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  1. Took me only 2min, cuz I'm on self phone...
  2. I have no time to play as before, so mostly setting shops only.. I ported to GH and usually wait a bit for loading players.. Last time i waited like 5min (browsing internet) then i realized there are no shops like before... So this is one of the many sign something happening with server.. also last 3-4 sieges (videos) and oly... It's rly sad.. Then mighty @San0 came and write something about 1530 players... still dont understand how to meant it... can't compare enough but i know how ~800 ppl server look like.. server aren't has 800ppl neither 1530 Question is: does he want to do something about it or not? There were many suggestions some of them i like some of them not... It's sad cuz was always here for me, even if i tried another servers/games...
  3. - tablets - adena from sellers - battle marks from oly (gamble)
  4. Cuz it's not debuff... same as cancel.. works trough guard as well. It was changed on later update on official servers...
  5. Lafi

    Blade cancer

    Pole, if you will cry about other chars, they may eventualy change them but not yours (BD). You will be still as same as you are now... So cry about changing BD not destros, summoners, EE, SE, DAs and dunno what else you cried about in hero voice today..
  6. jesus..... why you answering to my post? both of you.. take time and answer rizos's post... why should i try FI talik lvl 5 if it's bugged? one try is like 1,5kkk adena...
  7. @San0 and what about other points of his post? there are so many things to answer ... rmt farmers, event, new ppl, bugs, 1 FI talik lvl6 after 14months
  8. Dear admins I'm not sure if you are realize what Rizos wrote above... Agreed with everything and im pretty sure most of his enemies also. Anyway you can still go into game and ask other ppl who doesn't use/have Discord/forum... For other people who disagree, write your objections/opinions...
  9. Yes, you have to register or whatever... Don't wanna use translator
  10. @San0 Can you move daily to this new area, pls...
  11. Let's be honest... What they should focus on? New ppl we know didn't come.. and anyway past updates were for newcomers, they get easier exp to catch up us, market is still in good shape so they can buy cheap items, OE items, they added daily mission for coins, 3rd book in oly manager, etc Soooo let's care about ppl who still play here..