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Found 11 results

  1. gukiz

    Eu mage cp

    Hello all, EU int mage cp looking for new players ( GMT +3 19:00 - 23:00 ): * Active players Can provide characters to play with or can join with yours. English language is a must ! Pm in game PrivPP or discord GukiZ#0689
  2. Hi all! I hope this topic will be useful. Is there a chance that Bracelet lvling system would be reconsidered again ? - Natural limit for 28 coins per day max. Points: - It is good for casual players but there is no extra reward for players aiming to high end game. - Good level players are struggling to play and join server to bring new fresh big war game. They feel the unnecessary barrier to farm knowing they are in disadvantage. - You did well for start players. Which is good for casual players and useless for more advanced. Low level bracelet limitations: - Ability to farm better in PvE( no extra p/m atk.). - Olympiad - a person with ability to hold more talismans win. - High-end pvp ( evasion talisman, baium, FI talisman, olympaid talietc.) P.S. You added extra bracelet in game which gives nice boosters but might not be worn due to slot limitations. As 4% from White talisman is essential. Solutions: Either of those. - Additional quest which just gives Daily Coins as a reward - New bracelets embedded in client which can be bought for L-coins. -Mobs with Daily Coins rare chance drop (like you changed for Proof of Blood) I guess this should be also considered in anticipation of the update where "Meta" is changed and new popular classes might appear again. Thank you.
  3. Archer party LF Members 70+ PVE/PVP/RBs Clan Virals (International) We are forming an Archer group to our international clan Virals. We have almost all chars needed but we prefer active players, so the reason of this post. Most active times GMT+2 19:00
  4. Всем привет. Стартанул на сервере, перешёл сюда с руофф классика. Хроники 2.0 знаю очень слабо, хочу разобраться. Создал себе для начала самый необходимый саппорт (PP+BD), планирую выкачивать в дуо до 58. Какой персонаж будет хорошо фармить в таком составе в реалиях 2.0? Интересует именно PvE составляющая. Интересуют в первую очередь: ножи, луки, сумоны, танки. В последнюю очередь: лимиты, гномы. Не интересуют: маги.
  5. 4th lvl, PvE orientated, Mighty Clan of DorFsUniTeD currently looking for some brave companions to play with: Pm on forum or contact in game ==> NaRvI, Producer *EU Prime would be great
  6. καλησπέρα παιδιά καλησπέρα σε όλους !είμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να σας πούμε ότι σηκώσαμε μια greek clan για όλους τους έλληνες !!!! σήμερα έγινε lvl 3 +6% με crest !ψάχνουμε για άτομα που να λατρεουν το pve !!!!όση λάτρης θέλουν να μπουν στο CLAN απλά να κάνετε ένα PM !βαζουμε ΟΛΑ τα class !!!!! PVE 100% no PVP- PK pm sto game h se mail : armaleon festival greek clan! HardStyle PVE
  7. Hi everyone, I've just recently started playing classic and I'm just about to ding a 40 rogue. Back in the day I started playing L2 from C3 on, so I wanted to get some info about the situation on classic before I make my 2nd class choice. In short, I find daggers infinitely more fun and interesting than archers, however since I'm working 9-5 I only have a limited amount of time to spend on grinding. Consequently, I want to know how people level up Treasure Hunters at the moment, so I can see if I can make it work with my schedule, or just cut my losses and go HE. I'm aware daggers are not the best right now and I don't really care. I'd just appreciate if you shared your PVE experiences - what works/what doesn't, what gear to use, which parties accept daggers and what role do you have within them etc. Solo grind viable? What are the best setups for box/duo/trio parties? All and any info would help. Thanks in advance.
  8. Like thge text said, im looking for clan who focus lies on PvE I dont like PvP, for me PvP is a siege thing not usual day by day, so I wonder if there is any Clan going on recruting for strong PvE content