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  1. What the heck happened today on Baium? China one more time abusing bug removing Wars to farm Baium safely, even though it supposed to be PvP zone and after loosing PvP. Expecting at least some providence from Adms, at least removing the drop from them, because it was obtained through bug.
  2. Agreed. And also Bracelets...
  3. I always thought nice the system that you can upgrade your skills power/time, etc with those books (dont remember which chronic is that), but its a thing that could be implemented in the future.
  4. I´m still not convinced that not droping from mobs is a good idea. No risk at all farming without being aware of your surroundings. After 5 years this topic should, at least, be opened for discussion on forum before such drastic measures...Like, maybe reduce the chance for droping, or just drop peace of gear and not jewels, i dont know. Other than that, i think the other changes will be very good for the server. Please open this topic for discussion San0.
  5. Since shield stun dont have a good Landing and neither any damage, i expected some buff on the skill. Maybe next time..😅
  6. Setzer

    Easter Event 2021 What is the prizes?
  7. Congratulations for all who joined this epic adventure. Until the last 10% i still did not believe that we could make It. #WKPówa #BloodBrothersCP Pretty much harder than the First Queent Ant... Hahaha..
  8. - When Tyrannosaurus spawns a on screen message will now be displayed to warn everyone in the island of its spawn. Is it working? We stayed like 6 hours yesterday on the island and no message appeared. We were on the inside zone of the Island.
  9. Overall a very good update. Can´t wait for the class balance patch in January. BUT, i just don't understand why blocking gate chant on the island. It will be too easy to track enemies with just one camera on the respawn. What do you guys think?
  10. Yeah... very accessible to all...
  11. And why not change the Tyrr Rune Variation of Stun on Crit and just put it Stun chance? NOBODY uses it anyway, and since stun is very nerfed for all stun classes, it would be nice to have a stun boost on runes... For example, how can i increase my stun chane on Quick Spear if it doesnt crit? Please consider it @San0
  12. Setzer

    1st Sailren kekW

    Very sad indeed...