is that i always imagined it being the last guy in the end, just sending summon like biggest pussy ever, but in reality i think summoner is supposed to be in front because of its ability to tank damage all in all, summoner is not great, not terrible in my eyes, it can make jobs of several classes just good enough and if there is someone dedicated, i dont think he cannot make it work in cp (tho i dont think summoners are in spot to make full summoner CP, more like you take 1 summoner in party to control enemies) enjoy ps: i wish this stupid Skitter would listen to me more :< but he is running however he wants
  2. Summoners CP eur 18:30 - 22:00 GMT+2 We're looking for: - Blade Dancer -Prophet (warcryer) -Sword Singer -DD Spanish or english. Can whisper in game Antraon, Earnold or Ricola.
  3. Leoh

    Summoners SS

    Hello, Is so boring to make ss by 20 each, please help the life of summoners and make the ss creation to be 500 each. Is just mine sujestion... Thank you. o/
  4. Those interested, watch this video. Master sends the pet to attack while away from the target, and the cat obeys. Here in talking x3 is buggy, does not obey if you are away. The cat is not looking back, he just attacks the opponent normally. Master ressumon cat when he gets sleep, and it cancels the sleep. (That I do not agree). Ressumon cat / pone to have the pet with a full mana. (I also do not agree). H3R3G3
  5. Hello, i started a summoner (warlock) 3 weeks ago and as soon i hit 40 a week ago or so i tested cubics. Storm cubic works fine but binding cubic (para cubic) only activates 2 or 3 times in the 15 min life span of the cubic and only lands about 1/3 1/2 at most. I saw some phantom summoners and their spark cubic has a normal activation and land rate. Since the two cubics have about the same disable time they should work the same. Please fix it i think we are 3 warlocks on server and i dont play mine since a week due this problem.
  6. Hello all and all summoners! First, sorry non native english! I havent seen summoners in server anymore! They are leaving this class to restart with another class or leaving server. Why? (Yestarday an friend stop playing with elemental summoner to play in a new IL 70x server.. and maybe dont come back because will lost too much time.) Cuz, Our class is nerfed like a sht .. 1. no soulshot for summons 2. no lv56 buffers summons (Queen, Seraphin and NightShade) 3. Binding spark cubics never active while in PVP, and on PVP is not efective, 1/100 chance with 20min buff cubic i saw only 1x binding cubic giving paralize on PVP, and never on PVP. 4. Pet always look for behind mod to start hiting.. this is the most fok problem we have... we never will win an pvp like this, kuz pet stay running forever to behind wartag and never hit. Enimies like mages, archers, glads, tyrants just run and uses skills rage, summon never hit... Im sure that, summons dont do this on GoDs chronicle, this is only settings. Maybe Programers can change some parameters to do pet start hiting more faster without take behind. Mobs from game can continue doing this, finding behide to hit, but our pet summons ... omg ... boring, bad ... disliked ,.. sht (ou seja, uma merda para pvp) Please Adms! take a look on this, pls! Summoners class should be most fun and hard on 1x1 pvp I call for helping from all others summoners in server to read this and write your opinion. See you all guys... gg for still persistent summoners! H3R3G3, Phantom Summoner