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  1. J4cKDan13L

    what would u do

    and he did cuz he is...... THE REAL TRUSTEDSHOPXXXX!!!!!!!!! Call da club police!!!!
  2. J4cKDan13L

    Genius Idea

    It reminds me this
  3. J4cKDan13L

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    L2 is not a democracy, the stronger rules. But luckly is not a mmo with fixed wars/sides, diplomacy and "politic" is part of the game and it's cool like this, in my old server I've seen sometimes the "raise of randoms" when suddenly an huge chunk of the server gathered under 1 single flag and started to compete with top allies, and it was awesome, sometimes worked fine sometimes not. Sincerelly I was thinking that if crusaders and random CC could cooperate to stomp us and share SV raids we would be screwed Btw would be really lame if top ally would be overtaken by kindness and let random get endgame contents without fight... is that what they want?? for that there is WOW with all those instances where U can get exp/bosses without any bad greedy boi threatening you...
  4. J4cKDan13L

    Clan VenomTeam

    We need more pastatini! Basta perdere tempo a fare i macho man in server 3000x dove togliere un 4% a un nemico non gli frega un cazzo di niente Veniteqqqua!!! abbiamo un fattore rosik del 300% Attenzione: il fattore rosik può causare effetti collaterali, non somministare ai giocatori di LOL e Fortnite, tenere fuori dalla portata dei bambini rosichini
  5. J4cKDan13L

    Skills on Classic from further chronicles(?)

    Mages.... let's draw a line inside the group of mages: there are mages (sps, sh, sorc, all together are maybe 5% of mages population) and there are necros (the remaining 95%). =(
  6. J4cKDan13L

    Clan VenomTeam

    SOLDATI (Ver. 2) Si sta come d'agosto Su Lineage Gli Italiani
  7. J4cKDan13L

    VenomTeam is back

    Too bad the typical italian maccheroni player avoids forums like ketchup on pizza.... =/
  8. J4cKDan13L

    Salty Greek Helps Brazil's Economy

    Can we have some detail or commentory, what happened? ppl drop epic jewel on daily basis here!? Btw wtt demon staff+14 + adena for demon +15?
  9. J4cKDan13L

    Clan VenomTeam

    E' meglio la topa o la top A? cit.
  10. J4cKDan13L

    Clan VenomTeam

    Venghino siori e siore! Abbiamo la pastatini!
  11. J4cKDan13L

    Players cams in Raid Boss spots

    This, and in case you successfully get the RB and move it in far distant locations they will get you with their fabolous radar (whole server reported them for it, but nothing happened, hard to bring evidences) Without mention their endless amount of spycams logged simultaneously (sometimes I saw 4 of their cams just in SV) Surely they have loooooot premiums or loooooot of PC.....
  12. J4cKDan13L

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    well it's genius idea, if I would be a GM I would do it: 1 - spawn items/adena with GM power 2 - sell items/adena in bad booi sites (profit) 3 - ban those who bought from you items/adena 4 - make ppl pay for unban and delete spawned items (more profit!!!) It's cool cuz nobody could complain about that, RMT forbidden is written everywhere and GM do everything to warn you to not do that... EDIT: I'm not saying that GM did that! but if they didn't they should =D
  13. J4cKDan13L

    Auction offer rejected

    I don't have skype, can I contact them on discord?
  14. J4cKDan13L

    Auction offer rejected

    I open the ticket for it, but I don't know if it got really sent or not, after click on "send" I check "my tickets section" but no tickets in the list, is it normal? should I open a ticket for open tickets?