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  1. Hello administration! i've got banned but don't know why? i left ticket but didn't get answer, can u explain me why i've got BAN?
  2. Best option for u probably will go to discord and find some ppl who looking drivers for ready characters and play with them and in free time u can make ur own character
  3. @Rizos are u kidding with baium+3 and zaken +3 @Setzer do you have this epics? i am agree with rizos about daily coins and little up this trashboxes WL
  4. have any info about new changes? i spent already so much adena for PA
  5. i am playing for PS more half year 78lvl. Big plus of this character is on mass pvp no one will not alarm about u ))) all just through away ))) u will die after all die when enemy saw that 1 more stay alive :DDD. most useless character). i am sorry, i am not reach ur spirituality of this class
  6. axaxaxax BINGO dude u just oracle :DDDDD
  7. problem is they dont read ticket yet sunday u cannt reroll so its hole....
  8. Please check my ticket and reroll my character please dont wanna to wait untill thuesday )
  9. in this January post says that 76 and 99%
  10. 78 lvl and 60 % if i change it will 77 lvl..... better make new character with this RB's? ) all HARD exp that i feal on 77+ ..... 2 bad (
  11. Where i can find conditions about rerol Character?
  12. probably u should turn a light in ur room when u in forum
  13. i recommend start with base... farm RB 20-40, 40 -50 farm spellbooks u will have B grade on 52
  14. Helicopter

    Event: Summer Feast

    and please check all locations to bot players, cuz last event was unbeliveble many bot characters from start loc until 50 lvl zones