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  1. You are saying reasonable things. But you need to understand that there are not intelligent people on the other side of the barricades. Most of those who defend this system have made a fortune on it and they will stomp their feet like children and continue to ruin the gameplay for normal players. The rest are too stupid to abstract from the forum regalia and see «What a person says» instead of «Who is he to say this».
  2. I am not interested in the opinion of rats, ducklings and anal sex lovers. Sorry.
  3. I have a compromise. I see there we have a little lovers of „hardcore“ here, although in reality it is more like a love for anal sex when you get fucked in the ass. I believe that such people need to keep the ability to drop after death (by adding somekind of item). You won't mind, right? Otherwise, one might get the impression that those who disagree are just rats who defend their own vested interests. For the rest of the normal people, the drop is definitely worth turning off. It's funny to read when people talk about "real classic" without ever playing it. "True Classic" is Korean. And believe me guys. You never want to play Korean classics. And I know what I'm talking about because I played it myself. So be nice and don't say what you don't understand. Obviously, those who do not agree to remove the drop have neither the duckling syndrome, nor the peculiar form of the Stockholm syndrome or just rats.
  4. It looks like a pretty nice solution. Or we can do something like this: PvP/PvE equip drop — 0% PvP/PVE equip drop with karma count more then zero — 50% PK equip drop — 100% With little reformation of karma-count washing system. Something like removing karma-scrolls or doing them far more expensive or make quest like on other game updates.
  5. Absolute agree with every word.
  6. Exactly. This system is abused to get valuables from your in a really mean way, which cuts the desire to carry with you an EPIC or A-Grade equipment (specially OE). In PvE and PvP this system is forcing you have to take jewelry and equipment that worse than you have in order not to lose the most valuable and using it only on Olympiad. On the original Korean classics, this system was clearly implemented to make people systemically lose their most valuable and spend more money in the donate shop. It can take people years to get epic jewelry. It is unnecessary to deprive them or other expensive stuff of it in such a stupid way. And argue with this only rat-players that profited on this system. Please, finally remove this unnecessary archaism.
  7. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Removing the drop from non-chaotic characters was such a great idea, and now you caved in to the whiners. You continue to give up on the use of OE equipment and epics outside the Olympics.
  8. *opened the champagne* At last. Dreams Come True. Thx.
  9. Джеральд пишет, что возьмет 5 000, а на деле берёт 100 000. И даже если ты ему заплатишь, то все-равно нужно будет поболтать с Дорфом.
  10. Hello. Will the nickname be replaced with a random one, or at least it will be possible to choose?
  11. Собственно, вопрос в том, банят ли за русские ники? И вообще, какие ждут проблемы человека с таким ником помимо сложностей в коммуникации с западным сообществом?