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  1. SeventhSky

    Autistic October

  2. SeventhSky

    Autistic October

    @Nevalon give boa next time 😡
  3. SeventhSky

    Baium fight 26/10/19

    Wait i think in the most recent movie his windows are activated !
  4. SeventhSky

    Baium PvP

    oh , my bad
  5. SeventhSky

    Baium PvP

    Wasn't playing back then , I couldn't know
  6. SeventhSky


    Just keep it like this , no need for a free box. San0 is right , active supports will start to disappear if they implement something like this.
  7. SeventhSky

    Baium PvP

    Indeed , finally there was a worthy opponent after a long time
  8. SeventhSky

    Baium fight 26/10/19

    Epilepsy ?
  9. SeventhSky

    Baium PvP

    Indeed , I just got an emergency call from @Fortuna in the morning , couldn't do otherwise.
  10. SeventhSky

    Baium fight 26/10/19

    Actually google drive uses youtube player , dont mind nevalon
  11. SeventhSky

    Baium PvP

    Wow , deg did such a good job!
  12. SeventhSky


    I like the thumbnails
  13. SeventhSky

    WTS Dual SLS+9