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Found 10 results

  1. gukiz

    Eu mage cp

    Hello all, EU int mage cp looking for new players ( GMT +3 19:00 - 23:00 ): * Active players Can provide characters to play with or can join with yours. English language is a must ! Pm in game PrivPP or discord GukiZ#0689
  2. +====================+ European CP "EscapeSystem[TM]" +====================+ We're a group of international friends looking for new players to play with in mage cp. We play 7 days a week but our online time in game depends on people availability, of course. At the moment we have 7 active people and we are currently looking for SWS, Mages and Overlords. Looking only for 76+ lvls or Drivers for support. We want to have fun together with people who really enjoys playing classes listed above. We don't expect you to be online 24/7 but what we await from you is to play at Prime Time, which is 17-22 polish time. We farm AOE, we make raids 75+ and we believe that having a PvP is a main reason to play this game. We require from you using TeamSpeak and Discord during Prime Time. We speak polish and english mainly. We have also Russian member. If you are interested please contact us here on forum or write emails ingame "Adidassb , "Gillbert
  3. Districts re-openning Archer CP Halfway through AoE CP short on sws/bd/dmg/ee/se Active good people are welcome, clan isn't ONLY CP based. We're united. Have + clans for slots, to accept more people. GL HF TO ALL
  4. Lidael


    Clan StrangeCrew invites gamers in its ranks! We don't have any strict requirements for your online or profession, because we play for fun and relaxation. Average age among players is 25+, average lvl is 30. For now we have: - 3 lvl of clan; - bonus +6% exp; - clan crafter, who can craft for clanmembers free of charge. Entering requirements: - lvl 30+; - be an active player. We will be glad to see you in our Strange Crew! For details or to join PM in game Dekado or Sacharizza, or message Lidael and Jugador on the forum.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Клан StrangeCrew приглашает в свои ряды игроков. В нашем клане нет жестких требований к онлайну, профам и т.п., играем в свое удовольствие. Средний возраст в клане 25+, средний уровень - 30. На данный момент клан имеет: - 3 лвл клана; - +6% к получаемому опыту; - клановый кравтер. Для членов клана продажа сосок по себестоимости. Требования для вступления: - уровень 30+; - быть активным игроком.Приглашаем Вас в нашу Странную Компанию, будем рады каждому Писать в игре Dekado или Sacharizza, ЛС на форуме Lidael или Jugador
  5. Greed is a clan made up mostly of NA players. We are looking for active players of all classes atm.Our clan has had great success on past versions of lineage 2 and hope to continue that in classic. We are very Pvp oriented and will be a major contender on our server.Requirements:-Must have ts3(teamspeak 3) and a mic-Must speak fluent English-Be a team player/follow instruction from leaderIf your interested in joining us or want more information contact me on through a pm on the forums. Or add me on skype: marlinmcclellandWe also have a teamspeak 3 server open for players to come in and meet some of our members and pre game for classic launch.Apply at: about past clans:I ran a guild on Magmeld at GoD launch called Carebears. We were the first lvl 5,6,7,8 Clan with full clan skills.We were the first clan to take Aden castle and held it until I quit the game for irl reasons.We were 250+ members and did everything in the game from epic raids to mass pvp.So if your looking to join a guild that is organized and has a plan, you found one. Currently playing on Japan Retail Classic server. Feel free to join us
  6. Hello so the CP will be intenrational the requirments are not going to be too over the top NO level requierment atm but atleast 20 + Just 4-5 hours playing time a day ( cuz we are low lvls atm it wont be requied to be playing with the team on those hours but after 40 it will be ) Having RaidCall and speaking english fluently. what we are looking for : Archer - TAKEN Archer - TAKEN Archer - Archer - Bishop FREE WC - TAKEN Dancer - FREE Swordsinger - FREE Elven Elder- FREE Spoiler - TAKEN 10th for more info pm me in game ReijinGrey or here thanks and good luck
  7. Hello, “Gimine” clan recruiting. Every Class and profession are welcome. Goals: International clan of mature players. We have works, families and not that much time to play this game 24/7. Clan where players play when they can. Clan which not try to be fastest, the first to achieve top of charts. Clan which strategy is stable perfect calculated and managed game play.Old style clan build, I’m not fan of hardcore constant parties. Random Dwarf party is also cool. Requirements: · Be mature. Age doesn't do you mature, the words and actions do. · Play period at least six months. Every other situation solved individually. Some rules: (Rules can be changed, edited or supplement) 1. Primary clan chat language English. 2. As a clan member you are representing clan. Be respectful and pleasant to everyone who you interact with on server. 3. How much you help to clan that much clan help to you. (If you solo warrior this clan is not best choice to you ). 4. I would like to receive information about any circumstances witch can stop you from being online (if you get vacation for a week and traveling to North pole let me know ). 5. Respect server rules, ban hammer is heavy . If you read everything and decide to join leave post with this info: 1. Profession you will play, 2. Estimate online time (hours per day), 3. Where you live, your country time zone (UTC), 4. In which languages you speak, 5. In which field you are best (for example: good in planning, easily can lead party, only know how need grind, can speak 3 hours without stop :D, and so on…) 6. Witch communication you prefer (Old style in game clan chat, Skype in game and out of it, IRC out of game, Team Speak) For other information PM, also can find my in game Nick: Merlinas or sometimes Varskyte. Clan now (on beta test) also exists. Let’s recruitment begins
  8. Harbingers are recruiting. You can check out our newly made site here - Home Our forum here - Forum Apply here - Application form. We are an open and friendly Clan, yet, we only accept members with our philosophy and attitude towards Lineage 2 Classic: We will strive to work together, steadily grow and carve out our place on this server. Our emblem and names will be recognised, we'll be known serverwide; like minded players will then be attracted to us and we'll grow: let's see where it takes us.​ ​ Our environment: People will feel safe playing support classes as there'll be consistent groups available.We'll maintain a highly co-operative ethos when crafting/gathering materials. (Clan prices, swap systems managed by myself and officers.)I'll appoint Class-Type Officers (Knight, Summoner etc.) and leadership positions to keep the structure alive and kicking.Group-play highly encouraged - I myself will group in any group combo, I'm hoping others will follow in this; I never want to see a Clannie unwillingly playing alone.English is primary language (others not a problem, have functional English, don't spam clan/ally chat with non-English.)Respect: we are not profanity/humour Nazis but please respect Clan members. (It'll be easy, you'll soon LOVE all your clannies).You are a representative of the clan; please be respectful and pleasant to everyone who you interact with on server, we want to maintain a good reputation.