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  1. Orkestro

    Skills on Classic from further chronicles(?)

    This skill guide can help someone out https://mmoauctions.com/news/lineage-2-skills-all-you-need-to-know-about-l2-skills
  2. Orkestro

    Dark Elf quest rewards

    Do you think that is still worth start playing dark elf right now?
  3. Orkestro

    How to Farm Adena

    Guide you shared is pretty good, but lots of informations included are outdated. I found similar guide, but with actual data https://mmoauctions.com/news/lineage-2-adena-farming-how-to-get-rich-in-l2
  4. Orkestro

    I can not login to the server!

    I have same problem, proxy didn't work
  5. Orkestro

    Runes: the new 2.0 amazing SA concept

    Links not working, can someone update?