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  1. We are a group of polish friends and looking for people to play with. We are looking for a well organized clan and support or drivers. We use TeamSpeak and its required for us to use a voice communication We've got our private TS server with a buuunch of slots. Our levels are in the range of 68-77. And we are very open to invite even 67 lvl chars to booost and power exp. We mostly play during the late afternoons, evenings and nights. We are active everyday and looking for sume fun and action. PM in game "AdidasSB "Gillbert
  2. Gillbert

    WTB Berseker Blade +12/Demon Staff +12

    I am just here to say HEEELOOOO !
  3. Gillbert

    WTB Damascus +7

    WTB Damascus +7 pm in game AdidasSB
  4. Gillbert

    Friends LF people/action/clan/cp

    up. And a little edit: lf anyone to play with
  5. Gillbert

    I need help with logging in

    Uhm, doesnt matter actually. Everything is ok. You can delete this topic
  6. Gillbert

    I need help with logging in

    Hey. My friend cant log in neither on forum, site and game. Does it mean only one and only, or he may got some problems? His nick in game is AdidasSB. Can You just tell me if he got banned or what? Thank you in advance.
  7. Hey. We are a group of polish friends playing game everyday, EU Prime. We are looking for some action, pve as well as pvp, we speak polish and english, we understand a LITTLE bit of russian. There are pal, sps, necro, elemental summoner and pr probably in our group. Any people , clans , cps interested in any action together, pls contact us here or in game "AdidasSB "Gillbert
  8. Gillbert


    So. Polish/English speaking mage CP LF BD, EE, BISH, WL, MAGES 68+. EU prime. PM here or in game "Gillbert "AdidasSB For now we got active SWS, SPS, OL and Pal, and some support on boxes. You can be also a driver to EE - lvl ALMOST 72 GL&HF If a mussel doesn't open, don't eat it!
  9. Gillbert

    Mage CP LF BD 70+

    Polish/English speaking mage CP LF BD 70+. EU prime. PM here or in game "Gillbert "AdidasSB "Becca
  10. Gillbert

    Problem with cursor

    OK, you can close or delete topic, thx for advice, I think it was my PS gamepad
  11. Gillbert

    Problem with cursor

    Hi. I think I need some help. I cant do anything in game because only if I click right mouse button to rotate camera my cursor disappears and doesn't come back ;>