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  1. tmw

    Critical bug on club!!!!!!

    Relax next patch Krystinka will have imba skills. Why do you even care bout shitty tali? Even if they have halfselfkill chance lol
  2. Still I insist the thread is not about OL in general but about WC. And I do not offer add some new crazy fucking skills like we see on test server for pepegas. All I want to devs think about is actual lvl for fear of WC (also OL and Necro) or nerf DA's fear to same lvl and adequate landrate and cast time (cuz it seems insane when char in hv armor have castspeed much higher then robe +15% cast. speed with passive skills) and (as Rizoto & JzOo said) increase cd for all these classes fear. Also it would be nice to improve Aura Sink (lets say adding 2 lvls) cuz it is interesting ability which will deversify gameplay. And probably rework basic debuff system to bring first and second prof skills back to life. With very low chance but still.
  3. @JzOo Yeah, I do not speak about increasing wc's dmg abilities. It's fine according WC role. All I talk is just weird difference DA's Fear vs others. And I think that Aura Sink is very noice skill which was undeservedly forgotten. Instead of creating new OP skills local devs can give second life to low abilities. I don't whine about OL cuz I think its abilities work fine and kinda balanced (balance in l2 is perma double keklel). @Rizos Additional mental resistance is bad solution from the scratch. Increased cd for strong debuffs - good idea.
  4. Hi! @San0 I see you strengthening swm and bd. What about fix casual problems like DA's Fear and useless skills of other classes? For instance, we have wc which in gvg are 100% useless besides rebuff. Can you add extra lvl for fear may be instead of useless Chant of Life? Like DAs upgrading their fear on lvl 80. Or you can make usefull Aura Sink skill which appear on 2nd profession and wasn’t upgraded after lvl 60? What about of basic debuff system. Could you make it H5 like: min 10%, max 90% chance for all skills regardless their lvl? It will bring more variability to play.