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  1. Posted on wrong section, please delete Topic.
  2. Msg here or in-game to Setzer
  3. WTS +9 BELLION CESTUS WITH OTHELL SUPER FOCUS LVL 12 (I CAN SELL IT SEPARATELY) WTS +15 TOP DUAL C KATANA/KATANA - 325 p. atk Send message here or in-game to Setzer.
  4. TK needs another control debuff or maybe they should increase arrest land rate, its ridiculous, it rarely lands on target, meanwhile, fear and lightning strike is almost 100%...
  5. That's why we have cloaks and Hats. The problem is that it will fool other players, so definitely no!
  6. I will sum up my thoughts about this topic in one picture.
  7. Setzer

    BB Action

    We and most of them can speak english, so no problem in this department.
  8. Setzer

    BB Action

    Compilation of some previous siege action, baium pvp and today's siege.
  9. Hahaha... HELL NO! Just when i get the lvl 80 and receive the reward. So, for 15 days i will be able to stun someone... NICE!
  10. It depends of the resolution, for example, i have a 15.4 inches notebook and i can display the 5 bars easily on 1920x1080.
  11. Time to make Wls great again... San0 save us!!! hahaha