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  1. 1. How old exactly is this project? 2. What is online +/- on peak times? I would like get honest answer from server administration on this part. 3. Which classic version is currently live? 1.5? 4. What is the future of the project? When 2.0 (if there is not yet) will be coming? As I quickly checked some topic about 2.0 latest post was on february. So what updates?? 5. What are bonuses (if there are any) for newcomers? 6. Dualboxing Allowed or premium only? Is there any way dualbox w/o premium? 7. Class distribution. Is server's 90% of dps population nuker/archer based? 8. Summoners. Are they viable or piece of shjt and completely ignored (in case if there is no 2.0 yet)? 9. Any custom changes in order to balance out known classic server issues? 10. Donation list. P2W or not? How hard impact it actually has? 11. If there is anything I didn't asked and worth mentioning...
  2. no. cubics has their own stats, their own cooldowns.
  3. what we learned today kidz? Don't PK if it's not needed.
  4. the mentality now of people gets retarded. If someone is boxing something, 100% bot. Can't count how many times a day a random comes to me to check if I am bot or not. Just because someone is boxing, it doesn't mean he is a bot. If you want check is it bot or not, target any monster he is running to, if he suddenly switches target and starts run other direction then 99.9% he is a bot. So take some monsters and pull over him and get drop from bot^^. After that report him for boting.
  5. ​between lie and scam is small step you know. if he took something and promised you gain something... and you didn't get, that is so called scam. Do you believe he will ever respond here after what he done?
  6. ​Do you read topic? HE CHANGED NICKNAME. So we need to know the player's nickname if we want PK him. If admins could tell us, would be greatt. But witch hunting.... ech...
  7. ​I told several times that they are bots. But they called me "angry kid"
  8. ​Yessus... You don't understand math do you? Even if you lose only 4% exp upon death it will still take much longer to gain them back @ Innova server than here. For example: Innova rates: 1% = 3 hours To gain back lost exp after death you will need play 12 hours. lineage2classic x3: 1% = 1 hour To gain back lost exp after death you will need to play 10 hours. See the difference now? ​This is so... not even close to truth. You know that Russian classic is almost dead now? You know why? Cause of bots. There were 80% bots on server, just after some period of time, Innova started ban them (they always waits you donating money as much as possible and then boom!).
  9. ​please... stahp this shjt... Only people who are friends of him actually got invited. The biggest shjt happens always on TS. If you haven't joined TS don't even start to talk^^
  10. ​clan was made to take randoms adena for their own goods. period.
  11. 80% here who saying my and my cp/clan friends are going to innova classic are: 1. Liars 2. They will go there, but will leave server in 1-3 weeks Reasons why: 1. People already complaining about exp loss on death and bla bl bla so what will happen @ Innova. 2. The amount of bots @ Innova server will be even higher than here. 3. Innova is known for P2W shop. Even in classic they will have smthing "P2W" style to gain more money. 4. People who invested so much time here would not leave even if they thinking to.
  12. From what I understood: 1. Clan never existed, they are just players kicked/left other NA clan. 2. They just took randoms adena for themselves and Clan was created for exp boost skill. 3. 3/4 in that clan are boting. HapIo itself isn't an exception. All I could hear on their TS was talks about bots. 4. They even using my clan crest after I left clan (I asked them not do it). 5. NA scrubs, that's all No offense. EDIT: Waiting for shjtstorm from HapIo how he is an Angel and bla bla.
  13. This is getting quite annoying. 1. You announce restart and post link with "more information". 2. When you open that more info topic all you see is another announcement of server's restart. And there is actually no "more info" about restart. Where is logic?
  14. ​I think the admins should tell us if what they ban is the character, account or IP. I think it should be IP BAN, if it's not like that now. ​IP ban is worst thing they can do. Let's say someone uses proxy they guy who will get ban has same IP address as you? Guess what, you will be "banned" too^^. The only ban would help is HWID ban. But I am fine with situation like this. If you see bots, just pull monster on them and enjoy full drop from players.