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  1. Please fix the lvl of epics on map so It can be displayed when they respawn for high levels.
  2. For me it´s very simple: Sieges: Brazilian Time - 10 a.m - 12 p.m - (right before players going for lunch with their families) CEST - 03 p.m - 05 p.m - (right after players went for lunch) Koreans - 22 p.m to 00 a.m (not too late for players that need to work on next day) Chinese - 21 p.m to 23 p.m (not too late for players that need to work on next day). Olympiads: Could stay how it is, or, maybe, considering that the majority of players today are from asia region, going back like 3-4 hours in-game for this events would be a good idea, so they would not need to play late at night, and obviously, more players would join.
  3. I agree with this. Would be Nice to see.more people caring about olys and making good profit with It and also having Fun with ALL classes ..
  4. Adding POB on daily or maybe for reward from oly would be nice also. Other than that, good changes overall, need to check if this coins from bosses will be a good idea to bring people back/start here. The main problem that i see is people equiping theirselves with end-game gear. Boosting spoil would be very good on this subject for people to make adena. Hope that grade S will come later on the anniversary. Gratz for the staff.
  5. Maybe increasing the chances of the Priests to drop... and also raise their lvl...
  6. T-rex farming, Tablet farming (5.5kk ++ for a tablet is insane), epic farming with ally, gemstone A farming.. we never had so many ways to get adena.. And lvl 82 also helps a lot as you already know.. ^^
  7. What is the LvL to learn the new skills?
  8. Make Premium acc more accessible to newcomers would be a good start. Maybe a expanded work of advertising would help also, like why the server doesnt have an instagram/facebook page until this day?
  9. Even thought im back to WK, i aprreciate a good video when its made. Congrats my friend. Very nice!
  10. This bug from porting after skill is also happening with shoulder charge from WL...
  11. Warlord doesnt lvl up Quick Spear.
  12. What the heck happened today on Baium? China one more time abusing bug removing Wars to farm Baium safely, even though it supposed to be PvP zone and after loosing PvP. Expecting at least some providence from Adms, at least removing the drop from them, because it was obtained through bug.
  13. Agreed. And also Bracelets...
  14. I always thought nice the system that you can upgrade your skills power/time, etc with those books (dont remember which chronic is that), but its a thing that could be implemented in the future.