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  1. Many weapons consume the wrong number of soulshots. Ex- soulshot use x 1. but then it uses 2 . Bone club for example.
  2. player who drops upon death is the best thing about server lmao...go fake death on them botz
  3. Dark Wizard lvl 20 lf AOE party
  4. Pm me in game - Baby69 Currently dark wizard, going for SH started playing today... looking for some ppl to play with very active.
  5. How can i donate through paypal? thanks
  6. ALT+ENTER no need to switch screens, open both at same time. quality is worst bu tfor sure is 10000 times more comfortable to dual box this way
  7. The wolf pelt quest which gives some armor dosnt give anything... its bugged... :)... very dissapointing... if u are comminting to something long term (which is a server x3) at least have working low lvl quests which are usefull for the low rates...