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  1. @Koll Hi, I did not find anything related to the subject, maybe it has even been commented on already. Will there be any Dion betas? If yes, do you already have a date? I thank!
  2. @Kse @San0 I don't know if someone already asked, but getting into the subject of PA. I saw that you explained that you will only be able to 1 box free + 1 box PA = 2 box, even if the person has 5 PA you can only open 2 box correct? My doubt is the following, are you going to leave 2 boxes for each PC or are you going to implement an internet IP block system? Why do I think it's kind of unfair to block multibox for everyone and for some who have 3-4 PCs at home to do 2box per PC setting up a solo Party! Classic Club TI was very good while it was shining, but one thing that ended the experience in addition to ending the game's content very quickly was the player having all the box supports following him, ALL... I would like to request an Internet IP block to limit 2 boxes per IP (1 PC 1 free + 1 PA box) and (First PC 1 box free + Second PC 1 box free) limiting the local network to 2 boxes in total... Thank you. 🙂