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  1. MarioR

    Dion x3. On the horizon

    Are there some boosts for xp in 2.0 comparing to 1.5? Especially for daggers? 😂 Patch notes will be same like on taking island when you update to 2.0?
  2. When you plan 2.0 because in writing for it to start play :) approximately, don't want to exact date
  3. What is name of this quest?
  4. Thank you, but how looks blow rate, general PvP or pve? I heard and saw on movies that daggers are using mostly heavy armours in classic.
  5. Hello, honestly I never play classic. Is dagger class worth to play on this patch? If yes or not, why? What is different between classic C3 chronicle and 1.5 classic in this matter
  6. Hello, serwer will be progressive for higher patches like 2.0 etc.? I can't find this information. If exist please replay with link. Second question, there is some exp limit between chars? 20 lvls or something?Thank you