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  1. GRX

    I can not cancel the auction

    I had the same problem 2 years ago
  2. GRX

    How was your saturday night?

    Ok ill surprise you... I was with girlfriend.
  3. GRX

    Event TvT

    Did you even play Team vs team event? Random squads, no matter clan or lv. I think you dont know what im talking about
  4. GRX

    Event TvT

    Yes but in TvT you ill not lose exp. I mean FUN for all players .
  5. GRX

    Event TvT

    People need some fun... Event TvT or other every day at 20:00 would be great...
  6. GRX

    WTB Bellion ++

    WTB Bellion + 8,9,10,11 mail me GRX
  7. GRX

    WTB Bellion ++

    Looking for Bellion +/- 10 mail me "GRX in game.
  8. GRX

    WTS Great Pata +10

  9. GRX

    WTS Great Pata +10

  10. GRX

    WTS Great Pata +10

    155kk Harbor !
  11. GRX

    WTS Great Pata +10

    160kk. Giran harbor od mail me "GRX