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  1. Lafi


    He asking for this month...
  2. Nobody know.... There are some guesses but final version is on them...
  3. As female elf... Voted for female... That's it...
  4. 5. Posting in any language except English in "English-speaking Community Forums". Posting in other languages is allowed in special sections of "Other Languages Communities Forums". Exception - post on foreign language with following translation to English from any online translator, and Recruiting section (creating topics on foreign language and answering in those topics on the same language. Posting in other languages that topic itself is still forbidden). If you want to create your language community, contact the forums administration. google not translate you post .... why ?
  5. Also you as summoner, didn't see the CD on summon skills when it happens 9. a) when i have servitor share on and remove and get back any gun, shield, necklace whatever, speed of magnus getting 350 speed... Last time it was 3k RP...
  6. Lafi

    First Olympiad

    yes... More accurate is: u have to wait till 1st of next month after 12pm CET (Central European Time)
  7. Baium3, zaken3, primeval talisman
  8. I have something wrong with my monitor... so much brightness/colors...
  9. Tell me what exactly changed about daggers?
  10. uuuuuiii, where can i report my founded bugs?
  11. Lafi

    Elememental Summoner

    It check pet range first, then starts cast, then check visibility... i will check it later //checked on NA classic... working same... anyway thx for answers...
  12. Lafi

    Elememental Summoner

    5. Servitor Empowerment (summon UD) - sometimes didn't activate @San0 @Koll @Kse just tell me if it is bug or not.. thx.. so i can move on and focus on other stuffs.. :-) thx