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  1. Innova just announced the closure of skelth, maybe get an influx of players. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/674024/
  2. Honestly no preference between Melee nuker or archer. We generally like to push the limits on AoE
  3. Sup guys, Me and my buddies play full time on Retail GoD, but when we finish daily and are just auto-macroing looking for something to actively play, and want to come here. There is 5 of us, wondering what our party setup should be. Cheers, Taunt
  4. I don't currently play here, but this server has been open for years, and has no chance of closing anytime soon. Good luck.
  5. Yeah I keep a doc with all my accounts for all L2's private/official lol, started it like like 2009 when I noticed I started to forget them, even kept a few of ones friends shared on servers over the years, and ended up helping buddies remember their accounts because of it LOL. My only fear at the moment is trying to level here, I'll probably only have the 1 char, and with very few people at low levels (I saw no-one when I logged yesterday at my lvl range) be hard to lvl up without buffs, unless I try to go WC main or something.
  6. Curious if someone can give me an honest estimated server population? I played here when first launched (never made it far all pre 40 toons but have accumulated maybe 10kk worth of gear) thinking of coming back, I also have toons on TI West, haven't played any classic in a while and debating between the 2.
  7. Been away from game for a while and starting fresh, I want to play a support. I was debating between Shaman or BD, kinda still am, but if I go Shaman should I go WC or OL? Also of the Shaman or BD what do you think will Solo easier? Before you say 'Classic is not a solo game!' know that most of you are 50+, and I foresee a lot of soloing being done pre-50 because of this, and the fact that I do not play during Euro time zones. Also looking for a clan to help with exp buffs would be much appreciated. Cheers
  8. Just updated, haven't played since 1.5, when i click on the proxy channel and hit login it just disconnects instantly. Also side note, got a friend to try and he just downloaded the game from your website and its the bitfrost client? and it crashes when he logs in.
  9. I Stopped playing long time back after playing on the official Classic and experiencing the updates, certain things I just really enjoyed that were not here yet. But also left Official Classic due to low population. I was wanting to come back here, but its been saying 2.0 coming soon for like a year, is it actually coming?
  10. Just Play your Dagger, don't listen to these people. On Official Daggers do work, and its much slower exping than here. You will be fine. But you will want a box buffer no matter what class you play.
  11. Its still good, 2.0 is awesome, if this server gets 2.0 right I think this server will get even more players. P.S. Koll if you need any info on 2.0 I've done pretty much all the content, so feel free to ask anytime.
  12. Good day, I played here when the server first launched, and have been playing on the official server for the past while which is currently in 2.0 heading towards the 3.0 update. I am curious what of the 'Official 2.0' update is going to stay the same here? What will be different? I know this server likes to do kind of its own thing, but some things from the official server I do enjoy quite a bit. I was planning to come back here depending on what the official plan was. Cheers, YulRun
  13. ​u will lose ppl like that, they shouldnt be forced to vote in order to play ​If someone is too lazy to take 30 seconds to vote for a server they obviously want to play, then maybe they don't deserve to play the game for free? Small price to pay to support a server. Not everyone can spend euro's to support the server, but everyone should support the server in some way if they enjoy it and want it to last.
  14. Where do you guys think the best place to AoE as a pre-40 Warlord at 30? Current Setup: 30 Human Warrior - Full Brig Set +3 - Full Elven Jewel Set +3 - Glaive 32 Cleric Box (For Heals and Buffs) - Full Elven Mithril Set
  15. Admins should just make it so you have to: - Log in on the website - Vote for both places, which 'unlocks your account - Now you can log in via client