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  1. Nagyn

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Holy shit 1week w/o forum and i miss all of this drama. unforgivable.
  2. Nagyn

    Clan VenomTeam

  3. Nagyn

    Sup folks

    Welcome back !
  4. Nagyn


    You know that you are on a classic server based on 2.0 patch atm?
  5. Nagyn

    Game chats Moderators Recruitment

    1) What is your nickname on the server.Nagyn2) Clan VenomTeam3) How much time are you willing to give to moderating? everyday, less time in the weekend4) At what time of the day you can moderate chats?20:00 - 00:00 (CEST), but im 24h on on Discord so can collect nick and ban at night.5) Do you have moderator experience? If so, which? Every kind of forum, not in a specific game.6) Your login in Skype. daniele.sibio7 ; Nagyn#0832 (discord)
  6. Nagyn


    San0 said befor the anniversary
  7. Nagyn

    I broke my chat

    Tried to re-initialize?
  8. Nagyn

    Average WTB prices of materials

    Yes my bad. Enria is worth only if u do AOE on EV. CBP/animal bone can be solo outside aden. But even SOP on plains of glory are easy to spoil
  9. Nagyn

    Average WTB prices of materials

    Enria ; CBP; SOP
  10. Nagyn

    cloaks for money ?

    All the things that make the game no P2W can be easily bought for col w/o problem for meh.
  11. Nagyn

    Simple question about our life.

  12. Nagyn

    Attantion - Online falls very much.

    Ill Spam my own FAQ: 1)Is worth to start on L2 Club? L2 Club has been online since 3years, is the only server that does not die after 3 months 2)Where can i see the population? You Can't, we are around 1k+ (in summer ofc less, ppl want to go to the sea). Just check #server_online on discord. 3)Is P2W? Totally not 4)Bot? There is not so much botting and the #bot_report do it's job 5) Just download the godamn Client and enjoy
  13. Nagyn

    Attantion - Online falls very much.

    So, u got ban for botting i guess
  14. Nagyn

    people LF CP

    Im sorry maybe i dont get one point, why are you looking for a cp 76+ if u are on 60+? Or am i wrong?
  15. Nagyn

    Cloth piece on summer event

    Get a room