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  1. so its a quality of life change? because its not a 1.5 feature
  2. Ochob4 the 1.0 powerhouse necro 🙂
  3. they are 2.0 savior patch mobs
  4. Im surprised that you even learned it, since its a kinda useless skill for archers. Im pretty sure that it works how it should (since it worked on the old .club server). Try it on a naked lvl 1 char in duel, otherwise it will be hard to see if its work or doesnt since the effect is just too small.
  5. to be honest, everyone who started here should had made few minutes of 1.5 classic research and then you would find out, that its a fully mage chronicle and that archers suffers in everything. And if this archer isnt a pr, you have created a nearly useless char 😄
  6. Limal kariness and Judge of Marsh also drop that Bo neck:P
  7. if thats the case, why it isnt the case on thunder wyrms, which are also identical but the one without bow resist gets more dmg from archers?
  8. plz also fix the archer resist of archer you deal to both types the same dmg
  9. for farming the akat longbow is better than the noble elven bow because of the higher dps. PVP wise the noble elven bow have a advantage of course
  10. pmfun isnt a classic source. its more like a mixed source for interlude up to h5.
  11. i vote for no fishing. Everyone who started here knew about the features.
  12. Hi all, a german guy is looking for a cp. I play a pr. Actually im lvl 40 with akat longbow. I played several classic projects (also this one) and are familar with classic from 1.0 till antharas patch. I'm not no life anymore and working in shifts which will lead into, that i will play every day, but not everytime in common times like 18-23 or so. However i will be on in this timeframe atleast 4days/week. Using voice communication is mandatory for me. I dont have a problem to share my account, exping twinks and so on. feel free to contact me via forum with your messages/further questions.
  13. chevignon

    Recruitment spree

    it's such a bad luck to lose with 3 out of 4 chance 😄