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  1. Wow, so higher the chance is getting really low.. I was hoping to be a constant % chance on every next level, not getting lower
  2. Thanks for the info guys! I was hoping for exact % chance from one level to next level tallisman if someone knows, but shared experience also helps!
  3. Whats the chances in this lottery ?? The investment to make TOI 6 is quite big (at least for me), it's a little bit more than 100kk, so I need to know. The tallisman is selling at around 450kk so to return the investment you need to sucseed at least once from 4 trys
  4. tyr it is.. and I have destro.. it is now 60lvl and so far is a big fat mistake.. can't do sht in pvp, can't be reliable in raids because don't have provoke skill and do lower dmg than the most of the classes. The only good things so far are the cool looking huge swords and the relaxing farming thanks to the massive HP
  5. Niklay

    First Olympiad

    Thanks a lot! Just I still wonder about the points, are they calculated at the end of the calendar month? So for example I need to wait for the end of january so I can get marks of battle for this month?
  6. I'm completly new. I have questions and will be very thankful if I get answers. Thank you! So Olympiad can be played each week friday and saturday, but when exactly the points are calculated? Are they calculated every week after friday and saturday or after a month? Do I get Marks of Battle every week? I need to have at least one win and played at least 10 battles to get points / marks, correct? I can participate maximum in 30 battles every week, correct? I can become hero every week or month? Also if you have hero status for how long you have it? I never saw a hero to chat with light blue color in global chat, why is that so, is it forbiden here? Why some players let them self to be killed without even moving their hero? Whats the reason?
  7. @San0 sorry but isn't it mistake the Carbonemys and Chimera Piece to have Proof of Blood chance for a 1 peace drop and the rest of the mobs that give it to have 1-2 pieces chance to drop? I mean make them 1-2 also please! Don't touch the rest that have 1-2 chance to drop it's hard eneugh to gain PoB.. please
  8. I have no funny combination, but a pain watching the prizes. They are so poor, nothing good drops, only sometimes 1k adena and 1 varnish WOW! For 100 mobs killed a great prize.. My question is does anyone knows what is the chance the Ziggo's Jewel to drop?'s_Jewel
  9. Niklay

    Christmas Event!

    If someone is wondering the chance is 3% or 4%. From 4 hours farming I beleve is around that Edit: Or not.. tonight farmed 3 hours, killed ~ 700 mobs and got 20 carrots. That makes it 2.22% Edit, edit, edit...: I was farming 55 lvl mobs so thats the chance for them.
  10. Yes. After you make a shop you need to enter this command: .offline_shop and you will get a message that you are disconnected. Also you can't play with that account if you have a char sellling in it. So to have a selling char you will need to make a separate account for it. When you want to stop the char selling you will need to enter the password for it's account several times because the game will refuse to let you in with that showing you that in this account is a char offline selling. As for crafting: it's very hard, mostly items come here from raids.
  11. You will enjoy, but is always better to have suport char / dwarf in party while leveling your main. You don't need to pay for boxes if you have a second computer I was new player before two months and the things I found most helpful so far was two things: 1. Don't buy armor equipment untill C grade. You get No grade and D grade for free from the game here (you get D weapon for some period of time also). At lvl 25 (I think) one important quest is giving you full D grade armor and shots for free. It's called Moon Knight quest. You also get the most precious thing you can imagine, a free agathion that is capable of giving you almost full mana and HP instantly every 5 minutes, also many buffs for 20 minutes every 1 hour. Sad things is that you get it for two months only and then dissapears and you can't get it on that char ever again. Having the agathion can replace having support char, but when it ends you will need it so it's better to level one with your main. 2. Again at 25lvl you can start doing quests for a chick named Strix. She is at giran harbor (the trading place here) where you can go for free from any town. You need to kill some number of monsters at some place and you get a lot adena and exp, very welcomed for a new player.
  12. what is the chance for armor to enchant? I tryed 8 karmian gloves to enchant to +6 and the results are: crashed on 6,4,4,6,4,5,4,4 Let's say the chance is 66%, so from 8 tryes 5 times I didn't have 66% chance, 1 time didn't have 33,33% chance and 2 times 25% chance to make it. Isnt that too low? So far I lost around 12kk adena (800k x8 gloves = 6,4kk + 150k x 37 EAC = 5,55kk).. no wonder they sell +6 karmian gloves for 20kk... Just +3 overenchant overprice them x25 times.. that represents crazy low chance to enchant if you ask me.. just looks too low!
  13. Having that big beast is awesome! But can the low level players get something from this path like they got from Zaken's? Please! I mean Zaken's gave quests that gave them help with the much needed adena. Can this path give something similar? Quest helping to get keys for C or B grade items maybe?
  14. Niklay


    A gath it.. Thank you!