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  1. Hi, i also came back recently to check out how things are going and would be interested in joining. I´m playing an Elven Knight atm (lvl 34), which will probably become a SwS later on. My ingame name is Sylvanus as well. I´m 25 y.o. from Germany and speak German, English and Russian^^
  2. Sylvanus


    Yay - more Crystals for the economy . But for real : do you think, that when 90% of the server population is asking for 9/9 party the admins do NOTHING? Yes, it has been over a month since the serverlaunch, but maybe the problem is harder to fix then most of you think. Also the staff here has fewer members then the official server, so ofc it's gonna be slower. PS: I don't think the admins will even care if you crystalize all your equipment....
  3. Spiele Elven Knight werde später auf SwS wechseln, bin aber im Moment erst lvl 28^^
  4. Super server (bis auf die bots - aber die sind ja überall =D), erinnert an die guten alten Lineage - Zeiten. Finde jedeoch, dass das Dualboxing das "mmo-feeling" leicht einschränkt, da viele einfach solo mit sich selbst rumrennen. PS: Bin auch auf der suche nach Mitspeilern, bei Interesse einfach PM schicken
  5. In C3/C4 one could upgrade No-Grade weapons up to top tier No-Grade weapons using the prior grade + money. Would it be possible to reenable this feature in the future? I think that it would give new players a better chance to start the game as they can upgrade their weapon while lvling ( also it´s cheaper than buying a new one as many people sturggle with Adena).
  6. Hello i´d also like to join. I´m mostly active around 10 p.m - 2-3 a.m CET because of work. I´m a lvl 20 Elven Knight ( going for SwS later ) atm. I have TS/ Skype and speak German, English and Russian. Ingame nick is Sylvanus. I hope we can get into contact =)