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  1. vote for some fair adjustments, maybe cosmetic/novelty ones. Dear Mr @San0 and Admin Team, if its possible and fair, please make all gladi skills usable with swords n blunts. would very much appreciate it so i can make my char just like the heroes in Lineage 2 game trailers, a human greatsword warrior
  2. vote for NO subclass system. 1 character, 1 job, 1 role. wanna change role, make alts.
  3. Hello Mr Temudjin, can i join your clan? I am a returning player, aiming to build a greatsword gladiator. Thank you in advance.
  4. @Deibu can I join your clan too? P.S. I'm not yet a gladiator
  5. Hello there Angreod. welcome to L2 classic I am a casual player too, interested in building non-meta characters for FUN if youre interested in partying, just whisp BAGINDAWUD ingame (a greatsword gladiator). see ya in game !
  6. Greetings fellow l2classicclub citizens. I am playing from GMT+7 timezone, Looking for parties/clans with compatible timezone Will be playing spoiler and gladiator/heavymetalprophet. Whisper bagindawud ingame,Or PM bagindawud in forum Thank you ! Looking forward to playing with you guys.
  7. No, I am just curious about the game's system penalties for PK. If I recall correctly in CORE servers there used to be a MDEF/DEF penalties for serial killers , but it was removed (thank God).
  8. Greetings L2 classic club citizens, I would like to ask What are the penalties for going Perma RED on your character? (Killing everyone to turn red without intention to go back white/normal?) Thank you for your answers. -bagindawud-
  9. Greetings Admin Team of,, While hunting on dwarf village (frozen valley), the keltirs, wolves and orcs there dropped adena and arrows. When I picked up the adena, it is working correctly. When I picked up the arrows, it just disappear and do not updated in my inventory. Please fix the error, thank you. Regards, Bagindawud
  10. has a lot better events, a lot better communication to customer. Downside is, a private server will never be as fluent/bug-free as the official server. Innova official server has authorized support from developers (ncsoft), but so far they had very bad communication with customer, almost zero advertising campaign, although some bot banwaves are already executed. I have accounts on both server,,, my sub on the official server will expire in a few months, so I am evaluating my decision to continue subbing or return to
  11. Hello Friends, Just wanted to know the returning players from Innova server, To chat with and maybe joining forces here as Clans/parties
  12. Greetings, fellow L2Classic-ers. After a week, a few players already reached lv 40s... a good sign or bad sign? is the xp rate too high? i would suggest that we change the XP Rate to x1 (same as Offi) about the Adena rate, x3 is good. Open for suggestion and opinions,, Regards, Bagindawud
  13. Very nice idea,, Hordes of orcs and delfs Alliance of human and elves Dwarf neutral party, mercenaries I wonder if admins can facilitate the idea
  14. This kind of they have some kinda Clan Leader?
  15. Greetings Fellow Lineagers after 2 days of playing, i observe that we are lacking true international clans, with english as main language. This is an international server, anyway. We should make moar intl clans. AFAIK some intl clans here are: Gimine Gimine2 Exile Heavens...somethingIforgot Lostinparadise ...etc Anyone else? I am sure many would love to enlist in those international clans (myself included) Regards, Bagindawud