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  1. Any idea admins to open new server? There is a lot of people looking for good / long running server u prove already that u a good admins and take care of server at the start of this server there were many classic servers [ even official giran/skelt/ti for IT players , but most off them failled , skelth even closed A lot of people its uncomfortable to start play server started before 6 year U see todays servers like reborn , people want stable old time server I think too launch new server would be good idea , people now realy trying to play longer on private server not pay2win officials And you already proved to community u can do that Its my oppinion
  2. dreikas1


    gmt+2 Lithuania
  3. dreikas1


    I dont see at l2 ru classic sumoners at all
  4. dreikas1

    1 question ;D

    thankju puffyp ;D
  5. dreikas1

    1 question ;D

    damn , say quest name plz for dwarfs and orcs
  6. dreikas1

    1 question ;D

    Damn long run ;D
  7. dreikas1

    1 question ;D

    Then server start , I will be orc and if i want go to taiking island i need run:D? no free tp ?D just question;D
  8. rasom sovijui , kazka is lt sukuriam ":D
  9. dreikas1


    I will choose wc or warlord :3 Looking for cp to play :3 i can play 6h+ a day