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  1. Setzer

    9x9 PvP Action BB CP

    First 2 fights without Orc my friend, and your leader said it was OK for the last one, complain to him next time. #dontyoucrynomore.
  2. Anyone got 3 Freezes in the last 2-3 hours of game? Our pt got this 3 freezes for about 30 seconds... we live in different states and use different proxies. Anyone got this problem too?
  3. Here you will have to fight bosses, play with your own hands...choose a side...much better than "official".
  4. I agree 100%, at least the mental shield buff please... 😃
  5. Changed today 15 +4-WIT-4MEN Dyes and guess what... got 15 +2WIT-1MEN... its IMPOSSIBLE to finish one +4-3 or +3-1 one... please guys consider to change this system, at least make it easier to get better ones on exchange. @Koll @Koll.Classic
  6. Adding the quest to LOA mobs would be nice... specially now that is easier and faster for all to get there. Anyhow, i think the quest must be as it is, not repeatable, just needs fix for the items droping for players far away from the killed mob.
  7. I suggest an best of 3 match at Coliseum next Saturday, 30 min before oly. PS x PS.
  8. Getting +2-2 Dyes is easy in EV, now try to get +4-4 dye on Loa and get Lucky to get +3-1. I never heard anyone that has this type of Dye in the server.. you would need at least 80-100 hours to get that. This sounds pretty much undoable to me.
  9. I know that dye market is not a big thing since always. But after the zaken update and the possibility of upgrading dyes i thought that the market would be more heated, since you could make a +3 -1 Dye. I know for sure that having this kind of Dye would be much apreciated for many classes, specially fighters. However, the problem that i see is that this Greater Dyes +2 -2 and +4 -4 are almost impossible to drop, because every single one of them just drops from one mob and the chance is very low. For example, the Greater Dye of CON <Con +4 Str -4> just drops from Pythan Knights and have a chance of 1/1000. Some other dyes has 1/2000 chance. And i didn´t event started to talk about the possibility/change to get a +1-1 Dye when you try to upgrate it. So, my suggestion for this situation is at least increase the number of mobs that drops them and maybe increase the chance of droping it. What do you guys think? @San0
  10. Setzer

    Toi Action

  11. Posted on wrong section, please delete Topic.
  12. Msg here or in-game to Setzer