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  1. Arcanum


    from what i've seen so far, people from western europe got around 200ms on Naia while using Leatrix. that's like 0.5 seconds delay at worst when the area is crowded, but it's still playable. with other programs like WTFast, ping can eventually go down to 150ms or even less depending on location/connection. RU and China are also banned from NA. plus, there's no auto-loop macros, so people can't run full parties like they're used to. they will either be forced to play in window mode, or just find other ways to stick around like they did in previous patches. client version is 2.0 by the way, not 1.5. they're just restricting content to 1.5 and releasing new stuff depending on server stage, but it's already all in the game.
  2. Arcanum


    on NA offi you can also run 3 clients freely without restrictions. the main difference from here is that on NA everything works as intended. the downside is that they got overall lower rates, and they'll start with the 1.5 client version. all in all, the first months could be fun. we'll see. @my old cp: oh hai there folks :v
  3. Arcanum


    do people really still believe that they can farm tablets in BS? dear jesus christ. it's either toi 11 or toi 12.
  4. Arcanum

    dagger in wrist

    i think i'm done with testing stuff on this server, but thx anyway.
  5. Arcanum

    Bugs bounty in OBT

    you're also forgetting one more important thing: many people were dropping from the sinking ship( and some still are ) back at that time because other servers with 2.0 were opening as well, hence why they had to haste opening a Live server here with 2.0 running, even if that meant being utterly bugged and broken like it is now. making a campaign for bugs hunting would have probably postponed the Live launch even further, leading to an even bigger loss of people in the long run. i suppose i don't need to explain you what loosing people means for a private server that lives mainly with "donations" and other similar services. so as you can see, regardless of the choices that have been made so far, the outcome would have still been bad in any case. now, for the sake of the discussion, you should ask yourself this: how long do you think it will take before we see a 2.5 version running here, without bugs and with all the pre/current 2.0 bugs fixed properly? i'll put you out of doubt: that's not going to happen anytime soon, and probably never will. we may end up getting a bugged 2.5 eventually, maybe the next year being very optimistic, but that's all about it.
  6. Arcanum

    dagger in wrist

    i've seen some video on youtube about TH using that skill in oly, and the cancel ratio was totally different. i tested it with Anytime as well, and i was getting canceled 4 out of 5 times when using any kind of skill, be it active or self buff( even sonic focus charging ). current landrate of skill-canceling is probably around 80~90%, the only way to avoid it is either guard talisman, or dodge the skill with ultimate evasion( and even then, i'm not sure if you can actually resist the debuff effect ). the current skill cancel ratio is way too high compared to offi, that's for sure.
  7. Arcanum

    Bugs bounty in OBT

    CBT testers got indeed rewarded for their time spent checking stuff, althou i doubt that was ever meant to be made of "public knowledge", since it was restricted just to few selected people. rewards for "general" testing, on the other hand, would have been fine as long as it was just unique cosmetic items, stuff like hats, costumes and so on. basicly nothing game-changing. the whole idea went down the wrong path the moment epic jewelry was suggested as a reward, because in that moment it lost all meaning and credibility, and was seen just as another method to "gearing up easy". the actual real problem is from another different source anyway. it's not only about bugs themself, but rather about how they've been handled so far despite all the reports and tests. i won't bother going further into details, since there's really no point in doing so. i have already seen more than enough, and i have already taken my conclusions for myself.
  8. Arcanum

    When Anyone dont know where we

    i don't know why, but for a moment, i actually thought they were somewhere around here
  9. Arcanum


    don't rely on those infos too much thou, there's been so many different infos popping up during the years, that i have no idea wich source is correct/reliable anymore.
  10. Arcanum


    from offi wiki: Stat Impact STR P. Atk., P. Critical Damage DEX P. Critical Rate, P. Accuracy, P. Evasion, Atk. Spd. CON Max.HP, HP Recovery Bonus, Max.СР, Weight Limit, Breath Limit, underwater НР decrease, shield defense rate, Resistance to debuff attacks (stun, poison, bleeding) INT M. Atk., M. Critical WIT M. Critical Rate, M. Accuracy, M. Evasion, Casting Spd., Magic Resistance, HP restoration when resurrected. (MEN) Magic Resistance, Max.МР, МР restoration Spd, magic cancel rate, increases status resistance (debuffs, madness (Fear, Silence), paralysis, НР decrease, МР decrease magic, НР recovery decrease, skill usage timeout increase, recovery speed decrease)
  11. as much as your brown cloak, noob
  12. Arcanum

    First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    MoDoy actually was a side himself. he was just way too strong for us mortals, hence why he has left the world of Aden and ascended into the heavens. some rumors claim that before leaving the human world, he has left behind a legendary relic, a pair of ancient dualswords with little drops of his own blood on the blade side, wich allow any worthy warrior to crit skills 1/3 of the times like in 1.5, and run faster than the wind. the legend also says that even to this day, during a full moon night, you can still see his spirit running throu Blazing Swamp, singing of the tales of a blue hedgehog.
  13. i think i'm probably one of the few here who's not afraid to show the in-game chat, just for this kind of pearls