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  1. Hello Sirs, I'd like to report an issue with the web account login. When I log, I see all the accounts linked to my main one, but there are no characters listed to each of them. Below every account I see the note "This account has no characters". Is it just a problem with my account or more players experienced same issue?
  2. Paladin - not easy class to solo (also hard to be invited into RB pt as usefull class) + not very usefull for CP before 79/80
  3. Hello all, WTB Avadon circlet, boots & gloves +6 Whisp Your offer on forum or mail in game on mu5e
  4. skyplayer

    2nd class dyes

    Dyes sold, topic can be closed
  5. skyplayer

    2nd class dyes

    Update Only +4CON/-4STR left, 6.5kk each
  6. skyplayer

    2nd class dyes

    Up WTS 10x +4CON/-4STR & 5x +4CON/-4DEX or WTT all of them for Feoh 13 super rune
  7. skyplayer

    2nd class dyes

    Hello all, WTS 2nd class dyes: 1) +4CON/-4STR 2) +4CON/-4DEX whisp on forum
  8. Hello all, wtb over enchanted d/c/b grade mage weapon - 250kk. pm with offers on forum or mail in game on mu5e See You in game
  9. Hello all, As the topics says, wtb wizard's tear. PM on forum or mail "skillet" with offers. Have a nice day, Skillet
  10. Hello all, First I would like to admit that I do not run with a single box, and should be very interested in the buffs extension time. But..., not at all! It's L2, not a new mmo, which gives You everything wihout putting any efforts. What will be the next proposition, buff seller NPC in every town? Maybe better, each player receives special summoning item, that she/he could use every 20 min to summon such NPC to farming spot? Let's keep the life a litlle bit harder for those who runs with the box's to reinv bd/sws every 2 min (even if it's already macroed). skillet
  11. Hello, Thank You all for answer. It sounds really weird. None of GMs care about such situation and solving this by random RB time spawn or removing them completely? Unless they dont care of new people on server but holding tight those who already spent hundreds of euro and follow the rule described by Noveria. See You in game, skillet
  12. Hello once again, 61 views within 1 day is not bad, but seriously there are no any progressing, social clan which is looking for new members? After a 2 days of playing I can barely see the ABG random party, not mentioning non-AOE random pt's. RB's party which used to be full within few minutes, now stays in queue for even half hour, still miasing 4-5 members. Does it mean that there are no new players on the server and those who remained are only top lvl CP's or solo player with 3/4 box on his back? Have a good day, skillet
  13. Hello ladies and gentleman, After few years break from L2 I decided to return and give a try Destro class. So far 56 lvl, full B, looking for a social clan with possibility of creating exp/RB party. 10% bonus exp, few fighter clan passives most welcome :). Alternatively, there may also be an inactive clan with CH in Giran/Aden to speed up a little solo exp ;). Wish You all good day/evening, skillet