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  1. Hi, I want to ask when Raid Boss is level 65, and my character is also level 65,the drop items chance is 100%? And Raid Boss is level 65, and my character is level 69,the drop items chance is 100% or 60% ???
  2. Takove informace tady nepodavame poslu ti do PM info na TS3 tam se domluvime :-)
  3. 1. Players are not allowed to: 1.6 Buy, sell or exchange ingame goods/adena/accounts for real currencies. 1.7 Buy, sell or exchange game accounts and characters.
  4. Hi, If I say that well. There should be one remote/master server and five proxy servers... But when I tested Proxy Server I found that they have similar IP Addresses. Remote Server USA EU ES DE BR INFO IP: And only one IP address has protection against DDOS: "" Can you explain it somehow?
  5. I don't want to!!! If you want something like this, you can play the easy server rate 999x
  6. Hi, "/" sign after changing over time on "N"
  7. Yes skill madness does not work :-(
  8. I understand that a chance should be small skill 10/1 But it is not possible to make it 50/0
  9. ok tested on monsters 28 level the same problem...
  10. Hi, All skills at Orc Shaman monsters are resisted (Monsters are white) Testing - Skill "Chill Flame 2.lvl" 50/0 (Resisted) - Skill "Venom Level 3.lvl" 50/0 (Resisted) AOE skills I have not tested (But it will be the same problem)
  11. LOC: 32,720 / 137,788 / -3,120
  12. Please fix Animation Stun OLD TOPIC:
  13. LOC: -32,715 / 94,660 / -3,624
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    +1 Please fix party max 9 thx