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  1. I'm European player and agreed with this. @Kse
  2. @Koll This is server with custom changes/features and you should listen your community or not (as most of the time). That ship has sailed.
  3. The max level cap has been removed. Character development is only restricted with level of monsters. DEX bonuses slightly improved: DEX 1-30: +0.9 → +1.2% per 1 point of DEX DEX 31-99: +0.5% → +0.8% per 1 point of DEX WIT bonuses slightly decreased: WIT 1-30: +5% → +3.5% per 1 point of WIT WIT 31-99: +2.5% → +1.5% per 1 point of WIT
  4. Are you kidding, right? Whole concept of Lineage2 (open world games) is about stealing spots, mobs, drops... That's leads to wars, conflicts, drama... etc.
  5. It's not a scam, it's a robbery 😄
  6. Your explanation make sense... But they opened OBT without changes and naïve and fooled ppl made free beta tester for them... wow, good move, lazy admins. They promoted 1.5 and then opened late OBT with skills and skills changes from later chronicles.. wow... 😄
  7. There are so many ways how to check multiboxes... And dont forget: san0 never sleeps...
  8. Meanwhile in san0's head: Who will implement all those custom things. Let them vote and then just simply change vote results. yeaaah.. .good job to me...
  9. Took me only 2min, cuz I'm on self phone...
  10. I have no time to play as before, so mostly setting shops only.. I ported to GH and usually wait a bit for loading players.. Last time i waited like 5min (browsing internet) then i realized there are no shops like before... So this is one of the many sign something happening with server.. also last 3-4 sieges (videos) and oly... It's rly sad.. Then mighty @San0 came and write something about 1530 players... still dont understand how to meant it... can't compare enough but i know how ~800 ppl server look like.. server aren't has 800ppl neither 1530 Question is: does he want to do something about it or not? There were many suggestions some of them i like some of them not... It's sad cuz was always here for me, even if i tried another servers/games...
  11. - tablets - adena from sellers - battle marks from oly (gamble)
  12. Cuz it's not debuff... same as cancel.. works trough guard as well. It was changed on later update on official servers...
  13. Lafi

    Blade cancer

    Pole, if you will cry about other chars, they may eventualy change them but not yours (BD). You will be still as same as you are now... So cry about changing BD not destros, summoners, EE, SE, DAs and dunno what else you cried about in hero voice today..