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  1. Nagyn


    Admin said that they didnt choose MTD but player did instead of use town. I opened another thread in order to introduce Warehouse npc at MTD at least.
  2. SE-EE-BP may have a difficult life as random, i suggest you to look for a clan or a CP to play with. 90% of mage has their own SE behind them
  3. Nagyn

    WH at MTD

    Hoy, we need a WH Npc at MTD like we had on Giran Harbor. I hope im not a special guy and i didn't see that in the arena.
  4. There are already daily quest that gives scroll buff. I would not implement fishing now, since the overall level of the server is too low. Also in case they do, i would not give fish stew exp.
  5. Nagyn

    Epic Zones

    Agree with this. Epic zones should be a mess were player lose exp, items and mental sanity.
  6. Nagyn

    WTB [Stand by]

    WTB POB pm in disco Nagyn#0832 or mail IG "Nagyn
  7. Tutto il clan storico di Talking Island (Venom Team) si รจ spostato su Dion
  8. Bump for this topic, what's @Rip is saying is not that wrong. Bards, and especially sws in 1.5 is boring as hell; Unless you play in CP there are really few random bards out there. Bards dont really need big dmg but at least make them enjoyable as class, even @Werew suggestion about charm/confusion would be a big step. Edit: at least got confirmation about sword of symphony that is in 1.5
  9. @Rizos had a chance to make a video against a box on oly, check the difference