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    Easter Event 2021

    Collect 60 items to get a 1st Scroll buff class, it's a joke? reduce at least the leafs needed. For future event staff have different options to make more interesting this kind of event, for example, improve rewards or reduce the items needed to make an enchange. Check the list items, remove ones and add news. It's better to collect 1, 5 or 10 items with lower chance than farm 30, then other 30 (leafs), then enchange, open and get nothing in the 10 first tries.
  2. And fishing scrolls don't have limit of targets. With the new changes of skills GM's want to balance profs, now (before new patch) there are prof useless like prophet that only are usefull to be boxes. With new skills they will be better to be a main char. It's not the case of the warlord, we see chars who make AOE in pvp better in all aspects than Warlords, so nobody will change another AOE char to take warlord. Warlord is not the only one who is in this situation. Warcryers are very important, but after buff/Gate you don't do nothing more in 20min farming/pvp, similar as SE with stigma/empo. These profs have the necessity of be more importants all time, or we will only use like boxes. (Warlord is not useful like a box too)
  3. Ok men, warlords are middle/Top chars in this server. It's curious how depending on the chars you change the version. "only nerf tyrant should be getting is finally fixing raging force damage, not even removing crit chance from the skill, but fixing it so it deals 300 damage and 600 crit like it was on official, used mostly as hex in pvp and pve, not as damage source" Modoy - 22 January Please don't nerf tyrant, nobody will use the most farmer prof of server... This server is not official, so please, for the future post be coherent.
  4. Really? title is warlord rework He talk about MP of skills (pvp?) Are you sure? Now i'm sure you want to troll us xDDD so, for you daggers are in worst position? really? a prof that can kill 1 char with 1 hit...and you being dagger don't know that? wow sorc/sps? you can make a good pt with them in GC, a CP of nukers to pvp are good, isn't it? and in the next pacht they learn new skills Warlock/Phantom summoner? maybe elemental master eclipses all, but you don't see PS in olys? Gladi have more chance to make stun with an axe and hammer crush than warlord For spoiler/craft please don't compare, last week i finished farming my crafter. PP is with WC the perfect box, yeah. But now pp learn 11skills, 11!!! I'm sure when u go to farm u take a PP with CC, isn't it? same as warlord TK/SK are good but comparing to Pala/DA, yeah, it's not the same. And now answer my questions in first post, when was the last time you give pt to a warlord? maybe you haven't got 3rd class change.
  5. Hi Modoy, In a RB if you have to choose in the room between a warlord or other DD (archer, dager, tyr,destr, glad,etc), what do you prefer? In 3rd quest class, to make 700 mobs,, your friend ask you to log a DD to help you, you think some1 will take warlord? In pvp, you see a lot of warlords? or massive pvp where this class should be good, you see? or you will take? We can count the warlords of the server with 1 hand. And that warlords plays waiting a change in his prof xD I'm not warlord but the truth is that this prof is a trash right now. If at least warlord could make pve with correct VR like always maybe this prof will be useful to make 1 thing, but its not the case. Obviously, warlord it's not the only 1 prof in this situation but it's one of the worst
  6. Hello, #1 Ok, if it's necessary to check and it requires 2-3 days forgot this point. #2 I'm not sure about it, when i'm looking for items page's always updated, but ok. this is only to accelerate process and also for you to don't lose time with that. #3 Maybe i don't understand, but you talk about ppl who pay X real money for an item and then put this item for 1e? If you refer to that it's not a problem (point #1) players now don't decide when item are on auction, so if someone put for example Peril +10 in 1euro the first who see the item will buy it. Example 1 1e = 10 COL ------ 1COL= +- 385k ingame (now) ------- 1 EWC = 1,2kk ingame Ingame: 10 EWC = 12kk Auction: 10 EWC = 10-12E = 100-120 COL= 38,5 - 46,2kk (And GM's rejected my offer ) Example 2 same than example 1 Example 3 Here i choose the most cheapest of the auction. Ingame demon's staff +10 cost around 180-200kk In auction the most cheaper demon's staff +10 cost: 60euro (+2) = 238,7kk --> And it's the most cheaper, if i try to put now a demon's staff +10 at same price i'm sure that item will be rejected. @Koll
  7. Hello! I want to know if its possible to improve differents things about the current auction house. All people know that this system isn’t very useful for different reasons: 1) Time to put items: +24h to validate item (mínimum and only if gms accept it) 2) Can’t change price --> To change we have to make ticket and start the process again 3) Can’t put the price we want 4) All items accepted have prices more higher than ingame 5) Sometimes can’t put items at same prices than same items validateds on auction. WTF?? Probably there are more reasons but, why don’t work on it? With the current system gm’s have a lot of work and for users is not useful to make trades. In my opinión : 1) Every player/account should put item at the moment, with a max of items. 2) Have an option to change price 3) Choose the price that we want for every item. What’s the problem if i want to put a item too expensive? If price it’s too high nobody will buy. And if it’s cheaper it’s ok for buyer and seller becouse both are agree. 4) If we can choose prices we will put prices similar to game and auction house will have more movement than now. 5) If item is in auction and nobody buy it why i have to put more expensive? It's possible to make something?? @Kse @San0 @Koll