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  1. lPcOo

    Epic Boss Action [BB]

    The other fights were not good, in fact they were easy and without emotion, so we decided not to put the fraps
  2. Volte logo viu flokito, porque está ficando sem graça já ...
  3. But we did not fail with 69
  4. I was able to watch the video ?
  5. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/19737-cp-bloodbrothers/?tab=comments#comment-138306
  6. a lot of small talk and cry cry
  7. You are wrong, there is nothing combined. we saw the opportunity to enter and stop the baium CHN and PERK without attacking was simple at the same time that a PERK and an SM did not attack to obtain the CORE The game has become my friend, so you do not know what to do, Then less crying and more action ok ..
  8. I remember one day when PERKUNAS and SM joined together to get BOSS CORE from the CHN, when comadrejjas was allied with the CHN So it's all game strategy ...