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  1. Niklay


    A gath it.. Thank you!
  2. Niklay


    The free for 60 days fairy is buffing many buffs every hour and most importantly every 5 minutes can restore almost to full the mana and life. Thats such big benefit! Now what can replace it after the 60 days pass? I see many agathions that can be bought from Nostalgia, but what they can do? Is there any one that can do the things the fairy can do?
  3. Yaksa mace = 18,5kk Spellbooks: Dual Weapon Defence (x3) = 800k(x1), Broad Sweep = 800k Recipes: Homunkulus Sword 500k, Brigandine Helmet (x2) = 200k (x1), Crafted Leather (x14) = 100k (x1), Steel (x4) = 50k (x1) /target Buffiful at Giran Harbor (only 3 items selling), or PM here, or mail Buffiful in game
  4. Niklay

    Taik orc shaman

    I was thinking that the exp/sp is some mistake too but didn't pointed it out (cuz I liked it ;)). Well thank you for the clarification! I didn't know that such mobs exist..
  5. Niklay

    Taik orc shaman

    Can you give him some drop/spoil? I killed hundreds of them and nothing drops so I checked database and it's true.
  6. I can confirm he has it because he dropped it for me. I also can confirm that he drops it very rare. I spent many hours to get it and util then I got many other drops that should be also 1/200 like the drops you had.
  7. Аз ама изглежда че съм сам... (като гледам постовете какви са стари) Ако някой все пак има да прати някъкав mail на VarvaraL2 че ми е скука. В един малък клан съм и никой не ми говори.. то и никой не говори по принцип УЖАС
  8. Thank you! Edit: but we get pendant for free for 7 days from free awards system. Probably that's all we get?
  9. How I can get brooch and the jewels for it? How I can get pendant?
  10. Thank you so much! All skills I saw in and decided that they will need spellbooks, Its weird that some spellbooks are not needed, for example hurricane but I'm fine with that ;)! Also that in this server spellhowlers don't have Death Spike, as I remember it was a spellhowler spell from very early linege chronicles.. BTW what chronicle is this server? Ca it be specified like that?
  11. but all of them are missing info where can drop. Or I'm missing something to see?
  12. Where are the rest of the books for Spellhowler? Where can drop: Vampiric Claw Hurricane Curse Fear Silence Surrender to Wind Death Spike Seed of Wind Aura Symphony Demon Wind Elemental Storm Shadow Flare