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  1. who made mistake or what made that situation happen is kinda irrelevant. ur in situation where u receive package thats not for u,but for your neigbor from next door in real life . now what do u do ?
  2. now propably last post from me. consider this situation from real life. imagine that u have neighbor whom u happen to not like. this neighbor of yours is waiting for mail ,but for whatewer reason (postman fcks it up or theres wrong name on package or whatewer) mail end up in your postmailbox. it happens to be ring ordered from amazon worth fortune. you are now rich if u keep it . would u have done it ? stuff may be virtual and yes its internet ,but its basicaly same situation as i see it i hope i pointed to some good points worth considering before u decide
  3. peoples keep bringing this pk stuff up. i dont think its valid . we all signed up for item drops when we die from mobs and under pk status. thats what all wanted and its kinda like going into cassino everytime u play a game and playing . its fair game what happened here if i understand it correctly is more like sending your money accidentaly into cassino bank account and them possibly keeping the money without ever letting u play
  4. this is like finding 7k euro worth of stuff laying on the ground, knowing whos owner and thinking about keeping it . i find it just wrong ,but thats me. now this comunity that voted to keep it can stone me,but i had to say it
  5. dunno. control over these items may have changed ,but iam not so sure about ownership
  6. oh .i just tried to use my lovely numbers and they work :) thump up
  7. tradertwentyeight vs traderIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII vs trader28 . i just like later more and i think numbers were maybe disabled by accident ?
  8. would it be possible to return possibility to use numbers for nicknames ? it sucks when u cant name your traders with numbers ( trader1 , trader2 , trader3 etc ... )
  9. would it be possible to expand somehow possible number of macroes ? 200 would be good number
  10. low levels are full of peoples lately