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  1. chevignon

    Wrong spoil table

    the current l2 wiki database is already updated to seven signs. here we are on 2.0 savior. Thats why those rates doesnt suits. As u can see those 9 animal bones u've got are fine
  2. chevignon

    Gorr NPC - 2ยบ class transfer bugged

    its inside a cave..just walk around and u will find the entrance
  3. chevignon

    Sand Bomb

  4. chevignon


    Bizzquit style
  5. chevignon


    its done when its done. l2club staff were never rushed or let themself forced by players (aka i and ALL my friends will leave when....) to tell any release date they cant hold at the end.
  6. chevignon

    Spoiler help

    i wouldnt go vanor, i would go war torns since mobs in vanor have strong pdef and in war torns weak pdef
  7. chevignon

    Castle NPC Mercenary Manager & Guards

    does this topic even deserve attention ?
  8. chevignon

    Drop/Spoil rates

    u cant use dropspoil use its updated to a newer version already but most drops/spoils are correct. Just the chance is probably slightly lower in our current version
  9. chevignon

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    guys im curious. help me out @Stiba007 = @zorgzor
  10. worst player ever. Change back to sps
  11. chevignon

    Starting Out

    i think the choice of this pvp movie doesnt give a realistic view since at this time this wl was mostly 15 lvls above all enemys there:D
  12. chevignon

    need to find video

    use unblock youtube plugin for your browser, then u can watch every blocked video
  13. chevignon

    new in server... latency ..

    i remember my old cp members from venezuela used Wtfast to have a better latency
  14. chevignon

    Cant play

    try to start it via l2.exe in your system folder
  15. u can buy them in grocery stores and/or dye managers (magic shop giran). If you speak about +4-4 dyes/+3-3 etc, they are just dropable