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  1. Lafi


    How u can improve magnus dmg to investing to summoner? lvl 80 skill from ES gives you 5-6 attack speed, ~150pattack... Basic crit rate of magnus is 44! so 148 with full buffs... I will farm with my gear on dagger far more better then on ES80 in GC... dagger party > ES party i didn't mention solo farm... Fighter stats on Magnus are pretty cool.. but what is reality..
  2. Lafi


    And u should give him proper info... Daggers party farms far more better than ponies party...
  3. dont need it at all adapt or quit.. yes... anyway 400euro is gucci for me... that's why i wrote make vote... ppl cryed about stun/Lightning strike on puller in ABG, nothing changed.. drop from mobs - changed on some spots
  4. i am assuming after so many topics you knew they will not changed it... Instead of it i wrote what can you do... "defending" this topic not cuz my main is ES but cuz i have no problem with random ES attacking me in SV or any other spots... Make vote topic, call admins, send ticket... change the world... easy... (doubt) Or continue crying in this topic and will change nothing...
  5. Dont know how to deal with naked summoner lvl77? uninstal game pls... You are rly annoying with these answears... Exp in party, gather superspeed potion - use it in right time, change exp spot, hunt "naked ES" down, pay ppl for protection... check previous QQ topics about mounted summoners...
  6. Nothing wrong with valor, of course...That's perfectly fit my sentence
  7. What is this topic about? About random summoners fcking around or fullbuffed or even fullstacked ESs? i read so many bulshit about summoners lately on forum and half of those ppl didn't played it... New comers dont know how to counter easy things, childs are too spoiled, success ppl invested many hours into the game learnig everything about game (almost) and specifics of this server... Adapt to game... I can complain about summoner all day also...
  8. Temple Knight Spellbook: Summon Life Cubic (Reinforced Steel Golem, 43)
  9. Lafi

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    4. summon doesn't get hero weapon skill buff... It says resist... need to resummon it...
  10. i have 11y old PC with upgraded VGA only and im ok when i port to GH...
  11. If u dont know how to summoners skills works, what they do, dont be afraid to ask Cuz my eyes hurts when reading this topic...
  12. As MoDoy will say... yes.. cuz he as ES win 99% of his matches... so this guy writing the truth.. @BruHaR just try to play summoner (any) and then maybe u will edit your post if u want some tips like when u are forbidden to resummon ur summon just let me know...