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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! @San0 I see you strengthening swm and bd. What about fix casual problems like DA's Fear and useless skills of other classes? For instance, we have wc which in gvg are 100% useless besides rebuff. Can you add extra lvl for fear may be instead of useless Chant of Life? Like DAs upgrading their fear on lvl 80. Or you can make usefull Aura Sink skill which appear on 2nd profession and wasn’t upgraded after lvl 60? What about of basic debuff system. Could you make it H5 like: min 10%, max 90% chance for all skills regardless their lvl? It will bring more variability to play.
  2. KeTaMuH

    Please FIX

    on the siege guard kills my sumone please fix
  3. Уважаемая администрация пока я вас не начал покрывать благими матами, исправьте положение с отображением клан вара. Иконки варов не отображаются до тех пор пока не будет нанесен 1 удар. Более того, пока вражеский клан не флагнется (flag) на них не работают аое скилы. Я играю "warlord" стою в УПОР к вражескому персонажу, аое стан и урон не проходит на игрока до тех пор пока он не получит "flag"
  4. Админ, проверь скил Bless the body, он не дает тот процент который пишет на скилу, спасибо
  5. Many mobs in Dragon Valley should have 2 different droplists. They have same lvl and stats but differ visually. In this server both types have same droplists which causes impossibility to craft certain items e.g. Full Plate Armor set + a lot of low B gr stuff. Links to classic database with droplists + chances :Пещерный_Слуга_Воин - Cave Servant WarriorПещерный_Слуга_Главарь - Cave Servant CaptainКоролевский_Пещерный_Слуга - Royal Cave ServantГоргулья_Охотник - Hunter GargoyleГромовой_Змей - Thunder WyrmСуккуб_Малрука - Marluk Succubus From what i have tested all mobs have only Type 1 droplist and Type 2 doesnt exist even though Cave Servant Warriors and Captains Type 2 look different than Type 1, they still have bad droplist. These are not all mobs that have bad droplist, only some examples, you need to check whole Dragon Valley! This problem shouldn't be hard to fix at all. I believe you will resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.
  6. Archers : Range Distance Penalty Shooting at a short distance reduces damage by 10-20 percent.. in Classic L2 damage does not depend on the distance shooting.. Please consider this please Archers : Mana Cost Auto Attack Using only automatic shooting 10-15 minutes *Silver Ranger* mana almost falls to 0, it does not almost use skills .. One shot consumes 4-5 mana! with the option to bow for example (Gastraphetes or Top D Bow) consume one shot only 2 mana! please pay attention to it NPC Victor(Weapon Merchant)(Hunters Village) - Can't Sell anything to this NPC Trade not working!! And why so expensive price for all weapon items from this NPC? His prices must be lower than others towns.. for example in this base Viktor (Weapon Merchant) sell Composite bow 244k and other top N grade weapon too.. Please Check It..