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  1. Nagyn

    Clan VenomTeam

    Ovvio che si!
  2. Nagyn

    Exchange dirty play wukong

    Why you guys always pvp on abg?
  3. Nagyn

    [WEIGHT IN] Events

    Snowball event w/o Cloth Piece. Rewarding and Easy for everyone I would just improve chance for high lvl mob since is taking much longer to kill. EZ
  4. Nagyn

    Arena with obstacles maybe?

    or the pillar of hate in oly arena
  5. Nagyn

    WTB Balance|Tablet

  6. Nagyn

    Arena with obstacles maybe?

    Well is not that bad idea. People could training themself on similar-oly arena (if it is the purpose). Even because there are still shitty bug on pillar in oly and char get hitted through. Ofc there cannot be HP/CP/Mana healer npc since ppl will abuse it during pvp session.
  7. Nagyn

    WTB Balance|Tablet

    Need only Balance
  8. Nagyn

    siege 1/12

    Da fu is that. This is how villains are created.
  9. Nagyn

    WTB Balance|Tablet

  10. Nagyn

    WTB Balance|Tablet

    Another day w/o Siren and Balance
  11. Nagyn

    Grand opening!

    You know the purpose of Toi7
  12. Nagyn


    Two options: They declared war to a box clan to farm point They just kept specific Character at a specific level, keeping killing it. Ez
  13. Nagyn

    WTB Balance|Tablet

  14. Nagyn

    WTB Balance|Tablet