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  1. chevignon

    Starting Out

    i think the choice of this pvp movie doesnt give a realistic view since at this time this wl was mostly 15 lvls above all enemys there:D
  2. chevignon

    need to find video

    use unblock youtube plugin for your browser, then u can watch every blocked video
  3. chevignon

    new in server... latency ..

    i remember my old cp members from venezuela used Wtfast to have a better latency
  4. chevignon

    Cant play

    try to start it via l2.exe in your system folder
  5. u can buy them in grocery stores and/or dye managers (magic shop giran). If you speak about +4-4 dyes/+3-3 etc, they are just dropable
  6. chevignon

    Skill power bonuses dont work for dagger skills

    just reminds me of this picture
  7. i dunno why but for me it shows a PR movie ?!?
  8. chevignon

    Add unsealing of A grade in all next events

    thats actually not 100% true. We still miss the most important part for unsealing a grade armors...rift of heaven. The bomb one drops cloth pieces too So if we would had Rift of Heaven since start we would already see unsealed a grade sets for sure.
  9. chevignon

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    i have the highest respect, that modoy is pretty good in all those classes since most ppl just manage to be good in just 1 class.
  10. chevignon

    Бан аккаунта

    i always like this nostradamus effect when ppl start to say things like "and many other ppl too"
  11. chevignon

    Quest Mania

    actually this isnt fully right. in 2.0 savior the reward were daily coins but got changed to exp scrolls in a fix somewhere between savior and zaken. the proof u will find, if you take a look into zaken patch notes, where some rewards where changed
  12. chevignon

    eventoni when?

  13. chevignon

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

  14. chevignon

    Never stop exploring!

    2)Einhasad Temple in Rune Castle Town. On the left side is the magic guild and on the right side the warrior guild 4) Port point from Forest of the dead
  15. chevignon

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    offtopic: at 13:00min mark he using force barrier but still get horred after. Is it just because of a delay or doesnt protect barrier against debuffs ? (according to his description it should) summon @Aduha