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  1. CoCo

    It was ok. for 2 Years.

    OldScool, my friend OldScool. I know u dont know what is Oldscool.
  2. CoCo

    It was ok. for 2 Years.

    Uhh Wait i was this SPH with +8 Homo who Raped ur ass off, on ABG ... vs ur party. Uhh yeah i remember ^^
  3. CoCo

    It was ok. for 2 Years.

    U 2 never see.. so who cares.. old ppl remember me ..... By Cheers
  4. CoCo

    It was ok. for 2 Years.

    If u have work and dont play every time u can open ur mouth ..... look here.. what i do. Better u Search a work and dont play all the Time nooby.
  5. Guys after 2 Years. Joined April 28, 2015 look on my Profile.(Yes i was one of the 1st. here) Im Quit here , my reason is ... most of u guys know it . To many boring ppl,who have fun to killing low lvl. This is not the real Classic , this is only Spaaaarta. I have see good ppl on other (official Classic Server). Btw i sell all my stuff ... for trade it on S*****, interrest pm CoCo. Was some nice&funny playtime here but, after i see u. U will be raped with 70+ all the time, for me is here finish. ...... good luck and have fun for all others. Cheers CoCo
  6. BTW No Spam vs u Soil..... But this is, who i have thinking to leave Server , for some Time..... U have only the Choice with ((62-65 lvl whatever +++) to join 1 of the 2 Allis/Sides ) for lvl up. If ur not one of them u cant lvl up in Party u will be Raped ......PK for nothing.....whatever. So for me who only like L2 since C1 is here finish, I cant take so many time to choice one side and give full support , im 35+ in RL and have full work + family stuff. This is the most prob. u cant farm in peace here , when lvl 70+ thinking they cool and rubbing over ur pty. Cheers
  7. CoCo

    lf Clan & Maybe CP

    In ur Waffle Country i know , but here....
  8. CoCo

    lf Clan & Maybe CP

    Hello its me CoCo , im here since Beta on this Server. Im looking for new Clan or eventualy new CP. Clan without Wars will be nice. (my Time is Holy) Im working by Siltronic AG so my Playtime is different as others , Morning , Day and Night. GMT +1 Berlin Time. I am a Spellhowler 62+ full Doom,Ava or Zubai... most DoOm. and +8 Homunkulus. different Sets So i have all 3 Sets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play L2 since Cronicle 1 (Yes the Time who u have use ur F1 Buttons , for SoulShots,and have buy a Map) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So many ask was is Siltronic? Noone Knows it . Here a little explain. SILTRONIC AG produce Wafer for the Semiconductor What is this ? Wafer ? Wafer is the standard for Microchips we do the best on Silicium. The Best Material for Chips since 1968+ This is the END produce .. from So we do all for ur >WAFER< if u want ... polish , no polish.. clean only rine....etc after Lapping , polishing We send it to ur Client. (This is only a little Branch to the End Product) So u know why i dont have full Time for CP. And this is im full Solo,or maybe with 1 SE or Random Partys. If u have interrest im surprised.......PM CoCo IG or Forum.
  9. CoCo

    Dyes on sph on this server

    So im a little special on my SPH, its my Option. +8 Int + 4 Con , Doom Armor Set. Its my Playstyle dont cry...... I Love it. Cheers (BTW no CP!! sometimes SE most SOLO)
  10. CoCo

    Noch Aktive da? :D

    Da Hat er recht ,Werd warscheinlich auch wieder mein Clan leaven. Die paar Tage in der Woche die ich zocken kann.Sind mir zu wertvoll um nur aufs fressbrett zu bekommen. Bin meiste zeit Solo / Random unterwegs. Ab 60 brauchst du eine CP um einigermassen schnell vorran zu kommen. Nur hab ich keine Da ich Schichtarbeiter bin.Unterschiedliche Zeiten machen sich schlecht. -.- bis 65 kannste random AoE ptys in ABG machen aber dann ....
  11. CoCo

    Noch Aktive da? :D

    kannst mir ja dein IG namen PM , hätt noch paar Twiks in dein lvl
  12. CoCo


    Bevor er sich n Ast absucht Post ich PMfun Da hätt er schaun können obs im Drop , Spoil is wenner vorn Mop Steht. Ausserdem sinds schon 1 1/2 Jahre in der ich keine Droplist brauche,ich farm ja nicht. Aber mal ne ande Frage zockst du jetzt wieder Chevi?
  13. CoCo

    Noch Aktive da? :D

    Kann sein, wenn man mit Leuten zusammenspielt in Aoe oder RB Party ergibt sich meistens was. Das ein jemand in einen Clan invited. Und hier im Forum ist es einfacher aktive Clans zu finden , gibt einige die suchen ab 40+
  14. CoCo