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  1. Lafi


    Next topic will be closed... 😂 @San0 : zaken patch will be announced when it will be time for it, a proper patch notes will be added shortly with the changes and it will be installed when it will be done.
  2. Lafi

    Wc or not to wc?

    I don't need WC video from another server... 😂
  3. Lafi


    All i want is info what will be given in upcoming update and what not...
  4. Yes MoDoy, there is so many news in upcoming update but not info what they choose implement with new update and when...
  5. Lafi

    Made in China

    Isn't it one of the official servidor?
  6. Lafi

    Warlord or Gladiator?

    BraDiator ? huh... 😳
  7. Lafi

    WTS Avadon Robe and Gloves +6

    I saw so many untagged players in SV from the very begining of 2.0 from all sides... So who cares...
  8. Lafi

    WTS Avadon Robe and Gloves +6

    There is no competition on this char. You are save for very very long time. Didn't saw similar output dmg from other tyrants like from you. /Bump
  9. Lafi

    EU Mage CP Recruiting

    i think "69"
  10. maybe, but some info will be nice... They didn't made any updated info in Progress tracker topic almost a month..
  11. Lafi

    olympiad disconnects

    Aduha wrote to you, USA proxy is fine...
  12. Lafi

    blessing of seraphim

    Pink Summon Seraphim the Unicorn is a custom feature on They shouldn't be here...
  13. Lafi

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    What we will see? Next era of crashes... With new client become so much fun... I hope not... but who knows... about topic: CG to lvl 79 @darkania i hope so we will see some different results against hard ES counters.