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    [WTS] CoL 2.2k

    200 coins added to stock. Sold,
  2. Antra1

    Level restrictions for whisper chat

    ​You're missing the "do it 10 times on each city, each day, and problem solved"
  3. Antra1

    Event: Spooky Scary Hunt

    Don't think like that.. try this way. This is a hard server, you have to farm a LOT and probably you're bored, so you think to do some pvp/pk but wait.. YOU CAN'T! because you don't want to lose 10% that means an hour or more of leveling in medium levels, but... there you have the Death's Deal Certificate 50% for 1 day. So now.. at least you will save the half exp, on 10 deaths of a day of full pvp/pk you will save half level, and that time, on this levels, could be 8 hours of leveling, thats worth for me.
  4. Antra1

    [WTS] CoL 2.2k

    Out of stock, will update.
  5. Antra1

    [WTS] CoL 2.2k

    ​I'm selling them for 2.2k, I can sell you 90 for 2k each, for -50 2.2k, answer or wisp Suricata.
  6. Antra1

    [WTS] CoL 2.2k

    ​I'm not filling my real pockets, otherwise I'm spending the money from my pockets. I donated money to the server and i received coins, I don't want to use scrolls or hair acces. so I will just sell them to players that have adena and maybe they can't buy them, there many reasons, you don't have a credit card / you don't have the money, or they just dont want to. About the "removing the classic feel" thing, I'm not an admin good sir, I'm not the one that implemented the coins here.
  7. Antra1


    Yo pude lo más bien
  8. Antra1

    [WTS] CoL 2.2k

    As the title says, I'm selling Coins of luck 2.2k, you can tell me here your nickname and how many you want and i'll send the mail or you can wisp/mail me in-game to Suricata. Thanks and good drop! I will update this post as I have/n't stock STOCK: Out of stock
  9. Antra1


    ​Thanks Nicolaas ​Really? wow haha, I had to ask if it was the EU server because there was only russians talking on global chat. ​Yeah, heard of this server from an argentinian friend, I'm from Uruguay.
  10. Antra1


    I've tried Brazilian proxy but Spanish proxy seems to work better, maybe they fix that. btw, gratz for the server, tried the beta yesterday and for sure will be there on the 24th
  11. Antra1


    Hey, as the title says, just being curious about something... will ppl from latin america play? anyone here on the forums? wanting to know if you will use any sort of gaming proxy to play without lag too, thanks!