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  1. Lafi

    NonFactors zerging TOI

    Agree. Best pvp event on this server was Rizo's PK event.
  2. Lafi

    Power Supremacy

    Ahhh, that's explain a lot... Power Supremacy - Elemental Summoner This skill is not a passive but a toggle, which you can turn on or off. A huge P.Atk boost for you and your summon for a reduction in maximum HP. Try it carefully when you go in a new area, but you should be able to keep it up everytime and play accordingly
  3. Lafi

    Can you show me?

    Pathetic Kure... "Stibatrash" isn't involved in this bullshiit and u mentioned him. Are u Stiba's fanboy? Some ppl never grow up... Stibatrash... hahaha... amused...
  4. Lafi

    Good class for solo PvE?

    1 baium farm cost me 2500-3000 spirit ore, ~400 beast spiritshots, 5000 beast soulshots. 1 oly week cost me 1500 spirit ore, 500 beast spiritshots, 4000 beast soulshots, 600 blessed spiritshots Bgrade, 3kk adena talismans 4h farm in SV solo with PP buff,BD cost me ~2500 spirit ore, 14k beast soulshots, 1200 beast spiritshots, ~700 blessed spiritshots Bgrade =>2% on lvl 78 (clan unity, fish food) => 1,2kk adena from mobs. So do the math and tell me if ES is expensive char or not. Numbers are orientation measurements (lol Google translator), not exact numbers. Maybe I did some mistakes somewhere...
  5. We have Seraphim Unicorn on server with lvl 1 buffs, but acumen effect 3, WM effect 2, empower effect 2, clarity effect 1.
  6. Lafi

    speed potion is imba

    OmG not this again... After more than 6 months u dont know how to deal with it? Да, это жёстко
  7. Lafi

    A game of cards - bugged reward

    Not bug -----> features...
  8. Lafi

    Spellbook: Stigma of Shilen "DROP

    No, calculated...
  9. Lafi

    5 heroes vs 21

    @SenseiYou are good SpH, no doubt. And i agree with you... Remove speed = dead body... warrior bane not remove ww as 100%, cuz it's ww(movement speed) or haste (attack speed) I'll try remove ww, haste, emp, acu as much as i can... Mostly they know how to counter it... Simply use superspeed potion...
  10. Lafi

    5 heroes vs 21

    Frontline SpH is much more productive. At least you can kill someone. @Pendragon How many kills u made during siege? i made 1 when i fought 1v1. You did well on video. Cuz this is what i told time before. Summoner was good at start of 2.0 but now when everybody get better equip, 76+ skill, etc; its going low... CPvsCP, masPvP wise...
  11. Lafi


    Hlavne, že ty vieš... Mr. Pravda. Koľkokrát si prišiel za mnou na TS, keď si mal nejaký problém. Ani raz... Toto si ty. Len poza chrbát rozprávať a ohovárať a pritom som ti nikdy nič zlé neurobil, však ani nebolo kedy. Lebo ste sa s Wizardom zaujímali len sami o seba. Hráš sa tu niečo viac a si len arogantný človek, nič viac. A takýto mi tu bude písať o smutnom živote. Asi sa idem vyplakať do vankúša. Píšeš ako veľmi ti to je u prdele, ale oživovať tu úplne zbytočný topic po 27. dňoch svedčí o tvojom šťastnom a vyrovnanom živote... Zalez naspäť do búdy...
  12. Lafi


    @Pinkysek Ďakujem, mám sa fajn. Asi nerozumieš po slovensky, ale však ok, cudzí jazyk. Kľudne si to prečítaj ešte raz, snáď ťa osvieti. Nikdy si nebol na mňa nie že milý, ale normálny, ale tak ok, beriem. Taktiež prejav osobnosti. Dúfam, že som to nenapísal zasa zložito... GL s odkodovávaním...
  13. Lafi

    Client is not 100% stable / freezing

    LoL.. but dont think so... Im not HW guy and i have no issue with any of my PC/Notebook where i installed l2classic club client...
  14. Lafi

    Missed me?

    I have to say Myrciu was normal to me all the time if we write pm each others, so... Maybe he was cocky, I was mad when he beats us... But as I said maybe he grew up... Love u and I'm happy u are back. PS: I think he made biggest personal change in his behaviors here on forum
  15. Lafi


    LoA/ToI PvP zones are part of savior update