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Found 8 results

  1. В Мили КП ищем Варка или ПП/Дестра/БД, готовы взять новичка Также ведем набор в клан (Только русскоязычные) Клан N1ghtRAID 3Lv +10% exp Ник в игре "eXtremeBDSM & "eXtremeZero
  2. +====================+ European CP "EscapeSystem[TM]" +====================+ We're a group of international friends looking for new players to play with in mage cp. We play 7 days a week but our online time in game depends on people availability, of course. At the moment we have 7 active people and we are currently looking for SWS, Mages and Overlords. Looking only for 76+ lvls or Drivers for support. We want to have fun together with people who really enjoys playing classes listed above. We don't expect you to be online 24/7 but what we await from you is to play at Prime Time, which is 17-22 polish time. We farm AOE, we make raids 75+ and we believe that having a PvP is a main reason to play this game. We require from you using TeamSpeak and Discord during Prime Time. We speak polish and english mainly. We have also Russian member. If you are interested please contact us here on forum or write emails ingame "Adidassb , "Gillbert
  3. Hello, I am looking for a CP. I will be playing the class I always loved to play, EE. In game name: Evey Class: EE Current lvl: 33 English: fluent French: fluent Russian: basics Voice com: no problem Computer: high-end Playtime: 7am - Midnight GMT Playtime exception: Till the 17th march I will have school full days This is my first time on a Classic platform but I have a lot of experience on High Five and way back to C3. I played on Official servers till Gracia Final and also a lot on RPG Club servers, I always had an international CP there, farming in the day, doing pvp, events or olympiads in the evening. The last CP i had on RPG Club was fully Russian, so I learned a bit of the language. I have a lot of time to play, I have my own things to do as everyone (school, gym etc) but still have a lot of free time. I have a high-end computer and a headset with microphone, no problem for me to speak. If you have any question please leave me a PM or "Evey See you soon ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Прив) я ищу КП. Я всегда играю EE в течение многих лет. в игре имя: Evey класс: EE лвл: 33 нглийский: беглый Французский: беглый русский: основы (я могу читать, но не говорить) Прайм: 9:00 - 2:00 на следующий день MSK Прайм исключение: до 17 Март у меня будет школа полных дней это мой первый раз на Classic но у меня есть большой опыт из C3 к H5. Я играл на официальный сервер до Gracia Final и я много играл на РПГ, У меня всегда было КП, фарми дневное время, пвп, оли ночь. мой последний КП был полностью русский, так что я узнал немного. У меня есть много времени для играть, Я хожу в школу и тренажерный зал, но много свободного времени. у меня есть очень мощный компьютер и наушники с микрофоном. если у вас есть вопросы cообщи мне или "Evey До скорой встречи)))
  4. Ladies and Gentleman! I would like to introduce you the most wierd player on this server. All he do is standing 24/7 in one corridor in Cruma as 50+ level Tyrant with 3-4 boxes (buffer, healer, dances) and attacking people farming in Cruma, pulling them to spot showed on map. I would like to report this tard for harassment, because this is not good what he is doing, I know its Lineage 2 and PvP but attacking naive lowbie players is good PvP? Come one! What a noob he is? Being top PvP in scorelist that ways is a exploit. His PvP stats should be at least wiped to 0.
  5. Heya, im looking for a good company to kill raids, just lvl up, or do whatever actually~ But main goal is raids, always loved that. I started just 2 days ago, but planning to play active and almost every day Got microphone, skype/ts/discord, if neccessary. Playing as elven scout now, its my main. Long time ago played TK, EE and necro - so i can easily help out on clan accs on raids.
  6. ПРАЙМ-ТАЙМ С 21:00 ДО 02:00 ПО МОСКВЕ сорк +сорк +некр +ее +ше +бп +бд/свс -овер (ждем 9 мест в пати.) Возраст 18+ (для адекватных людей - исключение 16+.)Адекватность!!! опыт игры на лоу рейтах прямые руки МИКРОФОН, без него никуда! + возможность скачать Mumble. Умение играть в команде ​Те, кто беспокоится за опыт при смерти в пвп, просьба не беспокоить. Отписываться здесь, или в пм: Seferot, Nyasha. Скайп для связи: pomka_01


    Всем ку! Пишем в скайп: imbardo Приоритет на Маг\Арчер паки! Только фулл! -------------------------------------------------------------- Hello ! Write me on skype: imbardo Lf mage\archer conts ! Full setup only youtube channel:
  8. You better start: (Russian language) 1. Russian Alphabet 1