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  1. in Zaken update i guess. Yet on our Star Wars server i guess normal weapons do better dmg :v
  2. datplays

    History of TOI

    site and forum lags during restarts
  3. datplays

    History of TOI

    what happened my friend, are you mad? They call him Kyrios so far i know.
  4. economy goes bad through hero enchants? free event enchants goes crap market
  5. datplays

    History of TOI

    Ragequit again i guess
  6. datplays


    That google translate ;_; Yet didnt get a thing.
  7. datplays

    Summoners PvP

    Wtf bullsht video, they dont even use mounts. Cant wait until those 3 china ES farming everyday toi 11/12 come to show some pro Mount PvP along with Jam6o
  8. no, quote option is to quote, but seems its too hard for u to understand. i didnt say u troll coz u said im from WS, u troll coz u appear on every topic i write in and try to say smthing against me w.o luck but this explains everything, u re just my fanboi, u got my profile on favourites in ur browser and u follow my every move
  9. JOINED October 24 ur words hurt me alot @Yomana here to boost his ego after had to shut up in 2 topics in a row this time i forgive u, coz i was wrong here, u just came to troll.
  10. 1.5 frapses when we are 2.0, looks like u dont have many good actions to fraps them, too bad.