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  1. WTS +17 Demons Dagger offer
  2. Kig0o

    making 1600 marks

    That was nice ending Pose Ty Dividia/SM/Perkunas/Ravens that was a pleasure to play in this clans. Most greatting for my CP Kamikaze best ppl ?❤️.Best regards for all opponents, Deviate and CHN Brasilians ppl. You are the best naaaaaaaaat. I finish my adventure with L2 its time to focus more on real life.
  3. BDW Fortuna cp lf 8 ppl to play all randoms pk'ed on DI forgive him and join his 1 person cp ;D. but forget epicks they belong to 1 person cp... Sjeks looking for slaves also anybody? any? annnnny?
  4. LoL bro You are blind? When we made all 4 x 80 lvl sws, wc and pp and more 10ppl 80 lvl in ravens? in asia prime in DI hahahah lol? We free farm first month on DC without any problems. We see nansey nolife man who try make hekaton in eu prime that all.. Abaut "PR" We do "PR" when we farm full boxed and You run full party on us. What we should to do make die 4 ppl and 4 boxes to give nice material for brave sjeks?. Other question when I see Sjeks movies why I dont see SV rampages and other rape on sv/sieges just only Your few win actions on poor brazilians boxed befor them primes? "SAD"
  5. O ja jebe jeśli wasi wszyscy gracze to takie "ogary" to chn to niezła fiesta. Radek I think You download wrong client.. ?