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  1. datplays

    [FIXED]Problem with cloack hero afther restart...

    in Zaken update i guess. Yet on our Star Wars server i guess normal weapons do better dmg :v
  2. datplays

    [NOT BUG]zRanger, bot update and stuff

    thank you. Hope it comes asap.
  3. datplays

    History of TOI

    site and forum lags during restarts
  4. datplays

    History of TOI

  5. datplays

    History of TOI

    what happened my friend, are you mad? They call him Kyrios so far i know.
  6. datplays

    First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    economy goes bad through hero enchants? free event enchants goes crap market
  7. datplays

    History of TOI

    Ragequit again i guess
  8. datplays

    First Olympiad Heroes !!!

    I will just leave here Soils high hopes
  9. datplays


    That google translate ;_; Yet didnt get a thing.
  10. datplays

    Untrustworthy players list

    i guess... Sorvete...
  11. datplays

    [NOT BUG]zRanger, bot update and stuff

    still waiting for mature person answer. @San0 would u mind to share ur thoughts?
  12. datplays

    Summoners PvP

    Wtf bullsht video, they dont even use mounts. Cant wait until those 3 china ES farming everyday toi 11/12 come to show some pro Mount PvP along with Jam6o
  13. datplays

    Destro Pov vol 2

    no, quote option is to quote, but seems its too hard for u to understand. i didnt say u troll coz u said im from WS, u troll coz u appear on every topic i write in and try to say smthing against me w.o luck but this explains everything, u re just my fanboi, u got my profile on favourites in ur browser and u follow my every move
  14. datplays

    Destro Pov vol 2

    JOINED October 24 ur words hurt me alot @Yomana here to boost his ego after had to shut up in 2 topics in a row this time i forgive u, coz i was wrong here, u just came to troll.