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  1. This should get his own thread, dont u think ? We dont want, that such important stuff get read over between flames and bullshit
  2. as i heard innova dont like classic at all
  3. Im allways there, just not as Chevignon I could farm next to your pw
  4. WTF is this Notepad Shit...
  5. chevignon

    RavenSoul 18vs36

    Omg. Fully ignored her in this Scene
  6. chevignon

    RavenSoul 18vs36

    im a bit confused. At 5:32 you successfully paralyse Sinasti but at 5:38 his target is still resurrected !?!
  7. drop is from tamlin orc and tamlin orc archer. I also think snipe drops it
  8. depends on the chronicle. In later chronicles it just needed 1 Magic symbol but still was disabled in oly.
  9. FoI never worked in oly in any chronicle since it was implemented. Sorry bro
  10. chevignon

    Suche DE Clan

    +1 Berechtigte Frage nach der Liga
  11. After equipping the agathion u also need to summon it first = Did u ?
  12. Er redet ja auch nur von "versuchen"
  13. Du musst aber verzweifelt sein to Moderators/admin. Sorry for those 5 german words
  14. chevignon


    Skynet doesnt likes that