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  1. Hello, I think that Daily quest mob should give the right amount of mob if killed at the same time, especially on train. As WL is a pain do the daily quest since i cannot use my char in the proper way. Even if i try to shoot one skill and then finish mob 1b1 i always skip some QI. Daily are usefull both for daily coin and bracialet duty, but especially from 51+ it cannot takes 2h+ a day for some class, considering also that all the daily spot are full of people and you need to contest every mob. Adding the right amount of QI per mob would decrease the time that daily quest takes.
  2. Nagyn


    Admin said that they didnt choose MTD but player did instead of use town. I opened another thread in order to introduce Warehouse npc at MTD at least.
  3. SE-EE-BP may have a difficult life as random, i suggest you to look for a clan or a CP to play with. 90% of mage has their own SE behind them
  4. Nagyn

    WH at MTD

    Hoy, we need a WH Npc at MTD like we had on Giran Harbor. I hope im not a special guy and i didn't see that in the arena.
  5. There are already daily quest that gives scroll buff. I would not implement fishing now, since the overall level of the server is too low. Also in case they do, i would not give fish stew exp.
  6. Nagyn

    Epic Zones

    Agree with this. Epic zones should be a mess were player lose exp, items and mental sanity.
  7. Nagyn


    WTS: Keshanberk EWB x3 pm in disco Nagyn#0832 or mail IG "iNagyn
  8. Tutto il clan storico di Talking Island (Venom Team) si รจ spostato su Dion
  9. Bump for this topic, what's @Rip is saying is not that wrong. Bards, and especially sws in 1.5 is boring as hell; Unless you play in CP there are really few random bards out there. Bards dont really need big dmg but at least make them enjoyable as class, even @Werew suggestion about charm/confusion would be a big step. Edit: at least got confirmation about sword of symphony that is in 1.5