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  1. Completly agree with all, if u don't want to change something, please just close this fckng server be a man
  2. So 2 days to June,,, WHere IS PATCH NOTES???? or WHERE IS PLAN?
  3. Can we get some patch notes for coming updates please, it's very important
  4. why w8 september? top sides in 1 month can make what cannot do solo players in 6 month 😄
  5. How about 1.6 June(Fishing and clan Updates), 1.7 July(3rd class olympiad), 1.8 August(Pet update and Runes), 1.9-2.0 september(baium and etc)? with small updates every month
  6. I think will be great if 2.0 will come parts, month runes max 6 lvl, next month soulshots for beasts, toi, and baium in September))
  7. when Will come new update? soulshots for pets? i wanna Pony server again 😄 seriously nothing to do already
  8. Hello administration! i've got banned but don't know why? i left ticket but didn't get answer, can u explain me why i've got BAN?
  9. Best option for u probably will go to discord and find some ppl who looking drivers for ready characters and play with them and in free time u can make ur own character
  10. @Rizos are u kidding with baium+3 and zaken +3 @Setzer do you have this epics? i am agree with rizos about daily coins and little up this trashboxes WL
  11. have any info about new changes? i spent already so much adena for PA
  12. i am playing for PS more half year 78lvl. Big plus of this character is on mass pvp no one will not alarm about u ))) all just through away ))) u will die after all die when enemy saw that 1 more stay alive :DDD. most useless character). i am sorry, i am not reach ur spirituality of this class
  13. axaxaxax BINGO dude u just oracle :DDDDD
  14. problem is they dont read ticket yet sunday u cannt reroll so its hole....
  15. Please check my ticket and reroll my character please dont wanna to wait untill thuesday )