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  1. Big balls trying to solo exp a PP Good luck!
  2. Lots of people have several computers. You don't need to waste money to have lots of boxes
  3. I would say "some players with a tons of boxes" But indeed a stable server.
  4. Hello. I've always used the "3 in 1 Class Change quests" topic that it was available in the 4Game forum for all the classes. Few days ago I noticed the topic isn't available anymore. Does anyone knows any other reliable source for this kind of information in order to optimize the time doing these quests? Thank you in advance.
  5. Xipicau

    clan br ?

    Existem um monte, vai ser fácil encontrar. Bem-vindo.
  6. Hello. The information in this thread still applies to Zaken 2.0 correct? Thanks.
  7. I also tried to main a Bishop and if you have lots of time to wander around ingame looking/organizing a party it can be less painful, but if you looking for some casual play don't do it because you'll end up rerolling because no one will take you to exp and you will logout without doing nothing. Of course everyone wants a 70+ Bishop, but getting there is the hard part. If you play with some friends since the beginning to help you go for it, you'll enjoy a lot.
  8. I would say any summoner. You always have a companion and you don't need to grind for gear to be effective.
  9. It's a matter of making a quick Google search and it's easy to realize which is the "tools" and scripts they are using. I would write here the keywords, but I don't want to be accused of anything illegal ?
  10. Oh I see. Classic ftw Thanks for info.
  11. It will show a blank line, or it will show nothing at all?
  12. For both SE and PP (in PvE, taking in consideration the purpose is to recharge and buff only, and eventually SE can Stigma and Wind Shackle in Raid Bosses) why not +MEN -INT?
  13. Silly me...that was kinda obvious ? Already managed to see all the changes I did. Thanks!
  14. First of all, thanks for you effort delivering this tool. Second, I need help because I can't see the changes in-game. I updated some text colors: Saved the changes: I go in-game, try to hit something and text colors didn't change: What is missing?