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  1. GRX

    Co tam robicie Pany?

    Obawiam się że trudno Ci będzie znaleźć elfa przed kompem
  2. GRX

    "zaken gift"

    Gimme that sh1tly hat. I wanted to check reward...
  3. GRX

    Co tam robicie Pany?

    Jak tam na zakenku? Ceny w dół, mass CC i bleedy na island które wkurwiają? Welcome
  4. GRX

    "zaken gift"

    This "gift" reminds me this situation: ( Work ) Boss: you MUST stay 2 hours longer, ill pay you! Me: oh i'm so fking happy, thank you sir.
  5. GRX

    "zaken gift"

    I didnt know that will be a rune... It was called "gift" not "rune xp"
  6. GRX

    "zaken gift"

    Hey, i log in for 5 minutes cuz i only wanted to check a reward and i got from "zaken gift" rune xp 100% in inventory (2hours). That was a lame cuz i couldnt be online. When i log later rune just dissapear. Great reward !
  7. GRX

    Macro delay

    Ehh no. I wanted to say ... If you have more reasons just leave comment
  8. GRX

    Macro delay

    Why its still allowed? The reson why It should be turn off: 1 - chat spam [shout] ( RMT , afk's ) 2 - good macro combo or bot? A lot od people crying because they think other players using bot for farm 3 - RB hunt 4 - ? 5 - ?
  9. GRX

    bot yes or no ? #1...

    Remove makro delay and ill be fine :d
  10. GRX

    Class for a starter

    Aoe abg
  11. GRX

    I can not cancel the auction

    I had the same problem 2 years ago
  12. GRX

    How was your saturday night?

    Ok ill surprise you... I was with girlfriend.
  13. GRX

    Event TvT

    Did you even play Team vs team event? Random squads, no matter clan or lv. I think you dont know what im talking about
  14. GRX

    Event TvT

    Yes but in TvT you ill not lose exp. I mean FUN for all players .
  15. GRX

    Event TvT

    People need some fun... Event TvT or other every day at 20:00 would be great...