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  1. ​ From 6:00 Cheers !
  2. Alright well the thing is, "all the updates" I see only 1 topic, with 2 fixes. Do all other changelogs get deleted or ?
  3. Heya, About the planned restarts. What exactly gets changed during these restarts? Cant find a clear changelog or whats over. Or is there no changelog ? Most people prolly dont care. I like to follow up on admins making changes
  4. Heya, No id if scamming is allowed but there is a guy in Dion "TyrienLannister" Scamming. Selling Gemstone D instead of Crystal D grade for 430 Adena. Plx take the new icons for Gemstone D , alot people will scam like this and it ruins the economy I don't care since i always double check before i buy tho.
  5. Okay, and the question about what are the major changes betwene 1.0 and 2.0 ? Its alrdy a pain to find correct drop rates , let alone correct drops for this 1.0...
  6. What is wrong with Questioning the future ? More people should.
  7. Nop u cant do 2 button presses in the 2 screens at the same time. Sharemouse beta is much better then Synergy btw i dislike Synergy, loss of connection, weird mouse behavoir ~~
  8. Heya all, Purely informative is there a known ETA on 2.0? Is there somewhere a "Changelog" avaiable for 2.0 ? or is it just C2 - C3 ? Kind regards, NubCake
  9. Nope, Otherwise it would be called botting. Easyest way is run the 2 clients in Window mode and drag them to the top of the screen so they go fullscreen windowed And apart fom the small delay of "activating" the window its the fastest u can do