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Found 28 results

  1. Good afternoon, a few weeks ago, it seemed that the drop was normalized on the server, but in recent days it seems that the server stopped dropping items, the difficulty in seeing a drop is too great, it does not match the server rate.Anyway, you had improved the drop and now it seems that you went back on the decision without prior notice.Thank you in advance and I would like to emphasize that I love your entire team!
  2. Hi, in some servers when you Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click the monster you can see a in-game windows that shows drop and spoil of that monster. I believe that this feature would improve our server a lot, it is indeed better to look at website if u are looking what mobs are dropping what you need, but when you are in a hunt and wanna see what that mobs in that area are dropping its kinda hard to open site all the time to check it out
  3. Exactly what is difference between the drop of: same lvl mobs, -3 lvl mobs, -6 lvl mobs, -9 lvl mobs. I asking item drop only.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to convert to a Dark Wizard and I have been doing the proper quest and obtaining the Seeds. However, when the time comes to farm the Skeleton Scouts in the Ruins of Agony, I cannot get them to drop a single Heart of Lunacy. I have spent the better part of an entire day attempting it to no avail. Is it a problem with me? With the server? I have been following this guide: and this guide which both state that I just need to farm the Scouts around the Ruins of Agony. Thank you!
  5. Hej. Dwa pytanka. 1. Jakiej strony używacie żeby sprawdzić drop spoil? L2 wiki classic z tego co widzę nie jest dokładna. Patrzył ktoś na Z tego co widziałem niektóre dropy/spoil bardziej się sprawdza z ruska stroną. 2. Totem Bizon tyranta (68 lvl ) daje dużego kopa kiedy się go odpali na 30%hp. Działa to jak u destro? Odpalasz na 30% i lecisz na tym efekcie niezależnie od tego że hp wzrośnie po paru hitach, czy moc spada wraz ze wzrostem hp? Jeżeli tak, jak na tym Expicie? Jakiś patent na usuwanie vr na czas totem odpalonego? Czy dalej się lata na innych totemach i nie ma na co czekać?
  6. LandrarK

    drop boss bug

    Hello @Kse @San0 @Koll! So, i and my clan killed a boss, dropped 22 runes as shown in the chat, but it was not to the ground and neither to the backpack of any player, what could have happened? Are we going to run out of runes?
  7. Hi, You destroy the basic system for which classic was created. PLS back to old system drop inventory
  8. 260/5000 Hello good mornig for everyone. Well, I elaborate this little post just to ask if they will soon add the camera zoom and the drop and spoil data in the mobs and Raid Boss back to the server patch. Without more than to add cordial greeting to all.
  9. What is the item drop rate of a PK-er? We encountered one he was backed with a 40+ buffer(box). He killed one of the party member (of course in the middle of a train) and then we killed him instantly his name was black (its strange because as I know it supposed to be red but never mind.) He dropped nothing. I find this strange I have played on meny servers in my 10+ years of L2 (official included) and on all of them had serious drop penalty for PK-ers (form fix random drop but I have seen full gear drop weapons and armor included). I don't want to whine because its L2 and the PK is always an option in all ways, but this no drop is just ridiculous, in according to that if a mob kills someone the item drop chance is almost 100% (3/4 times I dropped at least one thing and my friend too). Because of this he just resed himself with the buffer and tried to kill us again now in pvp we killed him and than he just came with his buffer and killed the full party (he resisted all spells of the mage and I did almost 0 damage as well as a warrior and he just windstriked the s@it out of us ).
  10. You guys know any patch with drop/spoil for 2.0? Ty!
  11. I noticed that there is no Drop and Spoil list on monsters, also you no longer can zoom out as much as you like. And that new herb, herb of progress, it does not stack with either exp/sp (high) scroll which gives 100% bonus, or with the "Overwhelming power of a Holiday Hat" buff from the Refined Romantic Chapeau hat, which gives bonus XP/SP by 5% for 20 mins.
  12. Reinforced steel golem drop rate 1/2000 exping there 4 day, 8 lvl up more than 20 drops with same chance but not this book... are you kidding me? I also asking all in this locations and nobody droped that spellbook....
  13. Добра всем. Вот не могу найти в базе, из кого эти рецепты: Ecliptic Axe, Dwarven Hammer. l2wiki умалчивает, а других не знаю. Ткните, какая база больше всего подходит к этому серверу. ЗЫ. по миру, вроде бегает народ с этим оружием.. Спасибо.
  14. spellbook haste drops on sos trisalim tarantula or ev only?
  15. Hi! Admins can you check droplist for rb Evil Spirit Cyrion 45lvl around hunter village? I'm with my friend raid him 5 times and all 5 times no drop, at l2wiki on classic client he have 100% drop EAD and EWD, but it not dropped. THX.
  16. Aiur

    Acerca del drop

    Buenas! Bueno, hago la pregunta acá no porque no sepa inglés sino para darle vida Recien vi como un flaco perdio un cat earring por hacerse el gil de mas y eso me preocupo por una cosa. Como se determina si dropeas y que dropeas? Ajjaj, pasa que hace poco que termine mi set devotion y la verdad perderlo no me hace gracia (a que mente retorcida si le daría perderlo??). Hay alguna formula que determine cuando dropeas y que dropeas? Onda si llevase el inventario lleno a casi vacio, que cambiaria?
  17. Greetings Admin Team of,, While hunting on dwarf village (frozen valley), the keltirs, wolves and orcs there dropped adena and arrows. When I picked up the adena, it is working correctly. When I picked up the arrows, it just disappear and do not updated in my inventory. Please fix the error, thank you. Regards, Bagindawud
  18. Nqkoi znae li drop/spoil calculator koito da raboti na tozi server ? Edinstvenoto koeto uspqh da otkriq e nqkakvi idei ?
  19. Fenrir

    L2 General infos

    in case anyone was searching for specific infos, but had no clue where to look exactly ( except google ): [Infos] L2Classic Races/Skills:Классы_в_Lineage_2 directly from L2central, there's all skills up to C1.0. needs to be translated from russian. PMFun database: Very old site, useful mostly for materials infos, mobs spoil, drops and whatnot. on a side note: many of the skills listed on PMFun are different/missing from Classic, since they're taken from previous chronicles up to Hellbound, so don't rely on those. everything else from characters stats to items should be reliable, as long as nothing else was changed in Classic beside skills. [Utilities] L2Calc: site for checking stats along with items/buffs directly on characters, however it still has the old dye system limited on +5 stats. updated until Hellbound. Ivory Tower Ite​ms showcase: site to check appearence of various items and armor sets. updated until Gracia.
  20. Silverwing

    Drop Catch

    I think the rule for not be able to catch other ones drops is kinda bugged For several times, my wife and I have killed mobs and wile we are killing the other, another persom come and get our drops It does not take much time, as soon as mob is dead someone come and pick the itens/adena
  21. Hello. If that really exists, where can we get Drop/Spoil patch?
  22. Is it intentional that mobs on lv. 40 (Sea of Spores (~90-160a)) drop the same adena amounts or even lower than mobs in for example Ruins of Despair (~120a) ? It seems ultra ridiculous to me
  23. The Recipe: Durable Braid is missing from the drop of Utuku Orc Soldier in Dwarven Vilage, I was killing them for like 1h almost and no drop at all
  24. Greetings, I wonder if anyone knows if there is a site with the drop list of L2 classic